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Weaver Costume Concept

Weaver of the Chicago Wards.
From web serial "Worm" by Wildbow.
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Nice, but she seems stocky.
Taylor was described as tall and lanky in her mid-teens. Personally, in my experience, such girls tend to become either painfully thin, or more often, if they don't eschew physical activity, get the figure of track runners of pageant models.
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The armour and silk padding of her costume adds bulk to her figure.  And remember that Weaver works in Chicago, which is colder than Brockton Bay's unseasonably warm temperatures, the fact that she has commented that her costume isn't very warm, and that she built her costume to be bulletproof.  If you look up historical silk vests worn for pistol duels in the past, they are not skin tight or as thin as spandex.  Silk is strong for its weight but one or two layers isn't going to stop a bullet.  Try shooting a silk scarf or silk bedsheet and see what happens.

I think you are expecting Taylor in costume to match your mental image of her physique when she is not in her costume.  She can be skinny without looking like she it when she is wearing her costume.
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The costume might add bulk, but it's not going to change her skeletal structure. No mater how thick the costume is, her armpits are going to stay in the same place. But all of the characters in this series of drawings look to be a bit on the stocky side. 
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I'm pretty sure Weaver had a flight pack, not a cape. I think she's described as skinny, too? Although maybe this is deliberate, since it's supposed to be in-universe concept art.

Regardless, amazing work. I love how you emphasized the different thematic elements Weaver is trying to draw on.
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Late stage Weaver had a flight pack.  This is a concept for pre- or early timeskip Weaver.

I used this costume description as my basis:

    Defiant handed me my new mask, and I pulled it on.  Electric blue lenses, the opposite of the yellow I’d worn before.  They helped with the glare, though they weren’t so good against it as my old lenses.  Light gray fabric where I’d had black.  Armor panels in the same dark gray as before, albeit with cleaner lines, less bulk, and less in the way of edges.  I had no points at the tips of my gloves, and both the mantle around my shoulders and the cloth that hung around my belt were marked with an electric blue border, with my gang emblem in miniature at each corner, flipped upside down so they faced skyward, altered to match my new color scheme.

From CELL 22.6
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Huh, you're right. It's mentioned when she's doing the stakeout, too... I guess I've been picturing Weaver wong this whole time.
Just awesome. Every one of your pieces gets better and better.
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