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Rules and Conditions

:bulletred: Credit me and link back to my site.

:bulletred: LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU USE MY STOCK.  Send a note or leave a comment with a link to the finished deviation.

:bulletred:*I hereby grant all DeviantArtists permission to use my stock in any and all Deviant Prints without restriction*

:bulletred: Do not redistribute my images or claim them as your own.

:bulletred: Nothing pornographic,  racist nor discriminatory may be made with my stock.

FAQ #81: How can I create links to other deviants, deviations, or websites?
FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?

Using Outside of dA

:bulletred:You may post artworks containing my stock on other websites on two conditions.
condition 1. A Stock credit is always displayed clearly near the image.

condition 2. I am to be shown all pages where my stocks have been used in any capacity.

:bulletred: My stock cannot be used commercially (don't sell anything you make with it) without my expressed written permission.

:bulletred: You don't have to ask before off-site use - just be sure to credit and link me.

:bulletred: Do not use my images as layouts or avatars, or as part of website design or logos without my expressed written permission.

Some requests and notes

:please:  This isn't a rule, but if you do use my stock and sell it as prints, I'd love to have one. :D

:bulletred:I'm going to start printing some of my favorite images for a personal book and I'd really appreciate it if you could send me a large format version of the art you've made.  Or a dA print. :)  I know most of you aren't selling what you create but if you've got the time, and the file, I'd love it if you would send me a copy.  Again, I won't be selling or showing them, it's just for me. And my family.  My mom gets a kick out of what you guys do. :)
You can send it to

:bulletred:  Hey, guys.  I've got a favor to ask you - If you're going to put the dA watermark on the full size view of a picture you've done using my stock, could you send me a copy of the file first?  I don't want to be a very demanding stock provider, but I save the images you make to a collection that I plan to print out someday and the giant watermark is pretty horrible. I only plan to do this with images featuring my stock, of course, and I totally understand the need for a watermark - but I would like a nice copy for myself. :) You can send the files to sidelongstock at gmail dot com.  Again, if you're not adding the dA watermark, don't worry about this.

:star:Backgrounds and textures are restriction free.  ONLY backgrounds and textures are restriction free and they are clearly labeled.  I'd still like to see what you do with it and I can add it to my faves, but it's not a rule.  Do whatever you want with the stuff. :D
All model and animal stock is copyrighted to me and you have to follow my rules if you plan to use it.</b>
Thanks very much!

© 2008 - 2021 LongStock
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brotherson34's avatar
hi could I use your stock for my book cover group please 
mynti's avatar
Hey, what would you say to being part of an indie coloring book project I'm working on? What would you like? Let me know! Thanks for the cool stock!
nagellacquer's avatar
Hi there, I'm a graphic novel artist, I was wondering if you're okay with using photos as pose reference for drawing (not traced), which may appear in published works at some point. Thanks!
MasterGimper's avatar
ah, can i delete your background from your stock?
MasterGimper's avatar
cool stocks, i will use your stocks soon :)
drgngrl116's avatar
I may use one of your photos for my photoshop class (photo manipulation) and may put it in my portfolio. Is that alright?
LongStock's avatar
That's fine with me.  I'd like to see it when it's finished. :)
MagdaDula's avatar

can i use your image ( rain_7 ) for a banner on my web site?

it wan't be for sale or distribution.

i just want to present my photomanipulation work.

for more details ,please contact me.

Hi I'm using your pictures for my MUSH character, hope that's okay! [link]
LongStock's avatar
It's not ok. I will message you.
NeonLanterns's avatar
...Am I aloud to use them as pose references ;w;?
LongStock's avatar
Absolutely. Just send me a link - I'd love to see what you do. :)
NeonLanterns's avatar
Oh thanks!
Erm, actually I'm publishing the work format? I needed the pose for a panel I was working on ;w;
Ciggyburns's avatar
Hello! I used one of your stock photographs (Victorian 1) for this project. the finished artwork will also be featured on my personal blog, along with a credit for your contribution.

Thank you and all the best!
koolishmew's avatar
I used your stock here! [link]
Hellknight10's avatar
just a question concerning your rules about your stocks

if one of your stock models is used simply as a drawing reference (just the pose of the model not the model him or herself), will the restrictions still apply?
LongStock's avatar
No, you can use the stock freely as a reference for traditional art. Of course, I provide the stock for free and the only thing I ask is that you show me what you do with it. :D
Hellknight10's avatar
well i was thinking digital media as well
i do most of my work digitally and i also draw with references there as well
I'm not planning to use the actual stock just the poses

but if i ever do use the stock i will give credit where is due
first sorry for my bad english :-/ but i have to ask you something... can i use your Picture "Rain 6" for an Contest on, its nothing pornografic or something like that, i dont finished the picture, because i want to ask you first, hope you can send me a mail if you agree.

Thanks, best wishes
LongStock's avatar
That's fine, thank you for asking. :) Please, send me a link to the tutorial when it's finished.
i think this will be the final picture
LongStock's avatar
It's fantastic! Thanks very much for the link. :)
chosenusernametaken's avatar
ok...:) one question...:)
going to a poster about one linguistic/cultural session in our city..:)....your stock photo (lust 2) seems pretty handy for me for doin this....
can I use it (outside DA, outside web...:)...need to know this as soon as possible...pls...:)
LongStock's avatar
Are you going to modify the photo?
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