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Elasticity The Aquabat?
I guessing you're wondering why Elasticity is wearing that get up and claiming she's an Aquabats.
Well you see there's this rock and roll band of superheroes who call themselves The Aquabats. each member possess awesome powers and together they fight evil.. They're so unbelievable.
Anyway back on point...The M.C.Bat Commander traveling in the Aquabats Battletran arrived to The Big City because he's trying to find his fellow members to reform the group and he heard a rumor that that one of them can be found in The Big City.Meanwhile The Pliable Princess confront him and instantly recognize him.(Remembering when her dad took her and her BFF Mei-Li to see The Aquabats on her 13th birthday.)from there he tells an amazing story..he tells Elasticity about the band and the awesome T.V. Show they had called The Aquabats Super Show...A show so popular it even won a T.V.Prize.(Jiggling the Emmy for Outstanding Stunt Coordination.) He continues saying folks are still wanting more music and even more Super Show.So he went to California To seek The Wizard of Hollywood for aid To bring the show back.The Wizard agrees to help and gives M.C. gave him a Kickstarter page and a magic gun to aid him find others to join him as members of The Legion of Righteous Comrades so he decides to find the others to reform the group. but then he accidentally zaps Elasticity with the gun and then she became Elasticity The Aquabat and then takes off to spread the good word.
Will M.C. be able to bring the group back together in time?..That's up to you.....
You can help too... By Making a pledge to kickstarter here…
and if you can't afford to make a pledge....Then i offer you an Art  challenge..The "I Am The Aquabats Art Challenge.

The rules are simple...
Take your OC(That's Original Character if wondering.)...Put them in Full Aquabats Gear and have them say simply I Am The AquaBats! To show you have what it takes to be a member of The Legion of Righteous Comrades ..That's all.
Once done..Post it here and send a link to Facebook
Also Instagram....
And Twitter ...
If you love Rock and  Roll and Superheroes and a group that's both.
then join the cause...Let's bring back The Aquabats and The Aquabats Super Show.We needs heroes..Now more than ever.
Come On.. All the cool kids are doing it.


Elasticity: :iconlonzo1:
Aquabats: Copyrights The Aquabats.
Elasticity Traps Crook.
A commission for :iconlasticlover:
Turns out this client is a real big fan of my OC Elasticity and wanted a commission of Her doing what she does best..,Kicking Criminal Butt.This mugger will think twice about robbing people now courtesy of The Pliable Princess.


Elasticity: :iconlonzo1:
My 1st Mickey Mouse
I've had many influences over the years when it comes to my artistic pursuits But I've have to say one of the biggest was Walt Disney the man was a creative genius His imagination was constantly on overdrive Not only did he create the wonderful characters we come to love but he had the genius to create a theme park and was about to create another one when he died in 1966 ( I was only a year old.) I remember as a child Mom,Sis and Me would sit down every Sunday night to watch The Wonderful World of Disney not to mention over the years growing up hearing the stories about what he did  it had a big influence on me it taught me not to be afraid to use my imagination something i do to this very day.Of course Walt's influence on me also lead to other influences to my art as well. so as a tribute to my 1st influence to my art i decided to take a stab at one of his greatest creation something i never drew....Until now.So here it is folks my 1st fan art of Mickey Mouse even includes his famous quote he once said when he was asked what was his influence behind Disneyland.
I hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed drawing it.

Walter Elias Disney
Born: December 5, 1901
Died: December 15, 1966

Mickey Mouse: Walt Disney Production

Art by :iconlonzo1:
A heads up..There are 3 slots available If you're interested in a commission.Please send me an I.M or just tell me here.

TY in advance.
A heads up..There are 3 slots available If you're interested in a commission.Please send me an I.M or just tell me here.

TY in advance.


Lonzo1's Profile Picture
Lonnie Gaylor
Artist | Varied
Welcome to my imagination...... Before we go on this ride.... Let's partake on the rules a bit shall we..
Commissions: OPEN
Art Trades: SEMI-OPEN

The things i will draw:

Muscles and Strength feats,Big Boobs,Nudes(As long as it's tasteful.),Original characters,Furry characters,Cheesecake,Beefcake,Cartoon characters.(If you provide reference pics.)and Action and Adventure scenes

The things i WON'T draw: (So don't even ask.)

Yiff,Scat,Snuff,Vore,Herms (No Offense...It's just...Well I SUCK AT IT.....I Draw Terrible Herms.) Or anything that's sick or downright weird.(Which means....NO... I will NOT do nude pics of Ed Asner..Nope....Will not happen.)

If you want to chat with me...My YIM is l_gaylor.... But if you have a AIM you have to note me for that info...Sorry it's how i roll there.:-P

I respect criticisms and will listen if it's polite and helpful but I will NOT tolerate trolling of any kind... Anyone with that in mind.. is asking for it in a bad way and i have no problems in giving it to you...So think before you speak bub.

Now with that out of the way....Fasten your seat belts...Here we GO!
Enjoy my stuff and if have any questions...Send me a note....Thank you.


LINE-ART (Digital ink ONLY)
$20 for the 1st character $10 a piece for any extra characters after(MAX LIMIT 4 please consult my pages at DA and FA for what i will or will not draw before contacting me.)

LINE-ART Upgrade (Digital ink + COLOR)
$35 for the 1st character $15 a piece for any extra characters after(MAX LIMIT 4 please consult my pages at DA and FA for what i will or will not draw before contacting me.)

Colors (Digital colors to someone elses lineart)
$25 for the 1st character $10 a piece for any extra characters after(No Max Limit.)

You'll be notified via I.M. or E-mail on each stage of your commission. You'll have at least 2 days to inspect...If reply isn't delivered within 2 days I'll assume you're OK with the progress and will advance to the next stage.
customers will get a watermarked sample by e-mail and payment will only be collected if customer is satisfied and hi-res image will be sent after payment is received....PayPal,international or non postal Money order ...NO CASH Please.
Art Trades are done on a occasion^_^
I have the right to accept or decline offers.
ALL PRICES and Rules are subject to change.
Digital Only

Sorry but No Comics please...they're too time consuming to do and I am on a bit of a schedule... again sorry but no.

You get only 2 chances of revisions while it's in the sketch stage and no more....
Also once something is set in ink...It's set to stone..NO REDOS!

PG and PG-13 can be paid with PayPal and If you use PayPal...Don't send as gift...PayPal don't like that.
tasteful nudes are acceptable through international or non postal Money order Only

1: :iconxilimyth:
2: TristanBeaner (FA)

Ask me anything
Who knows you might like the answer i give.

Current Residence: Sesser,Ill
Favorite genre of music: Movie Scores
Favorite style of art: Manga
Operating System: Windows XP
Favorite cartoon character: Cheetara
Personal Quote: Skate It Off!



:iconlonerangerfanz: :iconantarcticpress: :iconshrapnelfanclub:


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