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A group dedicated to the tabletop wargame Heroscape.

Heroscape is a game that was created by Craig Van Ness of Hasbro in October of 2004. During a year of unfortunate events, Hasbro gave the properties of Heroscape to Wizards of the Coast, who took the remaining life of this great game and flushed it down the toilet alongside D&D.

It was discontinued in November 2010.

I've made this group to celebrate National Heroscape Day, the first day we will be celebrating the anniversary of this great game during it's discontinuation. :D Join and support!
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Slash and Burn by Cr0atoan

"I'm tired, brother." The Kyrie finally said, after a moment of silence. He stretched and looked out in the distance, face furrowed with stress and worry.

The older man he addressed turned from his field reports and maps, muttering in agreement. The two Kyrie had spent days analyzing the local map of the region, taking into account the passageways, the hidden valleys, the passes that enemy combatants could find an entrance. They updated locations they'd need to protect to keep their small settlement from raids. They made sure the scouts they sent out kept an eye on any sense or clue of movement. 

The worst part of the entire situation is that neither of them was soldiers. 

It was a terrible dealing of fate, the day that the simple farming community found the hidden passageway that uncovered a pure wellspring. Since word got out of the discovery, the place fell under the constant assault of otherworlders working for their Generals. There was no parley, no method to speak reason to the attackers. They wanted to secure the power of the waters and victory was their only need. 

"I wish we could just go back to the way it was, the simple life that we had, before we found that blighted pool. It's cancer and each and every day we lose more of our land as they lock us in." 

The elder looking of the two Kyrie stood up from the table covered in regional maps. He walked over to his brother and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Holmfast. We can't simply just wish for the past anymore. We have people to defend from the virulent outsiders. The pool was no issue before, just a relic of a world long gone. 'Tis the beings that come from its waters that we can blame the sickness that festers our world." He forced a smile before walking away to return to his geographical studies.

"What's the point then, 
Valbrand? We can fight every day, master new strategies, but when it comes down to it, we are mere community herdsman. We raise animals not weapons of war. We can only do so much." 

Valbrand turned back to face his brother. "It is that amount we must give if we wish to protect our livelihood. This Rise of the Valkyrie had a beginning. Thus it will have an end. They will grow weary-"

Loud crashing ensued from outside, startling Valbrand. He ran to the source of the noise. Outside his home he saw one of the men of the village militia, staring, eyes glazed over, with an arrow lodged in his chest. 

"Brother! There's been a breach! We need-" 

Valbrand turned to see Holmfast armed with a sword he had never seen, pointed at his throat. Holmfast had closed the space between them in a blur, aided by otherworldly magics. His brother sneered.

"I'm sorry. I cannot wait any longer, trapped like a beast to a force that is inevitable. I promised the waters for immunity. It was better than continuously fighting a losing battle." 

Valbrand was speechless. He could hear the footfalls of several people gather behind him on the outside, kicking down doors, breaking down gates, and setting produce on fire. 

"They are destroying the farm! Did you plan on that brother? Your choice has brought more pain on our people than fighting back! Is what you have wrought for making a deal with the otherworlders a better choice?" Valbrand then attempted to slip past the blade but in a speed that outmatched him, Holmfast knocked him out cold.

"This land stopped being ours the moment the waters found a place here. I merely accepted that truth." 

Holmfast then pulled his brother up and restrained him to the chair, making sure he couldn't leave. He then grinned wickedly. 

"At last, I can find rest. This war will end soon, and it will be by the hand of the real peace of death."

He stepped outside as the flames began to lick at his old home.

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Searching to purchase Heroscape from any players who no longer wish to play the game to prepare for my tournament event in August! Note me if you have some or are trying to get rid of it! 
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I may need to do at least some sketches of my faves I like to use. Last Saturday night somehow I was able t met up with others to play Heroscape. I made up a bunch of different armies beforehand but only used two: my dragon army and werewolf army. I just love being able to tell right now seeing this new club that people still love this awesome game.
Cr0atoan Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
The game may have been discontinued but it most definitely has NOT died. :D NHSD is right around the corner, so I thought I'd show my appreciation for the game by finding all the artwork done for this game.

Heroscape inspired my novel series I'm releasing in the near future, so I have deep appreciation for the game. :D

At least you're not a Marro hog...:XD:
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