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Khopesh 2

Here's another Khopesh for you all to check out
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800x600px 127.8 KB
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1/315 second
Focal Length
6 mm
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Date Taken
Jan 1, 2000, 12:00:21 AM
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tomytieneblas74's avatar
Holy Shit! I think I saw one of these in Kingsglaive FFXV .
Kyrhor's avatar
Oh, this is wonderful ! This is sword Egyptian or Ork ?
Blackmaurader62's avatar
dying light baby........ gotta get DAT premium 
TylerNM's avatar
One of my favorite weapons. Very nice!
darklord86's avatar
flametalon10's avatar
a beautiful weapon :) may I ask how much one would cost?
LongshipArmoury's avatar
Our custom khopesh typically run between $2,200 and $2,500.
JohnnyNorthrain's avatar
Very nice to see this in steel. I might have to purchase one. Can it be mounted as a bayonet? heh.
LongshipArmoury's avatar
Haha, that might not work so well.
sam914630's avatar
It kinda reminds me of the swords the Dothraki from Game of Thrones use. Just me?
ToeofAwesome's avatar
the dothraki swords are based on the kopesh. 
Thanks for confirming that for me.
jay-ultica's avatar
have you thought about makeing one outa bonze for authentisity?
LongshipArmoury's avatar
Bronze really isn't our thing. Also, we tend to make swords for people who are going to use them, and bronze just isn't as good as steel for that.
jay-ultica's avatar
oh i see still itd be awsome to see a true khopesh
Imperius-Rex's avatar
This must have been a real challenge to make. :nod:
S17s17's avatar
I love Khopesh--such a fun design, not to mention effective! I always feel like I would want the cutting edge to be inside the curve, though...
But really, wonderful work!
IllEatYourself's avatar
Awesome! There is actually another sword I drew that can be found in my gallery. I imagined it to have a bronze/gold color, and I did base it on this design but made a few little tweaks. Oddly enough, the design I had based it on had been one of a more sickle-like shape, so it had a much larger curve, but that combined with my intention to design a blade that served similar functions as Sly Cooper's Staff caused me to design my sword, nicknamed "Rasword" (Ra's Sword), with a sharper shape to the corners. You'll see what I mean if you go look at it. I honestly would be overjoyed if you actually made it and gave it the color I intended (although the way I imagined it, the metal itself was that color, so you'd have to stain the metal or something instead of just painting it). I'd be overjoyed if you made any of the swords in my gallery for that matter. XD
LongshipArmoury's avatar
That Rasword looks a little like an older blade I did years ago that I think I ended up calling the Zipper or something. Unfortunately, since this is now my full time job, don't really get to do requests or blades for fun anymore. Pretty much stuck making paid commissions 24/7 :/
MyWorld1's avatar
That is so awesome! my dad got me a khopesh for Christmas.. that thing is huge;P
marz2012's avatar
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