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Happy new year everyone ! 

Yeah I note it's my first message I write on dA and it was just to show you that I'm still here haha. I have a job now so it's more complicated to be present everyday but I try :D ! And to prove my loyalty, I propose to do free commissions for you (or request, I'm not really good with the dA english vocabulary yet). Yeah, it's a resolution for 2014 :D.

So, what I mean when I say commission, it's that I can draw a character (OC, manga..), an animal, a symbol, etc however for the moment just in black and white with the pencil

Here an exemple : Minato Namikaze Edo Tensei by Lonirisme

But if -finally- I have time to do more, I'll try to do digital media.

If you are interested by this, you can send me a private message ! I hope I'm clear in my explanations because I'm french and I have difficulties sometimes to express what I want to say in english haha.

Completed commissions : Linka and Wheeler by Lonirisme   Bertolt Hoover by Lonirisme