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Weaver of Chicago

Weaver of the Chicago Wards.
From web serial "Worm" by Wildbow.

Costume description:

    Defiant handed me my new mask, and I pulled it on.  Electric blue lenses, the opposite of the yellow I’d worn before.  They helped with the glare, though they weren’t so good against it as my old lenses.  Light gray fabric where I’d had black.  Armor panels in the same dark gray as before, albeit with cleaner lines, less bulk, and less in the way of edges.  I had no points at the tips of my gloves, and both the mantle around my shoulders and the cloth that hung around my belt were marked with an electric blue border, with my gang emblem in miniature at each corner, flipped upside down so they faced skyward, altered to match my new color scheme.

From CELL 22.6
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Headspace has been made copacetic.
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The world needs more Taylor with butterflies. ^___^
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Didn't know you had a dA page! :)
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I put my DA account link on my Spacebattles user profile page, and added a link to the first post/Index threadmark on the thread for "Tabloid", where I upload larger versions and text free versions of the story illustrations.  Maybe you didn't see it?  Spacebattles doesn't give updates for when posts are edited.
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Probably just didn't see it.
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woooo! what a great work! Oh Noes! 
Those butterflies w00t! 
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Wow that thing looks goofy :-D

You can just FEEL the sheer awkwardness coming off of Taylor in waves! :-D
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It's not awkwardness, Taylor is just excited and nervous about showing off her new Butterfly Princess costume for the first time. :)
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