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Simple lineart trick

By looji
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I use a slightly different technique nowadays - I made that in to a tutorial too, right here : fav.me/ddfyvmv

thing I've been doing a lot lately with my art, its very simple but in my opinion very effective
Thought I would share it !
I used SAI2 for this, but I think it's also possible for other art programs, as long as overlay is a layer mode
note works better with thinner line art - if you have any tranparent spots after this , create a layer underneath everything and colour it in ~


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This has been SO helpful to give my pieces a pop <3

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I tried this but it didn’t work? I use procreate if anyone was wondering :/
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(late reply sorry)

my English is pretty bad in this tutorial, and I didn't explain it good enough

here is an updated version I made after this, which includes screenshots and overall a better explanation, hope it helps!

My full drawing process
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I had the same issue. I tried putting the colored lineart on top and putting it on Overlay instead, which helped a little bit, but not much...

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I wanna try this out! Thank you!!

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Hey, I tried this on a recent drawing of mine, and I think it really pops now! Thanks very much for making this! :D
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This is such a neat trick! tysm for sharing<3
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:0 this might work for me! i usually color lineart manually but i'll try this out, thanks!
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Gonna try this and if it really works for me thank the heavens and you <333 never had the patience to color the lineart manually with different colors.

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You may have just saved my life on how to make linearts for semi-realistic anime characters, Thank you so much!!!
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I really like the effect this gives, and I even managed to get it to work once, but since then it never seems to come out right and I just see jaggies underneath the lines. I wish I could figure out what I was doing wrong.

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Maybe try this : https://loojii.tumblr.com/post/181805329810/hello-i-wanted-to-ask-something-concerning-your

I also highly recommend to check out the tutorial linked in the description, it’s an updated version and better explained as well :)

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0_0 . . . . . .THANK YOU

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Just to clarify, because you said "layer" not "the previously hidden layer" or something more specific, that you're saying to the once hidden layer on "overlay" mode. Right? 
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first layer is the black lineart, on top of that is the purple overlay layer

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extremly useful! thank you! Heart 
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Thank you for the tutorial!
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You make my life better. THANK YOU :nuu:

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Hmm, thanks for this tip, I always colored the line art the long and difficult way. 
But in box 3 which layer are to talking about lowering the opacity too? The copy line art you turned purple, the original black or the layer the colors are on? :confused:
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I'm talking about the purple lineart layer
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