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status: alive

birthday: August 25th

age: 29

gender: male

relations: supposedly has a sister...

occupation: ???

abilities: Bio Hybrid Transformation

assets: devoted

flaws: can't be trusted

height: 5'09"

weight: 144 lbs.

favorite food: walnuts

hobby: sharpening his knives/weapon maintenance

theme: Kotake and Koume

personality: A sly and cunning man, Oslow is trusted by nobody but himself. However, the betrayals he makes and the backs he stabs are never done on a whim, hinting at a hidden agenda that he refuses to make known.

history: At one point, Oslow was a trusted friend of Avalice, Piddomon, Peckmon, and Diatrymon, but was left with no choice but to betray them at a critical point in battle years before the beginning of Book VIII, stabbing Avalice in the back - both literally and figuratively.

His true allegience is as yet unknown, but has been shown working for both Omnimon Zwart from Ouranos, as well as the equally conniving Tyutyumon from Listine. He did, however, rescue Princess Ophelia from being held captive by Jestermon, and participated in the final battle against the forces of Mad King Xander (without betraying anybody).

digimon form: Crowmon

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