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Gallery Folders

Day 2- Stephen King by Misaky
Carrie III by onkami
The Hedges by Lachtaube
The tower by cs2016
Mr. Stephen King
Stephen King by uruchom-maszyne
Christmas card  (stephen King theme) by DDimitri16
The Once and Future King by PK4only
Calendar  (WIP) by DDimitri16
It - 1986
S.S. Georgie by Georgeact
Time to float by quinnofhearts30
Pennywise Tattoo Design Idea! :3 by ShannonxNaruto
Losers Club - First Time (IT Fan Comic) by thalle-my-honey
The Dark Tower - 1978
Lobstrosity by Tackycat
Jake Chambers and Oy by Tackycat
The Dark Tower by Tackycat
Taheen by Tackycat
Carrie - 1974
Carrie takes flight by Shadowofjustice123

Mature Content

Carrie White (WIP) by Rickatchu

Mature Content

Burn by Rickatchu

Mature Content

Carrie White by Rickatchu
'Salem's Lot - 1975
Kurt Barlow by Tackycat
DANSE MACABRE issue 3 by DannyNicholas
Fun in the sun by Cesar-Hernandez
High-stakes game by Cesar-Hernandez
The Shining - 1977
The shining by TvCrip05
day 23: famous duo by Frankienstein
shining jack torrance by uruchom-maszyne
INKTOBER 2017 - Day 21 - Jack Torrance by Nicksplosivez
The Long Walk - 1979
The long walk sketches by watermonsterrr
The Long Walk by Shokly
Last Breakfast by 5T3ll4
Gary by watermonsterrr
The Mist - 1980
King - Mist Creature, Pseudobird by KingOvRats
Firestarter - 1980
FireStarter by jackhagman03
Cujo - 1981
Theodore Trenton by Tackycat
Christine - 1983
Pet Sematary - 1983
My baby will come home to me by T-rexSusan
The Talisman - 1984
Jack Sawyer by Vampyric-Saiyaness
Misery - 1987
Happy ending! by YukiOshi
The Tommyknockers - 1987
Stephen King - Tommyknocker by KingOvRats
The Dark Half - 1989
Dark Half: Stark Bookmark by Sunchildkate
Insomnia - 1994
Insomnia by Misaky
Rose Madder - 1995
Rose Madder by Deviantwatcher4532
The Green Mile - 1996
Percy or Percy's sister by Cesar-Hernandez
Cell - 2006
Cell by Virtual-Waster-Art
Lisey's Story - 2006
Lisey's Story by mitchatt
Duma Key - 2008
Stephen King - Perse by KingOvRats
Under the Dome - 2009
Halloween comes early by Cesar-Hernandez
Doctor Sleep - 2013
Rose the Hat by Tackycat
Other SK works
Shawshank Prisoner by LittleScared
More than one SK work
1986, 1974 by LazyDasha
With non-SK works
A graboid @ Pirin Moh (Desperation movie) by Pyro-raptor
2012 Commemorative Challenge
Idle Christine by MeganekkoPlymouth241





Hello, everyone.

I have been creating a few folders in the gallery lately. I will still keep creating more for some of Stephen King's works in the future, as there are so many more that are still missing.

But I want you all to know about four folders specifically. They are:

Mr. Stephen King
Other SK works
More than one SK work
With non-SK works

These four are important and I think they are the three that will be used the most.

"Mr. Stephen King" is for any and all non-The Dark Tower pieces that feature Mr. Stephen King.

"Other SK works" is for pieces that feature characters and/or concepts from one of Stephen King's works that still do not have their own folder.

"More than on SK work" is for pieces that feature characters and/or concepts from more than one of Stephen King's works, even if the individual works already have their specific folder.

"With non-SK works" is for pieces that feature characters or concepts from any of Stephen King's works and also feature characters, concepts and/or people that are not related to Stephen King or his works. This includes artist inserts: If you meet a character created by Stephen King in your picture, then that picture goes in this folder.

Please, let's work together to make this new structure work. I may be able to rearrange submissions and send them to the right folder in the beginning, but as time goes by I will expect all submissions to go to the right folder. When that time comes, submissions to the wrong folder will start being ignored.

Thanks for your time, and thanks for sharing all your SK-related deviations.

By the way, simply ignore the years included in the folder names. Those are so it is easier for me to manage their order. I am leaving "It" and "The Dark Tower" at the top because I expect more submissions for those folders at the moment.

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