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Brockton Bay Teen Heroes

Teen heroes of Brockton Bay.
From web serial "Worm" by Wildbow.

Left to Right:

Aegis (Wards)
Gallant (Wards)
Glory Girl (New Wave)
Vista (Wards)
Clockblocker (Wards)
Shadow Stalker (Wards)
Kid Win (Wards)
Shielder (New Wave)
Laserdream (New Wave)
Panacea (New Wave)
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I love that the fandom is apparently supporting the meme of everyone forgetting that Browbeat existed. This is the fourth or fifth team picture I have found of the Wards and none of them have had Browbeat.

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Kinda wish Skitter were on the line up and that Clockblocker was cowering away from her.
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Haha poor Vista having to see Gallant and Glory Girl like this right next to her
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Hey, nice work with these! I recognized all of them immediately except for Aegis, Shielder, and Laserdream, but I think that's more because they weren't featured in the story as much and it's been a year since I finished reading it so I've forgotten their descriptions. ^.^; I do like your Clockblocker and Vista particularly. :thumbsup: