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"Boring!" NiGHTS shouted at his red and black counterpart. "You're boring!"

Reala blinked. His face reflecting his shock and bewilderment "E-excuse me?"

"You heard me. I said you're boring, dull, redundant, tedious, repetitive: Just no fun at all!"

Arms crossed, his fingers at tapping against one of his arm, Reala tried to quell his angry. "You…have some nerve, NiGHTS."

NiGHTS laid sideways in midair, and casually draped one leg over the other. "It's not nerve, it's just the truth," he said as he propped an elbow up to rest his head on his palm.

"You do realize, dear NiGHTS, the predicament you are in?" Reala asked slowly. The twitching in eye indicating his losing resolve.

"Please, I'm not blind. Just Captured over a ridiculous Visitor death trap you've set up." NiGHTS sighed. "Like every other week…"

"Maybe you'll actually die this time around."

NiGHTS closed his eyes. "I have thought about it. I mean, I've won so many times before maybe I should try losing just for a change of pace."

"Don't you dare! Don't you dare lose on purpose!" Reala yelled, and snapped NiGHTS out of his melancholy. "Don't you dare insult me like that!"


"I mean it," and Reala faced away from NiGHTS.

NiGHTS crossed his arm, and also turned his back to Reala. "Hmpf!" What did Reala know? He was the one who insisted on being enemies even after Wizeman's defeat. NiGHTS wanted to be friends: To have another of his kind to play and explore with. Yes, Visitor children were wonderful, but they never stayed around. They certainly never laid out complicated death traps like Reala did either. No, if Reala was upset his plans kept failing, he had only himself to blame.

Yet, even NiGHTS couldn't blame Reala for what he did. He turned back around to look at him. "I'm sorry, Reala."

"For what? Betraying our Master?"

"No. I won't apologize for that."

"Then what, pray tell, is there?"

"If I hurt your feelings."

Reala didn't respond.

"Your plans really are brilliant, Reala." Again, silence. "They cause me problems to no end, and I come out of your traps thanking whatever spirits that I'm alive." NiGHTS could see Reala's posture relax slightly. "If I seemed irritated it's not because I'm bored of your…attention, but rather your delivery." NiGHTS had figured out a long time ago that Reala no longer resented him for Wizeman's defeat. Reala actually enjoyed his newfound freedom and lack of death looming over his head. As to why Reala kept attacking NiGHTS, it was simple.

Reala was lonely, and this was the only way he knew how to interact with others: With cruelty and malice.

Why, one time him and Reala tried to get along for a better good, and that only ended in disaster. If ever there was regret for NiGHTS between them, it was that time.

NiGHTS wanted to continue his train of thought, but could feel the presence of his friends nearby. Oh, if only this Visitor wasn't so clever, NiGHTS'd had a few more minutes to talk to Reala. Then again…

The Capture around NiGHTS shattered, and once again he was free. NiGHTS wondered how the Visitor pulled that one off. No time to stop and think about that now though. "Reala!" NiGHTS charged at his constant captor, and, before they made contact, NiGHTS pulled out something to help the both of them: His Dragon Persona. With it on, NiGHTS wrapped his long body around Reala's, and kept flying.

"What are you doing?" Reala screamed.

If NiGHTS could talk, he'd answer he had no idea himself. He just knew he wanted to, had to, drag Reala away. Away from the Visitor, away from the inhabitants of Nightopia, just away. When it was finally just the two of them, alone in the vast every constant night sky of the Night Dimension, he stopped and held Reala in his coils.

"When my claws become free, I'll skin you, and wear your hide as a trophy," Reala threatened. NiGHTS, unable to say anything, simple moved his modified head to caress Reala's. "Don't patronize me, NiGHTS." NiGHTS withdrew his head, still keeping his hold on Reala.

Reala looked down to the Dark Ocean that laid beneath them. "Why not drop me in there?"

NiGHTS gently shook his head.

"Why not?!" Reala demanded to know. "It would solve your boredom problem, wouldn't it? Wouldn't it, NiGHTS?"

NiGHTS said nothing. Even if he could, he wouldn't.

"Whatever farfetched idea you're imagining, don't bother. I'm used to this sort of thing." Reala said. "Master had the same grip…"

NiGHTS almost let Reala go at this statement. After all, NiGHTS, too, remembered Wizeman grabbing them whenever his angry arose. Wizeman could have struck them to remind them of their place, but no. Wizeman chose to grab them like dolls. Dolls he could control. Dolls he could command. Dolls he could crush if he desired.

NiGHTS took his persona off. No longer did his scales hold Reala, but his arms. "I'm sorry…" NiGHTS said softly.

NiGHTS' hug, soft and warm, confused Reala. This was a Nightopian thing; a warm gesture to show affection. In Nightmare, these gestures were quickly followed by a fatal blow. However, since NiGHTS' heart resided in Nightopia, Reala knew such an attack would not come.

If such an attack did not come, why did Reala hurt so much? Why did his vision suddenly became blurry? Why did, where his throat should be, he felt a lump he couldn't swallow?

"…Why?" Reala was finally able to ask NiGHTS. "Why?"

Again, NiGHTS didn't answer. Slowly, he pulled away from their embrace, one hand holding Reala's, and started to pull him gently into a flight. They flew through the purple and black glittering skies for who knew how long they flew. Did it really matter?

The entire time, nothing was said. Still it spoke lengths. The light exercise, the beautiful sky, and, the two of them discovering, the company wasn't bad either. It was as if their past never happened, and they were just two people enjoying life.

Peace. Reala sighed at the idea. Could it be so simple? He looked at NiGHTS and started to admire the purple Nightmaren's design. NiGHTS always had a more regal look, and NiGHTS' eyes always had an allure to them. Perhaps it was the constant half closed lids, or the dual color, that made them so enticing. Still Reala like those eyes best when they were in defiance. They were fiercely beautiful then, when intense passion burned within NiGHTS.

Annoying little thing, NiGHTS was, Reala thought with a chuckle.

"Hmm?"  NiGHTS looked back at Reala.

"It's nothing, NiGHTS."

With a nod, and a smile, NiGHTS faced forward, and continued their journey. Reala sighed again. His heart felt so much lighter now than before. Did NiGHTS have this effect on him? Granted NiGHTS was also the one who caused his…upset earlier. He pondered the issue, and stopped: His anchored hand pulling NiGHTS back slightly.

"What is it?" NiGHTS asked. Reala answered by pulling NiGHTS into a hug. "Oh…" It took NiGHTS a few seconds to finally enjoy the hug, and he gently leaned into it. His free hand gently stroking Reala's head while he softly hummed.

Reala never felt so calm. He wanted this tranquil moment to never end.

"It could always be like this, Reala…"

Reala wondered was NiGHTS reading his thoughts? No, he reasoned. NiGHTS was just thinking the same thing as him: They wanted this harmony.

"Won't you get bored of this too?"

NiGHTS chuckled. "I guess I deserve that," he mused. "Mind you, I don't intend to lose you as my rival…but…I want you as a friend too."

Reala scoffed. "Don't you have enough friends?"

"…I don't have you a friend…"

"Maybe I don't want you as a friend."

NiGHTS rolled his eyes. "Fine!" he yelled exasperatedly. "We won't be friends."

Reala frowned. He felt angry and, dare say, a little disappointed? "That's fine by me too, NiG…"

In one shift movement, NiGHTS pressed their lips together. The rough, and yet warm, kiss shocked Reala. He didn't even move as NiGHTS kissed him. Not even when NiGHTS broke their kiss.

"I've decided I want us to be something else." NiGHTS winked at Reala. His eyes full of defiance and mischief.

So many things Reala wanted to say, wanted to shout, but his voice couldn't work as his face flushed with heat.

NiGHTS giggled, giving Reala another quick kiss, and slipped out of their grasp.

NiGHTS slowly flying away snapped Reala back into his senses. "G-Get back here you!" he shouted, and gave chase. He easily caught NiGHTS. NiGHTS' merry laughter indicated he wanted to be caught. Reala wasted no time, and kissed him angrily.

NiGHTS wrapped his arms around Reala's head, and pulled him closer, deepening the kiss. He could hear the sweet multiple moans coming from Reala as they explored and tasted each other. At least Reala's sharp tongue was good for something, NiGHTS thought. Moving his hands down the small of Reala's back, NiGHTS cupped the other's bottom. He squeezed, making Reala gasp, and lifted him closer.

"Feels so good…" NiGHTS murmured whenever their lips briefly parted. How grateful he was Reala finally stopped being stubborn to enjoy this. NiGHTS hoped Reala would continue to enjoy this. Maybe even for the rest of their lives?

NiGHTS wanted that very much.

Reala finally broke their kiss. "Enjoyable." NiGHTS smiled brightly at him. "Perhaps, NiGHTS, this is not such a bad idea."

"Oh! 'Perhaps', you say," NiGHTS said in mock angry, but giggled. He planted another quick kiss. "I rather like the idea myself too." NiGHTS started to rub the soft flesh his hands held.

Reala shut his eyes as he sucked in air. "Stop that…" He said quietly.

"Why?" NiGHTS asked. "You look like you want it. In fact, if you want it all, I'll give it to you. All you have to do is ask." Reala frowned, and opened his eyes. NiGHTS smiled, and released his hold. He held his hands up in font of him and floated a small distance in front of Reala.

"Want to race? We haven't done that in awhile. We can play some more afterwards."

Reala smiled lewdly at NiGHTS, and licked his lip. "Mmm. Yes. Let's, NiGHTS."

And the two Nightmarens took off. Hopeful about what the future may bring.
I wrote this for a very sweet and a very talented person I know. I hope she will like it.
© 2009 - 2022 lonym82
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do u have more of night's jod like this one ?
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No, I'm sorry. It looks like you read all my NiGHTS fanfics. Thank you for all the favs, btw. 
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It's really really sweet! :giggle:

In your article, Reala just like a kitten, so afraid to trust NiGHTS. =U=

Reading your articles to increase the ability of English at the same time, thanks a lot! :D
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I'm happy you like it, and it was able to help you.
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It's my pleasure! :aww:
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I'm so glad you like it. I also should be thanking you for all the wonderful, beautiful and romantic art you've done. :aww:
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I'm really moved. NiGHTS and Reala, they're discribed really adorable. I'm grateful to you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for accepting my request. :hug:
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I'm so glad you like it. I also should be thanking you for all the wonderful, beautiful and romantic art you've done. :aww:
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I wanna give you a big hug too :hug:
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I have to say that this was really well written. You did a great job, I liked it a lot.
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Aw very adorible, certainly makes my day brighter to read something sweet ^^
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