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My full drawing process

By looji
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I combined a few tutorials to make my full drawing process - to have it all in one place, you know

Most of my art in my gallery is made this way, including game sprites ~


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Thanks a lot for the simple tutorial! I have a problem though - I’m using IbisPaint and it’s not working. I’ve followed it step by step and nothing is working... am I doing it incorrectly, or does this trick just not work with IbisPaint?

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I honestly don't know! As long as it has similar layer options, I think it should work. Maybe it has to do with the folders? I'm sorry that I can't do anything for you!

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I eyedropped the purple in your tutorial and made sure I followed every step correctly... I guess each program’s blending layers are different? I dunno, but it sucks that it’s not working :(
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Super thank youuuuu

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Hi! I really love your style, would you mind telling me the sai settings you use for your sketching?

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im sorry, i followed the link from your yt video so i could find the brushes you use. yet i cant find

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with SAI you copy the settings, you can't download the brushes. The settings are in the picture above.

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I have literally just gone through all your tutorials and saved as many as I can relate to.
Thank you for this!
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I've spent so much time painting my lineart by hand to get this effect. This is such a time saver! pink heart {big} 
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For lineart, I usually just put it above all else, in multiply with low opacity. It makes colors under it darker but follow every hues.
Yeah, I'm a lazy boi. :XD 
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ah i cant find the prs for the technical preview on sai 2
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what program do you draw with

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Paint tool SAI 2 ^^

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Thank you! (yay i got noticed)

also im looking for drawing tips for my yt channel, minty kiwi-

mind if you could give me some advice?

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Sorry - I don’t have any other tips then practice a lot x) giving art tips is difficult when I only have words to give, I have more tutorials but they don’t cover everything by far - look at other people tutorials too, maybe ?

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alright- thanks :)

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I LOVE YOU SO MUCH <3 thanks to you, this made my life much easier QwQ
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I love your technic, very consistent and easy to follow every time :heart: Thank you very much for sharing on my behalf too :thanks:
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This is really cool and interesting, thank you for sharing!!
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