It's March! What are your goals for this month?
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Published: March 1, 2019
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padiriceHobbyist Digital Artist
....reply to months old comments and finish the pending wip .____.
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-finish 2 birthday drawings for friends
-get through some of the school projects/exams
-exercise everyday
-fill my current sketchbook with more original art
 (I draw a lot of fanart, so I want to challange myself a bit more with that)

I think that's it, overall I have high hopes for this month, so far it's been good I'm and very excited for spring to start ^ ^
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PrinniaProfessional Digital Artist

stick to my streaming schedule!!

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PlasmaDragoniteHobbyist Traditional Artist
I’d just like to rally people in opposition to Europe’s Article 13.
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PlasmaDragoniteHobbyist Traditional Artist
I’d just like to rally people in opposition to Europe’s Article 13.
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SmugLookingBarrelHobbyist Writer
My plan for this month is to march towards exam season without tripping and falling. 
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VanGoldProfessional Traditional Artist
Celebrating the beb's very first birthday. You never really realise how fast time is, until you see one of these little buggers grow. It's amazing <3
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monochromeandminimalProfessional General Artist
- Presenting one of my sculptures in a group exhibition in a museum. First time i show one of my works in a public space... (so nervous...)
- Work on my first interactive projectionmapping
- repair my homepage......
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BerryzemStudent Artist
Good luck with your goals, everyone!

-Complete all stream store commissions I receive from the first two weeks of March 
-Dive into marketing and networking with the help of an online business school I just joined (so much hype EEEEE)
-Complete 4 art video courses (ended up finishing 10 videos on SVS so I am going to take it easy for March)
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cocorodraws Digital Artist
-draw fanart of Neopets faeries 
-finish any and all in-progress artwork that's been sitting on my computer
-sketch out ideas for making an enamel pin!
-read one of the books in my "to read" pile
-KonMari method my room!

I think those are my main goals this month... :D
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Reach my 15th birthday (March 15th)

Oh, and improve my art, finish some fanfics and stories, draw more, get my grades up, aaaaand see my favorite person again in time for my birthday
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mysterioustrumpetStudent Digital Artist
- finish my fanfiction. I'm 13 chapters in and I only have a few more left to write!
- start drawing and painting outside my comfort zone. i want to get better at digital painting and painting on only a few layers, so one of my goals this month is to experiment with that and see where it leads me
- make time to watch anime! i've been lagging behind a lot :( 

 i think that's all!
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Kim-cat3120Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hmm...Can't think of a ton, but here's a couple
-Finish/get through a lot of my books. I haven't been reading as much lately, which is a shame. I want to do it more.
-Work on backgrounds.
-Try to give at least 1 of my unnamed characters a name (For every one who has one, there's like 7 more who I just think of as "this person")
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EvodolkaHobbyist Traditional Artist
*thinks about it* clue, i guess what ever i've been doing for the past 2 months
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RAWRsterCandyHobbyist General Artist
I really want to watch Captain Marvel if that counts sdjkgbsdnfh
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WingedJacHobbyist Traditional Artist
Finish fanart for a contest.
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xiliuvProfessional Digital Artist
Here are my goals..
-Lose some weight (already lost 13 pounds! it's not much but I feel way better now)
-Learn italian
-Learn how to paint landscapes
-Start the manuscript for my novel
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WordKnightHobbyist Digital Artist
My goals are to...
-finish some of my requests
-draw some Fan art
-do at least four pictures
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UntappedChaosHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm starting off the month with a week of school vacation!  Then I'll be back into my MFA courses.  TTvTT  

For now, my goals are to

  • Complete Murphy's Law, one of my Inuyasha fanfics in progress
  • Finish He Who Catches, a My Hero Academia fanfic in progress
  • Do at least one commission.  At LEAST one.
  • Try not to overdo it on the voracious reading streak I've been struggling with.  TTvTT
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Kuragari1988Hobbyist Digital Artist
Finish some talk with parents of 2 kids at work (I'm social educator in a group of children 1-3 years young)... and getting stuff done in my garden. And I guess... then will be April and everything's starting to grow like hell.
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LimitEltaProfessional Digital Artist
🐢 Be more positive, replace all negative thoughts with two positive ones!!!
🐢 Draw more expressions and interactive poses. Tells stories with my art!
🐢 Start practicing to make comics.
🐢 Work to get closer to my ideal style. Just not quite where I want to be.
🐢 Sketch more traditionally.

I have more goals, but I think I'll focus on these for this month.🤗
Good luck reaching your goals too! 💗
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LITATOStudent Traditional Artist
- finnish all my school assignments
- learn how to dance (a slow dance) for my prom
- draw more !!! (Be more active on DA in general)
- keep on doing my best, living my life and improve as a human being and an individual!

And that's about it! Shirayuki Smile Icon 
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FuumaruHobbyist General Artist
first off, the usual monthly routine of pretending to be a functional adult/ member of society. Make sure to pay bills, don't starve, survive til next month etc.

but once that's out of the way then there are these: 

- draw more for myself! 
- RP comeback! I'm back to joining groups again but haven't been as active as I'd like. I wanna change that this month. wanna have my characters interact more with others, develop their stories and relationships, that kind of thing. 
- start posting more regularly on twitter? 
- roll out watermarked versions of my pixel art/ bring stuff out of storage
- develop a habit of putting watermarks on everything before posting online
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Sayna-YukiHobbyist General Artist
Top of my head - in this order:
- Obligation to put out a chapter a week on my fanfict
- update my OC's ref pages  + Draft & design the 1  
- Reopen the request box (Finish the 1.5 that are still pending - Why is all that is holy did I pick a castle for a background?!)
- Draw more couples
- I want to focus on my coloring techniques

- Would also be great if...
-I could make a couple of tutorials (Hair and eye for starters) 
-Want to bash some backgrounds together
-Finished some stickers/finished setting up my Twitch channel

I apparently have a lot of 'I wants' this month
We will see what I get around to doing...I am every hopeful...^^;
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