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Published: February 3, 2018
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Some kind of valentines DTAs. I haven't done these in ages since I just didn't had the time lately, or inspiration haha
please please please read everything before asking any questions !

do you want to adopt any of these characters ?
then you got to draw him or her ! just draw them in any way you want
and mention me and this picture (please give me credit for the design)

drawing them wont mean you will win them right away
when this ends I will look at all the entries and announce the winner in a journal

you are free to give them a name and story already , if you want to
you dont have to , though

no need to ask if you can join , you can

> you can draw them in anyway you want , just a headshot , no colors or traditional anything is fine !
> please upload it on deviantart so i can add it to the collection

this ends 13-03-2018
the thirteenth of March
23:59 timezone +1 after that I wont accept any entries
Not knowing what timezones are is not an excuse when you have acces to the internet

- you can make more entries for one DTA
- you can make entries for multiple adopts (in the same drawing as well , totaly fine)
- if you imagine anyone of these characters to be friends/lovers/enemies or anything else then you can also already make that clear by drawing it
- because you will be able to win more adopts then just one

People ask me a lot if they can change the design. I don't want to stop anyone from doing it, so yeah, you are allowed to change the design. However. I made the design like that for a reason. So you can say, it will give you a smaller change of winning the character.
I don't know why, but still all the time, I get entries after the deadline. I close the DTA at 23:59 timezone +1. Like I always say in the description; not knowing timezones is not an excuse when you have acces to the internet. Here is the time for timezone +1 : http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/netherlands/amsterdam
I try to be as specific in my descriptions as I can. Yet still I get questions if you can enter with just a sketch (its in the description ; yes), if the entry has to be colored (its in the descritpion ; no), if you can enter for multiple DTAs (its in the description ; yes). I think its understandable that its g
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Comments (39)
KAI9IXI's avatar
This is like last minute as heck
here’s my entry for #66
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KAI9IXI's avatar
Ah I’m sorry I’m on my phone and its doing weird things ;;
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CatrinSara's avatar
CatrinSara|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Here's an entry for #66! Good luck to everyone!
DTA Entry - Roses by CatrinSara  
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KatsShitsYes's avatar
KatsShitsYes|Hobbyist Digital Artist
entry for #68
.:|DTA/ES|Oh You Need Help With Love|:. by KatsSinYes
she is so cute!!
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hugepegasisfromooo's avatar
hugepegasisfromooo|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I made an entry for #67
DTA Entry~ by hugepegasisfromooo
Thank you so much for the opportunity ^v^
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ThePencilRiot's avatar
ThePencilRiot|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Finally did my piece for #66!
She's got a small story thought off too x3
Thanks for the chance, these desings are truly beautiful! 

Once Upon a February by ThePencilRiot  
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AkiCinnaBun's avatar
AkiCinnaBun|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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luigirules64's avatar
luigirules64|Hobbyist General Artist
Here's my entry for # 67!! Thank you for providing this wonderful design to try for!

DTA Entry - The Rose's Curse by luigirules64
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teratris's avatar
Here is my entry for 66!

[DTA] A Labor of Love by teratris  
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sshattereduniverse's avatar
sshattereduniverse|Hobbyist General Artist
oh I love all of these designs heck!
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Evodolka's avatar
Evodolka|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
cutest little centaur i've ever seen :aww:
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astromical-lilac's avatar
astromical-lilac|Hobbyist Digital Artist
These look so creative, nice art style too!
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Evodolka's avatar
Evodolka|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
...thank you?
i didn't do these but thanks for the complement i guess ^^;
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astromical-lilac's avatar
astromical-lilac|Hobbyist Digital Artist
i was talking to the original artist, Looji lmao but ok????
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HexManiiac's avatar
HexManiiac|Hobbyist General Artist
DTA Entry 68 by HexManiiac
Entry for #68 ! they're all adorable! ;;
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Mouse-La-Flutist's avatar
Mouse-La-Flutist|Student General Artist
Here's my entry! Love the designs!
DTA Entry: Lou by Mouse-La-Flutist  
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Deaths-Wishes's avatar
Deaths-Wishes|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, this is a cute adopt sheet!
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Helenori's avatar
Helenori|Hobbyist Artist
Can't stay away from you - DTA Entry by Helenori

I really don't care if I should loose!
I wanted to draw them together because they looked
soooo amazingly cute ♥♥♥

My entry for #66 and #67 ♥
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ethereal-dancer's avatar
ethereal-dancer|Hobbyist General Artist
Here's my entry for #67 in case you don't get tagged in my deviation :) Thanks for the chance!

Looji's DTA #67 by ethereal-dancer
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Def trying out for 67!
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Frenkle's avatar
Frenkle|Student Digital Artist
Aaaa such adorable adopts! Most definitely gonna try out
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RoseSnooze's avatar
RoseSnooze|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Some people were submitting their DTA pieces through comments below.. is that a thing I should do for mine?
Reply  ·  
Looji's avatar
Looji| Digital Artist
if you mean sending me a link through the comments, sure
as long as it reaches me
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RoseSnooze's avatar
RoseSnooze|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay then, here's a link to my piece for 66
DTA Girl for Looji by RoseSnooze
btw the colors are a tiny bit off for some reason. it looks fine in the file..Shrugs 
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