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Published: March 12, 2019
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I never really felt that Snows design was on the same level as the others - for example she was dressed a little too warm in my opinion, while it's suppose to be a very warm kingdrom. But especially next to Captain. They're suppose to be a duo and I wanted a little bit more coherency. So here are some things I changed to her design

Removed her bangs - one of her iconic features is (suppose to be) her eyebrows. And they always were hiding behind her bangs. But now you can see them clearly.
Silhouette change - I went back to her very slim tall figure, like she had in the beginning. I wanted her whole body to be long and kind of resemble a rectangle. As you can see up there, Captain has a more of a triangle shape, to show he's in charge and the more dominant one. Where Snow is suppose to be the more timid and calm one of the two, she's also has an assistant role. So I wanted their silhouettes to reflect that. By making Snow having a less outstanding silhouette.
Gave her jewelry - Something almost every character has, is earrings and overall jewelry. I want that to be the norm in the kingdom. Every character who isn't wearing earrings has a solid reason, but for Snow it was simply because of her hair. So I changed it up to make room for earrings. Also gave her more jewelry. She probably gets plenty of jewelry from Captain.

So yeah thats it - character belongs to me ~

here is her old design btw
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LemmontineHobbyist Digital Artist
And still as beautiful! I love her!
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Meztli72Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So adorable style!!! :aww:
Beautiful! ^^
Gurdim's avatar
great design, i'm especially interested and endeared by the clothing style and various elements in her outfit :D

oh also ladies with strong important eyebrows have a unique distinct charm :P
shypegasister10's avatar
shypegasister10Hobbyist Traditional Artist
She looks beautiful! I swear, every redesign you do is better than the last!
Pbuckley's avatar
PbuckleyStudent General Artist
I'll miss the old design, but this one does seem to give off a bit more of the reserved nature you have been describing Snow as having.

Regardless I do like it, it gives her a very elegant swan like appearance.

Also more fabulous jewelry. And from captain no less? Are things heating back up between them in the story? :3
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Good morning friend, she's a beauty!!!!!!!!!. 
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Nahkeri General Artist
i love her omg
ZedEdge's avatar
ZedEdgeProfessional General Artist
Wow - such gorgeous designs. Love the way those two silhouettes compliment each other. Also, them eyebrows. Drake Meme - Yep 
Kim-cat3120's avatar
Kim-cat3120Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ooh, nice!
It's certainly a change, and it'll take some getting used to, but the changes you made make sense and create a nice, cohesive design. Good work!
TheLowestPickle's avatar
TheLowestPickleHobbyist Digital Artist
Thats a lot of hair
Aceiia's avatar
AceiiaHobbyist Digital Artist
Cant wait for her to accidently slap cap with her braid 
Angel47093's avatar
Angel47093Hobbyist General Artist
Very nice! Snow looks more lovelier than I thought, especially when she gets more jewelry thanks to Captain. Hahaha! :aww: :giggle:
drawingshady's avatar
drawingshadyStudent General Artist
love it!
Albitic's avatar
AlbiticHobbyist Digital Artist
lovely ;o; <3 her eyebrows are life pls <3
Monipue's avatar
MonipueHobbyist Digital Artist
I am actually really really digging this re-design wow! The silhouette language is just so clear now and it does feel like a more fitting outfit for the setting!
Novarise367's avatar
Novarise367Hobbyist Artist
Are snow and captain together? Very cute btw! love your art style! <3
LizardStickx's avatar
LizardStickxHobbyist Digital Artist
I saw this and yelled Snow is so pretty! Her design does fit a lot more with the kingdom you're right and her standing next to Captain WHAT A CUTIE I love her with my whole heart 
Milly-Marauder's avatar
Milly-MarauderHobbyist General Artist
Omg I love her and her big brows <33
seafang13's avatar
seafang13Hobbyist General Artist
this is beautiful
ethereal-dancer's avatar
ethereal-dancerHobbyist General Artist
She's very pretty! 
Candlehearts's avatar
CandleheartsHobbyist Digital Artist
aaah i love her re-design! She looks very sleek and clean! I especially love that you can see her eyebrows now ;u; super cute! 
Melon0pop's avatar
Melon0popHobbyist Digital Artist
Let it- GO!!!~
S3rb4n's avatar
S3rb4nHobbyist Digital Artist
Daaaamn. She really IS pretty.
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