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Ask Gerret
By Looji   |   Watch
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Published: March 6, 2018
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did this before and it was pretty fun, I updated the old picture since not only his design but also my drawing style changed (though the old one was just a quick comic style instead of my actual art style shh)
ask him stuff ~ or make him do stuff I don't know
I try to draw answers for several of them : D
note him having kids is an au, he does not have them at this age

Gerret personality info can be found here
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WizdianaHobbyist Digital Artist
who can hold their liquor better you or Commander Roberts?
caijou's avatar
caijouHobbyist General Artist
Gerret, have you ever tried destroying that elf drawing? It might save you some trouble.
Angel47093's avatar
Angel47093Hobbyist General Artist
Hey Gerret. I hope you don't mind if I ask you this, because of your... serious personality. I'm just curious, honest! If you feel like you're looking for a girlfriend, what qualities would you be looking for?
FoxFireKiki's avatar
FoxFireKikiHobbyist Digital Artist
How does Commander Roberts keep getting into your home?
Lyunaire's avatar
LyunaireStudent General Artist
So which is it? Do you dye your eyebrows or your hair? 
kironafan's avatar
kironafanHobbyist Traditional Artist
I apologize if this is a stupid question but, how did you find/ meet carrot? I'm sorry if I'm bothering you
Celtrist's avatar
Do you know Dusty's owner (if he has one) Gerret?
krivas32's avatar
krivas32Hobbyist General Artist
Gerret when did you first adopt carrot?
Animeneko63's avatar
Animeneko63Student Digital Artist
How/When did you get Carrot?
CelestialShimmer's avatar
I want Gerret to fist me
PonyKrystal's avatar
PonyKrystalHobbyist General Artist
what is one thing you wouldn't want to live without?
AurouraSilver's avatar
AurouraSilver Traditional Artist
I think I have one or two, As a royal guard, have you ever dealt with an assassin or rebellion or something that tested your abilites as a guard? Also, what branch of the the royal guard are you on? Bodyguard? Solider? I'm really curious.
sunset-tea's avatar
sunset-teaHobbyist General Artist
Gerret, I wan't a full search on Carrot's past! Also, why don't you like her boyfriend?
LizardStickx's avatar
LizardStickxHobbyist Digital Artist
Hey Gerret, it's been noticed that you're reading a Calligraphy for Dummies book, how's that coming along?? 
LilCinnamonRollMama's avatar
LilCinnamonRollMamaHobbyist General Artist
Do you Gerret, have a crush on anyone??
Tassji-S's avatar
Tassji-SHobbyist General Artist
Gerret what horrible things did your sisters do to you growing up?


Considering your eyebrows and "other hair" are ebony, are you really a natural lilac.... hmmmmmm......... 
GhoulTheArtist's avatar
GhoulTheArtistHobbyist Digital Artist
Garret, what do you think of Carrot's bunny boyfriend?
SpoopySherbertCake's avatar
SpoopySherbertCakeStudent Digital Artist
I'll be ur wife~ Notice me senpai! <3
sleep-p's avatar
sleep-pStudent Digital Artist
If you could choose to have a different job, what would you want to be? 
Scaevitas's avatar
ScaevitasHobbyist Digital Artist
How come literally half the kingdom lots of women are interested in you and
you still have no girlfriend? 
Novarise367's avatar
Novarise367Hobbyist Artist
ChocoAni's avatar
ChocoAniHobbyist Traditional Artist
WHat's the worst thing Carrot had ever done to you? 
gigglesghostlover's avatar
gigglesghostloverHobbyist Digital Artist
Hey garret, what’s it like having kids?
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