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Omega-Girl Profile by Lonzo1 Omega-Girl Profile by Lonzo1
Here's Omega-Girl with an updated costume.

And here is her profile...

Real Name: Amanda Juliette Hudson
Occupation: Super-heroine/College student at Purdue University/Waitress at Zen's/Training to be a Paralegal.
Legal Status:Citizen of the United States with no criminal record
Known Alias: Omega,O.G.,Little Miss.Bouncy Bouncy(According to Elasticity at least.)
Place of birth:Muncie Indiana
Marital Status: Single....But hoping.
Known relatives:Sarah Hudson(Mother) Gordon Hudson(Father) Brenda Matthews Carterton aka Gamma(Aunt)
Group affiliation: Currently leader to a group of superheroes called "the Girlz".
Powers Are:
Ability to defy gravity thus the ability of flight
She also has acquired an unusual sixth sense to detect falsehoods and a bizarre touch ability that compel people to tell the truth.she don't use that much because it really drains her powers and she winds up with a killer headache afterward.
Amanda does possess a type of heat vision BUT...It's more like Flamethrowers coming out of her eyes than laser beams and fearing the collateral damages it could cause Amanda has decided never to use it.... EVER!!! According to her best friend Gertie her powers are still evolving....So who knows what new powers she'll have later on and thanks to Gertie's tech skills.. Amanda wears special earrings that serves as a Digital video camera,Communications device and GTS tracker.This will allow Gertie using her super laptop computer to track Omega-Girl anywhere on the globe and be able to give on the spot evaluations and tech support of the crises Omega-Girl face as a super heroine.

Amanda Hudson is the adopted daughter of Gordon and Sarah Hudson.Sarah is an attorney at law while Gordon is a brilliant scientist and is head of a top notch scientific institute conglomerate called Cytac Labs Inc.
Amanda's biological parents were killed in car accident when she was still an infant she was the only survivor of the crash....Soon after Amanda was made a ward to the courts and place in an orphanage and was soon afterward adopted by The Hudsons.Amanda's life was pretty good as things goes..she did well in school.....Her parents raised her with fairness and love as best they could and tried to teach her a sense of responsibility and good moral judgment..These moral values unknown to Amanda will play an important role in her life down the road.
Soon after graduation.. she enrolled at Purdue University in hopes to become a lawyer herself and one day work for her mother.

The origins to her powers however are a mystery even to her. . . All she knows is that one night while walking home from a night class at Purdue University... She was about to be mugged by an unknown band of thieving punks and as if out of desperation they just manifested out of nowhere.. Her body became amazon like with fantastic physical abilities and other powers that can only be described as...."Superhuman". Using these powers she quickly made easy work of the would be assailants and left them for the campus cops to deal with..Out of fear and confusion....She confides with her Best friend,Roommate and Resident scientific nerd-girl Gertrude "Gertie" Williams and using her vast scientific skills Gertie tries to figure out the origins concerning Amanda's newly acquired powers....But so far..... To no avail but she does suspect possible alien influence based on scans done on her D.N.A. from a hair sample she got from Amanda.

When the renegade scientist Dr.Milo Denulus A.K.A. Dr.Dementus kidnaps Amanda's father for revenge for firing him for performing unorthodox cybernetic experiments on homeless people...Amanda swiftly goes to rescue her father but Gertie suggested to wear a disguise. Amanda puts on a makeshift costume made from a baggy sweatsuit and a large bandanna to cover the lower part of her face and shades for her eyes.
Amanda now in her disguise flies out and rescue her father from Dementus and hands the twisted scientist to the police and flies off into the skies.
When word came out about the mysterious flying girl. Citizens demanded to know answers about this incredible mystery girl who came out of nowhere and delivered this city from evil intent...Once again Amanda came to Gertie for help and Once again Gertie came to her rescue...She figured if she going to be in the public eye as a super heroine... Amanda needed a better costume So spending hours designing and sewing and spraying it down with a special chemical she created to make the suit Indestructible as Amanda is. With now a better costume Amanda decided to call herself Omega-Girl and thus a Super-heroine is born.

Living with these powers hasn't been a picnic for Amanda unfortunately....
Between juggling school,her job and her social life.(What little you call of it.)
Add to the stress of saving the world from all sorts of evil things and not so nice people and to make things worse... A anxious T.V. Journalist using the tools of the media to accuse Omega-Girl of being a dangerous menace thus causing mixed feelings among the public trust... It's a wonder She hasn't thrown in the towel and simply hang up her costume and try to live a normal life.......But due to her great and loving upbringing from her parents and possessing a overwhelming sense of responsibility..Amanda is out to prove that as Omega-Girl.. One person can make a difference and as long as she's able too...Omega-Girl will always be there to fight for the cause of justice.
Even if it kills her.......

She's currently along with Gertie(Who now goes by the super-heroine name "Tech".) became part a small group of super power gals called quite simply "The Girlz." in which she serves as team leader.
The team along with Omega-Girl and Tech includes other heroines.Such as Elasticity,Radiance,"Sistah" Sledge,Mystix and Zipstreak.
Although it's a small group.. it's getting popularity via the Internet due to a fan website created by a girls sorority house at the University.
This may lead to bigger expansion of their headquarters and a possible membership drive.this is also however causing concerns with certain government agencies which are now watching them like hawks.

Omega-Girl created by ME
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Devollution Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014
Amazing Work!
Strangerataru Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
So then...the future is bright for her.
Chwen-Hoou Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2010
Fantastic job on this revamped costume and her bio too. :love::+fav:
Lonzo1 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2010   General Artist
I hope it clears up a lot of things about her.^^
gekkodimoria Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
Natter45 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great work lonnie :)
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