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Published: December 18, 2018
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It's the time of the year again to do this thingy ! I went through my gallary and looked at my favourite artworks of each month.
A lot sure happened this year ! I graduated from art school, I moved and I got a job ! Sure it's not art related but hey Im working on it
I also think I grew as an artist, there is this a lot to learn but it only makes me excited to think about what I can make next year ! I don't know why, but January is always the month where I have the most inspiration and new ideas for drawings , so let's hope that happens next year as well

It's just a sketch, but I still like this one

Sure, I started this on January first, so basically I made all these in January. But I uploaded it in February so it's my February choice haha - One of my new years revolutions of 2018 was to make many of my characters a new design, so they'd fit my new narrative (for the story) and looked like they all belonged in the same story. I now already have some changes in mind for some of the designs, but it's a great start (for me at least)

Another sketch ! It's funny how sometimes sketches look better (to you) then finished pieces, huh.

APRIL good boy
What I especially like about this one is that it was in my head for weeks and it came out like it was in my head. And that's rare for me, it always looks better in my head, or I didn't plan it in the first place. Either way - I like the colours. Given her a snake was something I had a lot of fun with, and I think it shaped the character's personality a lot more too. I still really like this one of her and a dude thats being licked by her snake, as well.

Redraws are always fun ! It shows improvement as well. It's also one of those pieces that actually shows the character's personality instead of them just standing there "pretty" - I want to do that more in the future.

One of my final pieces for my graduation project - something I was busy with ever since February. It was a ride and getting her design right took me so long pff. I like the picture, would probably do it a little different if I had to do it now. But that doesn't mean I'm proud of 6 month younger me.

If theres one thing that you can spot a lot in my gallery, and something Im surely not gonna stop with in 2019, is redesigns for the Prince. I will never be satisfied haha - Though I do have something unfinished in my files right now that I think will satisfy me. For a few weeks haha. I hate me too dont worry.

Like the title says, they're my OTP. But also ; I tried drawing characters interact more at this point - like really touching instead of looking at each other. And that was fun to do.

Another thing that was one of my new years resolutions for 2018 was to start a comic. This was the only actual good comic I made this year oof. But it is something I want to try again in 2019, in a similar style like this!

Honestly, I just didn't draw a lot in October. Best I could find haha. I do like it though ! Especially her braids. Which you can't see in the example above, but that's why there are links to the original in the description haha.

I also wanted to try my hand on environments this year ! I already made sketches in August, one Im still proud of as well (but I liked the otp drawing a little bit more haha). But this one was also a nice challenge ! Hope to do more environments next year ~

I tried a whole new shading style in this one, and at first I thought it was gonna be kinda weird and I wouldn't like it (something I did after it was finished for a while) - but the more I see it the more I like it honestly. But most importantly, it just was really fun. And when I look at this artwork I just remember that haha

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Kim-cat3120Hobbyist Digital Artist
They all look great! It's cool to see your progress over the year.
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LoojiProfessional Digital Artist
Ah thanks !! Yeah, I like these to see the progress as well :D