PBS Stopped Airing Caillou

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From what I've read about it, I heard that show was awful, especially the title character. Wonder why PBS would air this show to begin with, considering how parents hated it.

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I think people overreact to be honest. I don't hear the same complaints about the shows in Nickelodeon despite characters, some of them adults doing much worse. Yes, the network is what older kids watch, but they're still kids. Personally, I don't like shows like Drake and Josh (Which luckily cancelled long ago), but I don't demand they be taken off air, despite those shows being aimed towards kids 6 and up. Same goes for some shows on Cartoon network and Disney.

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Deadpool - Canada

Deadpool: I binge watch Caillou as an ADULT,

Look at how NORMAL I am!


I met some parents at the old office supply store that loved this show.

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Parents used Caillou as a scapegoat, something to point the finger at for their children misbehaving. Same schlock as the media blaming video games for real world violence (but that's another conversation entirely).

Caillou is just being a kid. He gets in trouble, makes noise, like any kid does. "Well, he's not a good role model." HE'S A FOUR YEAR OLD BOY IN A CANADIAN CARTOON! I watched Invader Zim at that age, but you don't see me trying to conquer Earth. The only role model your child should have is their own parent teaching them right from wrong and the difference between fact and fiction.

Caillou is a victim in this society that would rather point fingers than address the real issue.

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Congratulations on being Caillou's first defender that I heard.

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It's not so much that I have any passion for the show (I honestly can't recall anything besides the art style and the intro jingle), but the reason behind the hate is what I take issue with. I saw in one video essay regarding this subject that some lady was sharing on her social media "My toddler's acting up, must've been watching Caillou." Like it's a totally unnatural thing for children, especially toddlers, to be rambunctious twerps. It's a total Karen move and Caillou being taken down means Karens won this battle. Who knows what might be targeted next. "SpongeBob SquarePants is teaching my young one bad habits. Cancel culture unite!" Sure, ruin it for the majority because the few couldn't get control of the matter.

I'm ranting a lot about this subject, it's getting me heated. I was just passing by the "New" category when I saw this.

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The complaint I hear is less that Caillou is being a rambunctious twerp than the fact that his parents let him get away with this behavior. And the fact that this is shown on PBS, which is meant to be quality television fit for the general public. You wouldn't expect PBS to air anything like South Park.

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