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Yeah must admit it would have come way faster if I drew more pokegirls and overhyped videogame girls, and hadn't kept my account logged off for more than a year in protest of "gag requests"... Or was it "feet requests"? Heck, I can't remember.

People also say I could be less rude. But, my friends, in this boat the cap'n does salute you with a fist bump to your shoulder. If your shoulder comes off with only that, or if your skin is so thin it bleeds with the pressure coming from my ring, you don't stand a chance in this sea. That goes specially to the art-traders I have refused in the past, if I am not interested I am not interested.

Also, I was thinking of a 'murican cartoon theme month or something like that. I don't like using this late western style where everything appears like a movie made in Flash, because there are very few rules, and most times, I would have get the most from the source material and still are very few variations of camera angles to say something. Also, most of them don't use any shading, and it's VERY hard to a person that is not properly educated in art, to visualize a drawing without these. But, all in hope, I always wanted to draw the sexy older sister of a certain phantom/human hybrid, certain receptionist from the big apple, the animated version of certain come-along goth girl from a shitty Tim Burton movie, some good redheaded pseudoscience duo, among others that do not come from Avatar.

Why? Because I respect their creators, for standing still with solid story elements that would be outdated in the nowadays cartoon serialization, and and doing everything in their power to stand up against Nick's dullheads' ways to stop the serialization of both TLAB and Korra.

Which brings me to Korra. I did NOT like that again, it was rushed like hell. In matters of three episodes, we get from happily traveling the world in search of airbenders and solving Lin's old family troubles, to the super exciting final battle with the destiny of the world on the bet. Also Bolin became a lavabending master in half an hour, hahaha. However, I found this new villain really impacting, because he managed to have a peace of mind of such fortitude it allowed him to master what no airbender will in centuries, even with such grievous and mind disturbing motives behind his revolution.

I still don't like that they didn't decide whether it's been 300 years or just 70 years since Last Airbender,'s events. Let's say, I do not find credible that now a whole city is capable of what an only person in the whole world was capable to even think about 70 years ago, with the land so scarcely communicated, and the absence of any historical repository where anyone could learn from.

It's the same with lightning and blood bending, all of them were such mystic and venerable techniques in the TLAB timelapse, it would make sense seeing people providing electric power to machinery, people metalbending a whole city, and telekinetic blood manipulation, if the story was set several generations later, so the techniques would actually have time and brethren to get refined.

Speaking of rushed things, Bleach. For the sake of karma, I will rush this. This asshole now goes and creates 26 original antagonists, so everyone would think that his purpose was to make the characters who we haven't seen much from, to truly demonstrate their skills and close the story for them. But no, he wastes all 26 of them fanservice of the same group of always. And I'm not counting that I almost had to gouge my balls off twice (or trice) in this arc, because I actually thought I could finally draw fanart from this. I've never been so convinced to drop a manga I've read so long. Not even Naruto managed to get this far hahahaha.

Also, I can't wait to Fire Emblem vs. Nintendo, aka Smash Brothers 4. I want to rock the shit out with Mega Man. By the way, I don't like Lucina, because, she is a FUCKING Marth clone. Srsly People? She cosplays dresses and pretends to be the, fucking, Marth. Also ends up as a damsel in distress (Not in this account, ever)

Aren't there any better women in the FE series?

One that C. Falcon can't send back to make sandwiches in the kitchen with a Falcon Punch?

Also, who is this newfag, Shulk?


Xenoblade? Is that even a Nintendo game?

*researches more*

So now Smash will become an ad for the 3DS as well? Holyshit Nintendo.

I also cannot bear Pokemon coming out each year, just like a FIFA or MADDEN game.

I guess now it is appropriate to call them FIFAmon Ruby Cup, and the complement, MADDENmon Sapphire Bowl.

Which reminds me. Why people waste energy to compare football and soccer? Seriously? There is no point of comparison, since one consists on an non-uniform but constant application of body strain, and the other is a series of short high impact outbursts. I once read a journal from a journalist that disliked soccer because a child "cannot feel the fight" that can be felt on the 'murican sports like baseball (The sport where that is most benevolent with unathletic people and is not a contact sport anyway), hockey (where the fist fights over the ice are as harmful as gay body rubbing) and football (where the aim is to convert the play in the most efficient way possible, and where if you let your angry senses overtake you, you will be the first one in the hospital). Oh well, I guess I can't expect sports knowledge from political journalists that seem to have the notion that in some point of the euangelion, Jesus flew over the Roman outpost and bombed the shit out of them, anyways.

Oh wait, I got it. NHLmon, Stanlemerald. So much money grubbing on there furry critters.

Speaking of furries, I expect you to know by now  how much I learned to loathe them. Don't, even, think, of the idea. Why, because the fad has ruined the view I had on the once glorious anthropomorphic animals that once roamed my childhood. Even Sonic. They even mutated the feet fetish which I'm already not in good terms with, into a senseless paw fetish. Of all things, my once living dog had paws as grainy as grind paper, and no he didn't feel anything special when shit rubs on them because he used them to support his weight all of his life. And most likely, any animal would bite the shit out of you if you come that close.

And don't get me started on those assholes making out while wearing a wolf costume, or those who "review" anime while shittingly emulating the calls the human throat is not capable to perform, by a difference of several kilohertz. And there is this guy, requesting the most unlikable furries with their heads shrunk. I swear if he comes near him, I'll gain teleport powers and drop him in the middle of Erta Ale. Oh god it is such a natural wonder, because unlike in Minecraft, there are only 6 of its kind in the world. Anyway, I just cannot think anymore of a DID scenario involving a lava pit since I learned heat transfer.

On other topic, man this new Sailor Moon anime is terrible. It looks like they subcontracted five vietnamese studios to animate randomly chosen storyboards. So then, the characters suddenly change their already questionable body build, their face their already questionable composition, and even the color palettes are swapped all out of nowhere. Geez.

Now I remember. Request Giveaway? Hahahaha it's a bit impossible now with my tight agenda. Suddenly my queue rose up to 90 pics on the list, with 31 in the point of being near completion in the foreseeable future. So no, I'm not doing any giveaway. I'm just checking If you guys actually read this shit all the way down here. You can post your request anyways, or if you didn't actually read lol. But I can't help you out that much.