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PR - Antonio
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Published: April 2, 2019
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After a lot of feedback from the google form I think it's time now to introduce these characters. They're basically personifications of instruments. Most people thought he was a Violin or Cello which was nice ! And I think his personality came across as one of the bests as well. But then again - he is suppose to be kind of an ass, and he looks like an ass. Some people got the references on his design as well ! Lots of people got the  "f" symbols but there were also multiple who recognized his diagonal belt as the bow and the coves on his sleeves as the coves on a violin.

All I want to say now is that I'm planning to make this into a game (which is already in the making). It's something I'm doing in my free time and alone - so don't expect it to appear soon haha. There are more characters, but for now these guys are the ones I'm going to focus on. Like said before, they're personifications of instruments but also perform together. More coming soon ~

ANTONIO ♪ is basically the bitch boy of the group. And honestly also a tsundere, which people mentioned a lot too when describing what kind of personality they saw for him. At first I wanted to go for a more old-timey design but then figured I wanted to make it a little more modern to blend with the others better. Just like Frankie, he's an Italian instrument, making him of Italian descend as well.

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HeyGurlFuckya's avatar
HeyGurlFuckyaHobbyist General Artist
I love this kind of guy Heart 
tacrazzyinterweb's avatar
tacrazzyinterwebStudent General Artist
I play violin
IvyHessil's avatar
IvyHessilHobbyist General Artist
I hope we get more of this lad embarrassed and called 'tony' because that's some quality content lmao
These are all so fun I love the subtle hints as to which isntrument they are (even though I missed most of them in the survey lol)!!
Kim-cat3120's avatar
Kim-cat3120Hobbyist Digital Artist
10/10 very pretty
anibunny's avatar
anibunnyHobbyist Digital Artist
I really like how in all of these you have color-coded the elements in the design to the elements in the instrument.  It's super neat to see what parts inspired what.  Like the shoulder caplet being from the chin rest is great!
TheLowestPickle's avatar
TheLowestPickleHobbyist Digital Artist
Called it! Violin bitch boy, ah, I love him.
Looji's avatar
Looji Digital Artist
Every group needs a bitch boy
RBloodwolf's avatar
RBloodwolfHobbyist Digital Artist
Is it bad I yelled “I knew it!” at my screen just now lol. I guessed his and Toms instruments and personalities somewhat right Antonio is just more easily flustered than I originally thought lol
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