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The Gangs of Brockton Bay

Illustration of Interlude 20, Accord.  The Ambassadors meet with the other gangs of Post-Leviathan Brockton in order to decide how to fight the Slaughterhouse Nine.  Featured groups:  Ambassadors, the Undersiders, the Teeth, the Fallen.

From web serial "Worm", by Wildbow.

 The Forsberg Gallery.  The building had once been a pristine, albeit distressingly asymmetrical construction of glass and steel.  Now it was a shattered ruin.  There was little rhyme or reason to the design, and navigating was something of a chore.

 The recent altercation with the Slaughterhouse Nine in Boston had been a setback, but he remained confident.  Twenty-three years to see it all through.  Twenty-three years to bring the world into order.  Everything was a step towards those ends.

Even this, as much as the setting and the people grated.

  Accord tightened his grip on his cane.  He itched to end them.  His mind burned with hundreds of ideas on how to do it.  Traps, ploys, ways to set them against one another, or ways to use the other people in the room against them.

Characters in this illustration:
From clockwise, left to right.

The Teeth  — Animos, Reaver, Spree, Butcher, Hemorrhagia, Vex.
The Fallen — Eligos, Valefor.
The Undersiders — Foil, Parian, Tattletale, Grue, Skitter, Regent, Bitch.
The Ambassadors — Othello, Accord (center), Citrine.

An attempt was made to make this illustration as canon compliant as possible, within the bounds of artistic license.

This was a crazy ambitious illustration that I worked on bit by bit every day for weeks in between other art projects.  It took so long because Interlude 20 is great, but it's great because it's packed with so much detail, so many characters and moving parts, all of which are important to the scene and setting.  So many characters, all with their own personalities and powers, but it's still a single scene, and I only had one single static shot to fit them all into.

The biggest challenge was juggling so many design elements.  The sheer number of minor characters with unique costumes.  The details from the chapter that knew I had to include, like Smug Lisa sitting on a giant plushie, Butcher's Gatling gun, the Forsberg Gallery post-Leviathan, windows broken by Shatterbird, and the view of the Bay.  In the end, I think the final illustration has so much stuff going on that the composition lacks a strong central focus, which is why I originally considered a series of illustrations of the same scene, focusing on each gang and the gang's leader.  

But that's the price paid when you don't want to drop details described by the book because Worm canon is our sacred scripture. 
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Don't the Undersiders have 8 members? I can't remember who's missing ;)

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I was going through your gallery and remembering how fantastic your interpretations are! There's so much detail in this piece; each of the groups is consistent with their theme/aesthetic. I love reading your picture descriptions because there's so much attention to each bit that really shows your dedication. A real treat to see all this content! Thank you for your work! 
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Thank you for this.
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Too early to Foil, but still great.
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dude you please in the future made various image of the amenace rank S? please?
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Are you using Google Translate or something?  I don't understand what you're trying to say.
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can you mke another draw of the others menace rank-S? like ash beast or the sleeper
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I'm not 100% sure, but I think he/she wants you to draw the S-class threats if you have time in the future, like Nilbog, Sleeper, the Three Blasphemies, Glaistig Uaine...
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Some of those are hard, like Sleeper or the Blasphemies, because they get no or very little description for what they look like.  I might consider doing some others in the future if their character designs are interesting to me, like Glaistig's or Moord Nag's.  But that's only if I have time for it, because I've been spending most of my sketching free time on the Ward characters.

If they really want to see S-Class art, the fastest way to get it is through commission.
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Gorgeous work dude.
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Awesome, as Always! Keep the good work!:happybounce: 
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You really should be more well known. I don't know why I only recently became aware of your existence, considering you make stuff like this.

I didn't realize The Teeth had a theme to their costumes. Given the way Butcher adds to their outfit, you'd think it'd be more eclectic. Huh. :o
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They reached the top floor and came face to face with the Teeth. Seven parahumans, wearing costumes that bristled with blades, spikes and spines. They managed to wear the trophies of their defeated enemies without looking primitive. Teeth, eyes, dessicated body parts and bones were worked into their costumes, a collective theme that promised aggression and violent retaliation for any slight.

A woman stepped out of the midst of the group of Teeth. She was elegant, long necked and long-limbed, with her hair tied up in a high ponytail. Her mask and armor had an Asian style to it, though the costume were studded and trimmed with a number of wickedly barbed blades. More incongruous, there were three bleached skulls strung to one another and hanging around one shoulder.


 The Teeth have a theme of bones and body parts.  The costumes I came up with had a Max Max kind of look to them, with face paint and crazy mullet hair.  Check the link here: Teeth costume designs.

Do you only follow me here on DeviantArt?  I post my art on the Parahumans subreddit, and some of it on Spacebattles, the main fanfiction hub for Worm.  I'm not the best known fanartist because I'm relatively new the scene, but somehow I have become one of the most prolific.
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The download feature lets you see it in full res.  It's much better that way.
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