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Ectogirl by Lonzo1 Ectogirl by Lonzo1
Here's a fanart piece that's fitting for Halloween.
This is Ectogirl...A superheroine OC created by :iconheckfire:
when I saw his sketches of her I knew then and there I wanted to draw her myself..So I did.:)
Any way for those who don't know her.. Here's her Data Profile.

Character Name: Ectogirl
Real Name: Heather Blake
Aliases: The Living Poltergeist
Age: n/a (appears in her mid-teens)
Eyes: Glowing green
Hair: White
Height: 5' 6"
Build/Appearance: Lithe and slender.
Personality: Innocent and almost childlike, but not stupid.
- Tends to assume the best in people, often to her detriment.

History: When supernatural investigator and "science hero" Dr. Lazarus Blake lost his wife and unborn daughter to a random car accident, he devoted his life to creating the Orpheus Gate, a machine that bridges the lands of the living and dead. Upon using it, however, he discovered that the Gate only works one-way; since he and his wife had once been alive, they were unable to go back though it. However, since their daughter had "never drawn a mortal breath," she was able to go to the living world, where the Gate formed a body for her out of "solid ectoplasm." Inspired by her father's exploits and her own supernatural abilities, Ectogirl became a guardian of both the living and the dead, protecting both from forces that would harm or exploit them while learning about what it means to truly be "alive."

Powers: Ectogirl is a self-sustaining ectoplasmic entity possessing a wide array of ghostly powers including telekinesis, flight, dreamwaliking, intangibility, invisibility, fear based illusions, psychomentry. psionic/empathic senses ,and limited shape shifting/illusory powers. She is able to sense spiritual emanations and entities and can seal ruptures in the ethereal "Fabric" that would otherwise destabilize the balance between the land of the living and dead.

In addition she also has access to her father's equipment, including the Orpheus Gate itself which to banish hostile spirits back to the afterworld.

I hope you like this piece and be sure to let :iconheckfire: how much you like her too.


Art done by ME :iconlonzo1:
Commissions are available. Check main page for details.
Chwen-Hoou Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2017
Excellent job.
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October 24, 2017
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