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As he walked down the street,
he looked at his feet,
upset about the way things turned out.

Life was dragging him down,
so he wars a big ol’ frown,
and continues on his way.

Every time he looks up,
he finds a way to screw up,
so the world brings him down.

He tries every day
to live life the way
it was when he was younger.

But then he gets depressed,
and fails life’s test,
and ends up all alone.

He tries and he tries,
but again all the lies
pile up and destroy him.

He seems to be his only friend,
cuase in the end,
he is the only one he can rely on.

But then he looks around,
and looses his frown,
someone has been there all along.

He wasn’t alone,
the friends he disowned,
were standing there beside him.

He put on a grin,
and walked up to his friend,
and said “Thanks for being here.”

His friend looked surprised,
cause in his eyes
he was there through thick and thin.
My friend was feeling depressed, so i wrote this about us.
© 2005 - 2021 longrangelunatic
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ah that's really good (has read it before) thanks Ryan.