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Longhorn M7 R1 Beta II

Contains everything that's ready.

Logon Animation.
Explorer / BrowseUI String replacements.
Explorer for 97dpi Logoff/Shutdown buttons.
Shell32 (Top shell x86).
Branding Logo.
Updated Longhorn M6 theme.

Note: Due to the fact I lost the IE7/IE8 IEFrame files I will release the separately.

Note 2: The navigation buttons do use the stream. No one has yet to find a way. I'll will release the no stream edit version later with normal BrowseUI for 96dpi / 97dpi w/o streaming.

I'd like to also thank Bns06 and Freak180 for helping with this theme / mod. Thanks guys ;)
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brilliant, thanks for your work
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Great job!! It was very cool in my view Home Premium. I like the view so much that I use it on my PC to date with the beautiful view of the Long Horn build M7, the view was even better!! Here I got my change almost everything, but I can not change the icons of explorer nor shell32.dll. My windows vista is the Home Premium x86. I became the owner of all files that need to change but I can not copy it says is being used by another program. Already tried Safe Mode with Command Prompt and nothing. What should I do? Thank you!
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What I do is after taking ownership is rename the file to file.bak then drop the new .dll file in the same folder. Then after rebooting it'll load the new file.

To take ownership I use the command prompt with these commands:

takeown /f file.dll
icacls file.dll /grant Administrators:F
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Hey nice work guys, but how do i install ! lol
how can i download
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Top right hand corner, under add to favs
How can i download it?
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There's a download button on the right of the page.
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the frames( top) is not the same inside the zip!! ( no line trough the close button!!)
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Hi, Good job! l love the animation on the shellstyle (I think it's this vs) I'm on windows 7 and I want to put these animations on the win7 shellstyle, so i want to work on it but i need you to tell me where are the animations ? And how did you do that ?

Srry for my bad english and thx !
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its cool but have sp1 64 vista no browse ui. keep working nice to see longhorn again that works.
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Any possibilities to for it to wok with xp?? =(
Really love longhorn :(
:O wow i love this skin :D

nice job
This is the best vista theme I have used so far! thx for the uploading!
I take it this won't work correctly on Vista x64? So hard to find cool themes and GUI mods for Vista x64.
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As a fellow x64 user I know how you feel. However I do make all our mods x64 compatible :)

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Great theme. But does it work on 64bit?
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Could I be annoying if I could request a Longhorn M4 look +)
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could i be annoying here and ask if you could do it for xp? cheers.
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Fishy-fish is working on a WinXP port :)
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