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DBZ AU - Misunderstood: Chapter 1 Pg13


Finally! I thought I would never finish this page >.<! It wasn't even that complicated of a page xD Just took forever for some reason! I feel like I haven't uploaded in so long I honestly forgot what to click  to submit just now xD *cough cough*
You are reading Chapter 1- all pages arranged in order here: DBZ -Misunderstood Chapter 1 (Ongoing)

Red Square Bullet by Kawiku For Deviantart only. Please don't re-post this artwork. 
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Hollup...isn't Gine Raditz's mothe-


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Is weird to see Gine doing that with Raditz xD
Omg, I want more!
This is so awesome and cool!
Keep going and great work!
:D :D :D
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Thanks I hpe to finish it sometime, just since I don't have a major initiative around it I put it low on my priority list a lot xD 
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Bardock and Gine survived Planet vegeta destruction.......What could we ask for more? Oh yes: a Kakaroto finally meeting his parents.
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I don't think Goku cares to meet them by now don't you think xD?
it is really interesting, I hope you can continue <3
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Yea me too, I really do like the story, but I hate rushing my work so I need to find time to do it properly with the quality I want :3 
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I was wondering, is this comic finished?  I really liked it!
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Nah, its just been a time pinch for me between First Kiss and other projects + work I've got going on :) I'll get back to it once I have some time I know people have been following it but didn't want people to get hooked when i couldnt make delivery promises either xD
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Gotcha :D Will wait patiently like a good gurl!
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I want moooore! XDDD <3
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Me too trust me! I'm going to try to get back into the flow of things if I can in October :D
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I am the same way with my fanfics... I should write WAY more than I do. So I understand, no pressure from me, just showing my love for this comic! ^^
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Yea thats just how we creatives are xD
No pressure taken :hug: I really do wanna finish this though xD Bleh~ 
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I am SUPER intrigued to see where the plot line is headed. Like my mind is making up so many possibilities and it's driving me batty! *hug*
longlovevegeta's avatar
MWuahaha ;D Definitely intentional :giggle:
Thanks for watching btw <3
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Of course! Your artwork is amazing, I can only hope to some day be anywhere near your level!
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Gine IS Raditz's mom and Bardock is his dad tho
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This is awesome! But isn't Gine Raditz's mother though?
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Thanks ^^ She might be I haven't decided for this comic yet 
Do you ever plan on finishing this? I really want to know what's going on. This story seems like it has a lot of potential.
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