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Here's a great blurb from a book called Art & Fear by David Bayles and Ted Orland:

The ceramics teacher announced on opening day that he was dividing the class into two groups. All those on the left side of the studio, he said, would be graded solely on the quantity of work they produced, all those on the right solely on its quality.

His procedure was simple: on the final day of class he would bring in his bathroom scales and weigh the work of the “quantity” group: fifty pound of pots rated an “A”, forty pounds a “B”, and so on. Those being graded on “quality”, however, needed to produce only one pot – albeit a perfect one – to get an “A”.

Well, came grading time and a curious fact emerged: the works of highest quality were all produced by the group being graded for quantity. It seems that while the “quantity” group was busily churning out piles of work – and learning from their mistakes – the “quality” group had sat theorizing about perfection, and in the end had little more to show for their efforts than grandiose theories and a pile of dead clay.


I absolutely love this. Here's my two cents: I definitely think it's important to balance quality and quantity. Not every picture needs to be a masterpiece but it's also important to take your time. I wrote a small journal on the matter here. What I personally take away from this is that if a picture isn't working out, just finish it, no matter how much you hate it, and move onto a new project. Overworking something is time consuming and frustrating, especially if the mistake is on a fundamental level and can't be fixed easily. Instead of focusing on perfection, just do your best and focus on getting things done. You can't improve on an empty canvas!

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree, and how does it apply to you?

I know it's been a few days and I haven't replied to every comment yet (I promise I will!) but thank you very much for the birthday wishes! I had a good weekend. We got takeout from my favorite Mexican restaurant. Then the day after, I spent all day with my bestie.

By the way I splurged and used some of my savings to get a PS4 a few weeks ago, and it's been pretty great so far. My family is pitching in to get me Kingdom Hearts 3 as my birthday gift so I'm really hype about getting to play it in a few weeks!! In the mean time I've started playing Yakuza 0 thanks to my buddy Porecomesis and my bestie and I'm honestly surprised at how much I like it. Honestly I'll still be so emotionally invested in this game it will be hard to switch gears to KH3 when it comes out. (I'm one of those people who can only focus on one thing at a time)

I spent the New Year weekend tidying up my space. Once again I give wotawota all my thanks for introducing me to Konmari. So I was really excited to see that Marie Kondo has a show on Netflix now. I've already converted my mom and sisters to the church of Konmari.... :evillaugh:
I finally finished it yesterday, I was feeling pretty crappy and lethargic all day and needed something to lift my spirits. And it did the job.

When I got to the end where Kris ripped their soul out of their chest and threw it into the cage, I legit screamed. My bestie got spoiled and she wanted me to call when I got to the end of the game bc she knew I would be happy. Good thing I was home alone at the time because I was totally freaking out. Kris is basically another version of Chara, right? It definitely seems like an older, alternate universe Chara tho and that was a feeling I got from the moment they first appeared at the beginning of the game. I mean, we don't know for certain but that's the impression I got. Also it was a nice detail that you can wiggle the soul around while it's in the cage. So does Kris do this every night? Where'd the stain come from? What does it all mean?! Toby we need answers!

So yeah. It was good, I want to play it again and try to fight Jevil. His design is so cute! (Seam too.) As I played the game I made a list of ideas I'm interested in drawing. How about a Delta Rune terrarium? That would be pretty fun. 

Got any interesting theories, thoughts, etc?

In other news I'm considering opening up commissions again during the holidays. I've already taken on one new commission and if I can get it done in a timely manner I might officially open up commissions again for a while. 
Hi there. Hope you are all doing well! This is going to be a very personal and emotional journal entry.

I've come to a point in my life where I have to take a break from art so I can figure out what to do next with my life.
Just to clarify: I'm not leaving DA or other social media. I'm not giving up on art for good. It's been a huge distraction and I really need to get serious about things. I don't feel like I've been devoting enough time and energy to the job search. So there's a good chance I won't be doing the full Inktober this year, who knows.

 I really need to sort my life out right now, and I've been feeling a bit discouraged and EXTREMELY overwhelmed.
 I've been seeing a career counselor since April, been reading self help books and taking detailed notes, saving and applying to jobs, using Linkedin, and I'm still stumped. I graduated uni in June and did some freelance art over the summer but now I'm focusing on looking for a real job that will pay the bills. I absolutely love doing freelance, even if it's bumpy at times, but it's the only job I've taken, so far, that makes me feel truly happy.

The difficult situation I'm facing right now is: Do I want any old job and do art on the side? Or take the extra time to search for an art-related career?
How's that going to look on my resume? One of my main concerns is that if I stick to a non-creative job, I'll have no more time and energy to dedicate to art, and honestly that would devastate me. Not to be dramatic but art is the one thing in life that has given me purpose and identity. Am I acting entitled for wanting to end up on a creative career path? Do I have to uproot my life and move to LA if I want that? I mean man. Where do I even start? I've been exploring a million different things and I'm still feeling lost. I'm terrified of making the wrong choice and being stuck with it for a long time.

The most frustrating thing is networking and making connections.
This is very embarrassing for me to admit, but I'm a social hermit. I rarely talk to people, much less hang out with them. Especially considering where I live is mostly older conservative people, and I don't talk to anyone from college/high school anymore, with the exception of my wonderful bestie who has been supportive. When I browse Indeed and other sites there's almost nothing related to the career path I'm interested in. (Unless I'm being too picky, you can be honest if I am.) Went to a job fair at uni this week, and it was all IT/engineering/etc, so I was pretty out of place. But I am proud of myself for going out there. I gave out copies of my resume and business card.

Should I make a trip outside my hometown?
Lately I've been thinking maybe I need to take a trip to LA. That's where a ton of the creative jobs are. It would be amazing just to visit and get a feel for the area, visit the galleries, etc. All I know is, I can't remain here any longer. Maybe I don't have to uproot to live LA, but I HAVE to move to another city because living in the conservative suburbs has taken a negative toll on my personal well being in more ways than one. I've actually spent a considerable time in another city staying with a relative, but I'm not sure if I'd want to live there.

So what is it I want to do?
Illustration, which is freelance. I'm very interested in 2D animation even though I have no experience, but I feel like cleanup would be a good fit for me. Oil painting, which ventures more into the fine art category. Among many other things. I've spent a lot of time figuring out exactly WHAT I want to do.

My most recent pic
On another note, thank you for the feedback on my most recent upload. I'll reply to each comment later on at some point. I just want you to know I tremendously appreciate each and every comment, whether it be a paragraph or a single word. It means a lot to me. Favs and pageviews are just faceless numbers, but on the other hand, even one single comment leaves an impact. So thank you. :huggle: This might be the last illust for a while, depending on how things go.

Anyway. Thanks for reading my rant. I tried to make it as tl;dr as possible but I had to get it all out. I'll probably delete this later. I've just been in a pretty crummy mood for the past couple weeks and it's been hard keeping it to myself. I figure some of you have been in a similar situation. If you want to talk about your own experiences I'd be happy to listen. And I mean heck. If you want to connect on Linkedin, note me.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Check it out!!
You can enter for a chance to win a free copy by faving the official journal linked above, and then posting a journal linking to the giveaway. You can gain two additional entries by retweeting on Twitter (+1) or reblogging the Tumblr post (+1). Good luck!

Revel Artbook Preview. by longestdistance
A preview of my entry (You can see the full image in the tumblr link!)
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Last year I made a journal discussing the differences between traditional and digital drawing. Drawing traditionally vs digitally

Since then, I've been focusing a lot more on drawing traditionally and I think I've made a lot of progress since last summer. It's not that I considered digital as an inferior medium to traditional, but I made the mistake of believing my true artistic skill was reflected in how well I could draw on paper. (Since I was looking at a bunch of amazing traditional artists on Instagram) The truth is that digital and traditional are two completely different skill sets. Some people are amazing at drawing on paper but their digital coloring skills aren't up to par, and vice versa.

My personal opinion is that you should do a lot of both traditional and digital art (if you are able to) because the skills you learn in one medium will transfer over to the other medium in an interesting way. Drawing traditionally has made me more conscious of each line stroke and has trained me to better make artistic decisions I won't regret. Drawing digitally has made me better at picking out colors when I do traditional paintings, and I try to imitate digital techniques on the paper/canvas but it comes out in its own unique way. It's fun to make mockups on the computer that I later transfer to a canvas or paper. It's like the paper and screen are having a conversation with each other.

A few months ago I wrote a long research paper for one of my art history courses on how digital art is a worthy equal to the traditional mediums. I still think about it all the time and what I could have added to the essay. It's just always on my mind. I just think it's great to be well-rounded in both mediums, because it opens up a lot of new possibilities.

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences on the matter!
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Just some thoughts I've been having lately, figured I'd share. In note form, because I want to keep this short and to the point.

I spend a lot of time looking back, as you know. (one of my big flaws... I'm a slave to nostalgia) I was looking through my old drawings, some as recent as last year, and I think I've improved a lot since then. Ever since I changed up my work habits I've started to see real progress in my quest for improvement. Here are the big mistakes I believe were holding me back:

5. I thought I had to be good at EVERYTHING

- Struggled with priorities
- I spread myself too thin
- Nothing wrong with dabbling in other 'stats', but I never focused on maxing one stat
- It's ok not to be good at everything. I could improve my point perspective skills but I don't have to be a master of architecture drawing

4. On the rare occasion I took my time, I gave the drawing the full-color treatment

- Not everything needs to be a masterpiece
- It means I wasn't drawing enough

3. I was sloppy because I knew I could just fix the drawing digitally

- Low effort, rushed drawings
- Crude, sloppy detail
- Spent hours fixing and fine-tuning the drawing on the computer, when I could have just done my best the first time
- Nothing wrong with fixing the drawing on the PC; I still do. I just want to do a good job the first time so I don't have to give the drawing a complete overhaul when I import it to digital software

2. I didn't draw enough

- Only made crude doodles of the same thing over and over
- Rarely took the risk of trying anything new
- Led to mistakes #3 and #4

1. I didn't take my time. I wasn't giving it my all.

- I treated everything like a sloppy doodle
- I wasn't practicing properly and never learned how to draw things correctly
- My idea of studying anatomy was doing a bunch of 1 minute gestures, usually from low quality reference images
- I rushed through everything, even major artworks
- I didn't take time to fine-tune important details (see #3)

 Random dude with a towel? Idk by longestdistanceRandom guy drinking invisible bottle of vodka by longestdistanceYeah Idk by longestdistanceWat by longestdistance

Bonus: I never used reference material or drew from life

- Seriously, what is this I don't even.
- I have an entire folder filled with drawings like these because I wanted to get good at anatomy like my fav artist Doubleleaf
- I had the right idea to practice drawing a lot... but I never used references and as a result we get turds like shown above
- I didn't even have a character in mind, instead I drew generic people that looked like Adam Sandler
(Note: This was a bit further back in time. I started using low quality references in 2015)

Ultimately these mistakes led to me becoming the artist I am today, and I'm pretty satisfied where I've ended up, even if I could have done things differently in the past. I didn't know any better and I have to forgive myself for that. I'll always be kicking myself though. I hope that this can be of help to some other artists down the line.

Bottom line: Don't just work hard. Work smart, too.

You are more than welcome to share your own experiences and opinions as well, I would love to hear them!
Fish leaving planet earth, for the second time. by longestdistance Constellation cactus. by longestdistance
Wisteria teapot. by longestdistance

In case you're wondering about my recent artworks, here's what they all have in common: They're magical still lifes. (still lives? I dunno.) I call them the Small Delightful Things. I want the viewer to question the work and ponder why I combined these objects together.

I'm taking senior thesis, and this is what I've chosen to pursue as my body of work. It's great because I'm making personal artwork as I please, and it also counts as my class work. I plan on making some simple 4x4" illustrations as well. If you're wondering, I will keep drawing people as well, just not for this particular series of sorts.

I've had a few people ask me about commissions and I say I'm busy with class work. This is what I am busy with, and I am happy to share it with you all! I might possibly open commissions after I wrap up the semester, but no guarantees. I still feel like I haven't made enough artwork for my class, and I really need to hunker down. Each pic takes like 20 hours so there's only so many I can make, but the smaller ones don't take as long. I'm looking forward to sharing those as well!
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First of all I'm going to mention major spoilers for Persona 5 (and 3 and 4 by extension), so turn back now if you're trying to avoid them. Otherwise, keep scrolling.

I finally finished Persona 5 today. This is mostly just me emotionally rambling. You will not find eloquence or logic here.
New Canvasafsafdsfs by longestdistance

Random thoughts
- Just going to mention this upfront, I tend to be a villain sympathizer. I adore Akechi. Even though I wasn't officially spoiled, I still had a pretty strong feeling he was the black masked culprit and the clues seemed pretty obvious to me, so when he showed his true colors I was not surprised (although his facial expressions really spooked me). The baby-faced guy working in law enforcement who turns out to be a murderous lunatic. I wasn't disappointed though, it was great. I wasn't expecting him to actually die though, I thought he'd perform a mental shutdown on himself but I'm glad he went out in a more honorable way. I like him more than Adachi and I appreciate the fact that despite all his actions, he still had a change of heart in a sense and sacrificed himself to save Akira and co at the end of his social link. I also want to mention he REALLY reminds me of Yagami Light, and there's absolutely no way that the devs weren't inspired by Death Note in general. I mean, even his name is synonymous with light.

- I couldn't remember Shido's name so I just call him Pitbull. I was NOT expecting him to be Akechi's father. God, Poor Akechi. He suffered so much ;-;

- It feels great to finally understand the "pancakes were a mistake" meme.

- I somehow managed to dodge all major spoilers for the game. I think that made the experience that much more impactful.

- Akechi's victory animation is the most hilarious, unexpected thing in the game. I'm amazed that he managed to overthrow Yusuke as king of over-the-top antics. I wonder what other kind of sick dance moves he has.

-It REALLY bothers me how they completely threw Akechi under the bus after his boss fight. He goes missing and is never mentioned again (other then a few casual name drops). Even the media doesn't care. I get he was a villain, and I don't blame anyone for disliking him, but it just seems extremely odd that the game acts like he never existed to begin with. Wouldn't people notice that this heartthrob celebrity, who was a key player in the whole phantom thieves media controversy, just disappeared without a peep? And this was before the whole thing about the Phantom Thieves disappearing from the public cognition. Yes I am extremely butthurt, don't mind me.

- I'm a bit disappointed Morgana never got a human form. I would have loved to see that. But I'm still glad he rejoined the gang at the very end of the game. I got a bit teary eyed wondering if he now has the life span of a normal kitty. (Just because my own kitty is 15 years old) I like to think that if Morgana had a human form, he'd look like Akira. They look extremely visually similar, in my opinion. Akira's cowlicks make me think of cat ears.

- I thought the "tsundere" moment after they escaped Shido's palace was in very bad taste. Ryuji risked his life to save everyone and almost didn't make it back alive. I get their reaction when they realized he lived after all, but the girls beating him up over it was taking things way too far imo.

- The way they pronounced some of the characters' names was really weird to me. TaKAmaki, SaKAmoto, MaSAyoshi. Usually they stress the third syllable, not the second. Apparently the Japanese team instructed them to pronounce the names like that. I've just never heard Japanese names pronounced like that in an English dub, but it really bothered me because it sounded so odd.

- They really improved the gameplay in every way possible. It really improved on the relationship between social links and battle features. I also thought it was interesting how all the enemies are personas you can pick up, and you can actually talk with them. I like that they actually have voice roles now.

- Graphics are amazing. It's everything the previous games wanted to show us, but couldn't.

- I'm glad they got rid of the randomly generated dungeon corridors (other than Mementos).

- Amazing soundtrack. It's hard to choose, but if I had to pick a favorite it would probably be Life Will Change. This game knows how to get you pumped.

- Akechi's voice actor was INCREDIBLE. Once he went off the deep end, my god.

- I love Akechi. I also love Yusuke and Ryuji. They are all excellent boys. I have a really hard time deciding who I like the best, but probably Akechi because I always end up falling for the tragic backstory villains. Ryuji is absolutely precious though, he's such a good boy. He feels like a mix of Yosuke and Kanji from P4, but more innocent somehow. Yusuke is great too and he has the best phantom thief design, in my opinion. He also felt like the most relatable character to me. I know it would never happen but I would have loved if there were romance routes for the boys as well, but that's just my fujo side talking

- Ryuji and Yusuke's quotes when they learn a new skill are adorable. I love Ryuji's "whaddaya you think?" and Yusuke sounds ridiculously dorky when he says "This is quite the skill" (I don't remember the exact quote)

- Futaba is best girl. I didn't consider dating her at first, but she really grew on me and she's absolutely adorable and I love her. Her VA did such a good job, my heart melted every time she came on screen. Her battle perks are extremely helpful as well, making her superior to Fuuka and Rise imo

Thanks for reading this far. Have some random Akechi doodles I did recently. I'm always looking for new fanart suggestions.

God bless my pancake son by longestdistance Akechi Shaft Head Tilt by longestdistanceWell hello by longestdistance
It was a wonderful thing to wake up to this morning. Thank you! I will reply to each message when I get the chance. Hoping today is a good day and I get to eat delicious food if the weather permits~ I've been under the weather lately but this outpour of love has been very encouraging.

Also I need to show this off because it's great. Thank you Fuu, you are amazing. XD
Thug Lyfe by fuu-chicolette
Net-neutrality by longestdistance
The internet without net neutrality. ISPs would be able to block or throttle access to certain websites and apps unless you pay extra. That means you would have to pay extra to use sites like Deviantart, or else you'd have limited access if any at all. The image above is just a mockup, but if the FCC chairman and the big cable companies get their way, then this will certainly become a reality.

I'm just going to copy paste this from reddit, so it's not mine, but this is EXTREMELY URGENT AND IMPORTANT if you live within the US. It contains all the necessary info for what steps you can take if you're a US citizen and want your voice to be heard.

Here's what you can do to take action.

Personal Note

For those that do not know or understand what net neutrality is and would rather see a video instead of a LOT of text, here is a good video by John Oliver on Net Neutrality.

Don't want to do that? Understandable, it's a 15 minute video. So heres a simple picture to highlight what things could look like

Please take the time to at least do the first easy step, either of the two options work and take very little time.

If this fails, the possibility of actually having to pay more to access reddit, facebook, and any other website or face massive loading speed increases or even a straight out site-block by your ISP.

Tell him how you feel.

Ajit Pai, FCC Chairman: 1-202-418-1000

These are the emails of the 5 people on the FCC roster. These are the five people deciding the future of the internet.

The two women have come out as No votes. We need only to convince ONE of the other members to flip to a No vote to save Net Neutrality.

Blow up their inboxes!

Be civil, be concise, and make sure they understand that what they're about to do is UNAMERICAN.

  You can click here, to go to the FCC's official contact page.

You need to contact your representatives and senators about Net Neutrality even if they already support it, but especially if they don't.

Remember that this very thread is only possible because of a free and open internet; kill net neutrality and threads like this might be a thing of the past.

Easy way:

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Do what tells you to do.

All you have to do is put in your phone number and it will automatically connect you to your representatives' phone numbers.


Text RESIST to 50409 to get help from RESIST Bot. It helps you find your reps, write letters to them, and sends them faxes FOR FREE. Everyone who cares about Net Neutrality should take 5 minutes to write to your representatives, once a week (or a day). Be heard.

The harder, but still very easy way:

Step 1: Find out who your Representative and Senator is/are.

Step 2: Find your Representative and Senator's contact information.

Step 3: Call, write, or fax to express your feelings on this.

A lot of people are nervous about calling their elected officials for the first time, maybe you don't know what to say, or how to say it, or even who you'll be talking to, so here's what you'll need to know.

  1. There's a 75% chance your call will be answered by a Secretary who is specifically there to listen to your concerns, there's a 25% chance your call will be bumped into a voicemail box which is specifically there to listen to your concerns, there is a ~0% chance you'll find yourself on the phone with your Senator or Representative.

  2. You may be asked for your name and address or zip code, it's okay not to tell them if you don't want to, but the information is useful for your elected officials. I usually just give my first name, zip code, and the name of my town.

  3. Don't worry about a script, don't worry about being eloquent, you're not writing Shakespeare here, you're a concerned citizen voicing their frustrations, fears, and hopes. "I'm really scared of Ajit Pai's plans to roll back net neutrality, a free and open internet is important to me because [Your reason here. Some suggestions: An open internet is important to democracy/I worry what Donald Trump might do with more power/Cable bills are already too high/etc.]. Please tell [Senator or Representative] that I support a free and open internet, I support Net Neutrality, and I vote." The only hard and fast rule is that you need to be polite; these folks are getting dozens, if not hundreds of calls a day, they don't need you bitching and swearing at them for something they have no control over. Be passionate, but be polite.

Reminder: Only call YOUR OWN elected officials! Calling Mitch McConnell from sunny Florida won't do anyone any good, and might actually harm the cause. Only call your own elected officials, period.


18671470 1494450607241727 4434108886123462912 O by longestdistance

EVERY CALL MATTERS. I highly encourage you to copy paste this information and pass it on.

Urge the DA admins to create another site-wide announcement, because they deeply care about this issue as well. danlev, I hope you will consider helping spreading the word like last time! Everybody needs to know about what the FCC is planning on doing, so we can fight back!

Even if you are not American, you can still help by spreading the word. Every share makes a difference.

I've also made a rebloggable version for tumblr here:…

The last week of Inktober drawings. I decided to stretch this last one to the end of the month.

22: My kitty by longestdistance
Day 22: My kitty
I want to make a painting of my cat, Nikki. Here is a possible composition.

23: White rose of York by longestdistance
Day 23: Richard III
This is the protagonist from a manga by Aya Kanno. It's called Requiem of the Rose King and I'm really enjoying it. It's based off Shakespeare and the War of the Roses. I'm hoping to make a proper illust of Richard and Henry since they're my favorite characters. I really enjoyed Wolfsmund so it's only natural I would like this series as well~

I used digital screentone for this one since Richard wears a lot of black.

24: Reiner Braun by longestdistance
Day 24: Reiner
My second favorite character in Attack on Titan after Bertolt. Oh boy, I can't wait to see how Isayama tortures Reiner in the upcoming chapter. This poor boy deserves a break. :iconrazycryplz:

25: Cattoo by longestdistance
Day 25: Cattoo ideas
I want to get a tattoo of my kitty.

26: Henry Townshend, receiver of wisdom by longestdistance
Day 26: Henry Townshend
I love this game to bits. (Silent Hill 4)

27: Bristol and markers by longestdistance
Day 27: Bristol and marker
And now for something different. My sister gave me her art markers after she graduated from college. I also got some cool art books recently that I used for inspiration on the patterns. The drawing itself was inspired by a mindless doodle I made in my sketchbook while talking on the phone.

28: Witch by longestdistance
Day 28: Witch waiting for Halloween

29: Tree branch man by longestdistance
Day 29: Guy with tree hair
Originally it was going to be a girl, but I figured making it a guy would be slightly more interesting.

30: Spooky Wes, Emily and Herrington by longestdistance
Day 30: Halloween Festivities
Featuring Weston, Emily and Herrington

31: Festive Halloween Nikki by longestdistance
Day 31: Festive Nikki (End)
I was feeling a bit stumped but decided to end Inktober with another drawing of my kitty. Now if only I actually had a little witch hat for her to wear! Wink/Razz Happy Halloween everyone!

Thank you to everyone who looked! I appreciate all your words of encouragement, it keeps me going. I learned a lot from doing Inktober and I feel much more confident in my drawing skills now. I honestly never thought I would do Inktober, much less stay committed to it for the entire month. I'm very excited for whatever I'll accomplish next!

Here's the entire gallery of my Inktober drawings:…
Also a shameless plug for my Instagram since I will most likely be doing more artworks like this from time to time. I'm still struggling with IG since I never really know what to post. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for looking!

Untitled by longestdistance
A photo reference of my buttons. They are 1.25" in diameter and I only have them in this one size. I have 150 different button designs altogether, more or less.

I have a convention coming up and I was debating how to display my buttons this time around. I've decided I'll have a printed display of the buttons, with a few real buttons on display as well. If you're curious here's the first journal on the matter: Need a second opinion please!

Now, onto my next question: There are many designs that I want to discontinue. What would be a good discount?

For reference, my regular button pricing (as well as the standard for this size):
1 button for $2
3 buttons for $5
5 buttons for $7
10 buttons for $12

So, here's what I'm debating on. The discounted buttons should cost...
a. $1
b. $.75
c. $.50
d. $.25
e. Other

I made a poll

I'm personally considering $.50 as the discounted button price. I'm open to hearing any arguments for or against it.

I have a lot of button designs and a lot of them I really want to get rid of, but I'd rather not just throw them away. Plus who doesn't love a huge discount?
I apologize if this is confusing, I am open to answering any questions. But most importantly, any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
:iconrevel-ab: is holding a contest in which you could win a spot in the artbook! The theme of the artbook: "A celebration of national and international holidays across the globe."
I will be offering a prize to one of the winners! So you should definitely check it out Wink/Razz 

Check out more details here:
REVEL ARTBOOK CONTEST 2017/2018 - CLOSEDTheme: A Celebration of Events and Holidays Across the Globe
Update: Waiting for some of the entrants to reply regarading resolution of submissions. Once I receive replies, I'll post winners!
For holiday ideas to choose from, check out:
International Holidays
Public Holidays
Days of the Year

You may comment below (or send a note to Celstie) to claim a theme, although it is not necessary. More than one person may enter with the same event/holiday, however, only one illustration featuring that event/holiday will be chosen to win. Claimed themes will be featured and updated at the bottom of this journal for your reference.
Please do not pick an event/holiday already selected by our current contributors.
Refer to Theme Select

Copypasting from the journal itself:
[ P R I Z E S ]

Star! 1st Place Star!

○ 1,800 Points from Celstie

○ 500 Points courtesy of planium

○ A spot in the artbook

○ A free digital copy of the book

○ Half-body illustration from mintycanoodles

○ Full-body illustration from orony

○ Bust-up illustration from EmarieChi

○ Headshot from Mokkorin

○ Headshot sketch from Skunkyfly

○ +Watch, Llama, & Journal Feature from Celstie

○ Feature & Llama from Blunell

Star! 2nd Place (Unlocked at 5+ Unique Entries) Star!

○ 1,000 Points from Celstie

○ 500 Points courtesy of planium

○ 300 Points courtesy of mintycanoodles

○ A spot in the artbook

○ A free digital copy of the book

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○ Bust-up illustration from EmarieChi

○ +Watch, Llama, & Journal Feature from Celstie

○ Feature & Llama from Blunell

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Taking a break from the comics to experiment with other ways to celebrate Inktober!

15: Lauriam by longestdistance
Day 15: Lauriam
Today I experimented with different materials. I used watercolor, white gel pen and some colored pencils.
Note: I don't have a working scanner so I'm using my phone to photograph the drawings.

16: Spirit day by longestdistance
Day 16: Spirit day + Emily
I want to draw something for Spirit Day. Perfect opportunity for an Inktober drawing! You can see the colored version here: ~~*~~ by longestdistance

17: Rose by longestdistance
Day 17: Rose
More watercolor experimentation. I also used white charcoal and colored pencils.

18 by longestdistance
Day 18: More flowers

19 by longestdistance
Day 19: Hand with a rose
Modeled after my own hand. I was going for the Lui Ferrayra look.

20: Emily in a floral dress by longestdistance
Day 20: Emily in a floral dress
The dress design was borrowed from Pinterest of course

21 by longestdistance
Day 21: Hand with rings
Another drawing inspired by Pinterest. Jewelry is pretty but I think I'd rather design it than wear it.
When you go to a con, how do you prefer to see an artist's pinback buttons displayed? I have a con coming up and I have a bunch of new buttons I want to sell. I generally have all of my buttons displayed on a piece of cloth-covered cardboard. I have around 70 different designs, possibly more. Putting this together is extremely tedious and the buttons often come loose and fall off, and other times a customer will pick the button off the display when selecting buttons to purchase. Thankfully I do not have a problem with pickpocketing, but sometimes people miss the "display button only" signs which is understandable since a convention is already sensory overload.

So my idea is to just print out a big piece of paper with all my designs and display that instead. I ran this by my friend who said she would prefer to see a physical copy of the button so she knows what she's getting. I'd like to get a second, third, fourth opinion as well. What are your thoughts on this?

1. Keep all of the real buttons on display
2. Use a printed copy of the designs on a piece of paper
3. Use a printed copy of the designs, but have a few select real buttons on display.
4. Other: ???


Edit: For what it's worth, I only have buttons in one single size: 1.25"

Edit 2: Thank you for the input! I've decided to go with option #3.
Week 2 of my Inktober drawings. I'm starting to get more comfortable working with ink.

08: Winter by longestdistance
Day 8: Winter + Punk Girl
She likes winter as long as she gets to stay inside with a mug of hot cocoa.
(Note: I have two versions of Punk Girl that I'm drawing. This version has her head partly shaved. The other version features her with a ponytail.)

09: What's he looking at by longestdistance
Day 9: Forgot to clear browser history + Mr Cass
I took a little bit different approach than the prompt suggested. Here is a reminder to clear your browser history. :iconlennyfaceplz:

10: Thrift store by longestdistance
Day 10: Thrift store finds + Mr Cass
I didn't feel like coming up with dialogue for this one. I'm going to work bigger next time.

11: Exploiting an Insecurity by longestdistance
Day 11: Exploiting an insecurity + Punk Girl
Punk Girl is one of my lesser developed OCs right now. This comic was a good exercise because it forced me to develop her character further. I would like to add this scenario into my main comic and show what she's insecure about.

12: Having to wake up at 5am by longestdistance
Day 12: Having to get up at 5AM + Apollow
Not my best work, but it's better than giving up. It's supposed to be that feeling you get when you stand up too quickly then you get dizzy.

13: Experience with camping by longestdistance
Day 13: Experience with camping + Apollow
And now for something different!
Apollow is used to being on his own, so he doesn't mind camping at all. He eats live animals like small birds and mice (he is a barn owl after all!). He doesn't sleep in a tent, opting to rest on a tree branch instead.
He's eating a baby mouse, by the way.

14: Overdue book by longestdistance
Day 14: Overdue book + Herrington
This was originally a comic but the results were catastrophic so for my second attempt I just decided to draw her with a book. The comic had her throwing the book out the window.

I think after this I might take a different approach with my daily Inktober drawings. Drawing a comic every day is pretty exhausting and it's starting to take a toll on the quality of my work, especially since I have to come up with a story to go with each prompt, and many days I'm not even in the mood for that.

For now I think I'll focus on illustrations instead of comics and I have a few backup ideas. Inktober is proving to be quite the adventure. :D

Inktober Week 1

My goal is to make a small comic panel, series of panels, or illustration, for each prompt. Nothing has been altered except the addition of typesetting and digital screentone. Every day I pick a random OC from my list and draw them with that prompt. That way, I never actually know who I'll be drawing next.

I figured it would be best to post all the drawings in a batch! I hope you enjoy, and critique is always appreciated! This week I mostly focused on my OCs, the Owl trio. I have more art of them here. The owl trio consists of Apollow, Crescentius, and Allessandro.

01: Formal wear by longestdistance
Day 1: Formal wear + Crescentius (the bowtie guy getting drunk)
The other guy is Apollow.

02: Rotten food by longestdistance
Day 2: Eating something rotten + Punk girl
This is read left-to-right and all future comics will be the same way.

I'm not really a big fan of this one but oh well

03: Being pranked with an air horn by longestdistance
Day 3: Air horn prank + Crescentius
He may seem like a cool and collected guy, but he's actually easily startled.

Starting today I am using a ruler and adding screentone digitally. I'm going all out on the comic look. I dunno if this is against the official "rules" of Inktober but this is how I'm doing it.

04: Finding money by longestdistance
Day 4: Finding $100 on the ground + Crescentius

05: Younger version by longestdistance
Day 5: Younger version + Princess
This is my OC Princess. Her younger self is modeled after one of my oldest ever OCs from 2004. She wore a white robe and had long brown hair. Her specialty was summoning magic balls of light.

06: Dream vacation by longestdistance
Day 6: Dream vacation + Apollow
Apollow always seems like he's on the move for some reason or another, so I can imagine he's tired of it. Maybe his dream vacation is just to sit still for a while. I drew Crescentius dragging Apollow along the beach.

07: Cooking p1 by longestdistance07: Cooking p2 by longestdistance
Day 7: A character's experience with cooking + Allessandro
I had a lot of fun with this one.
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You don't have to do it, but I want you to know I was thinking of you!
  1. I obsessively save and back up my files at least once every 5 minutes
  2. I keep four picture slideshows on my desktop so I can look at pretty art all the time!
  3. At any given time I probably have at least four sketchbooks sitting around my work area.
  4. I have a scottish fold mini calendar. It is the greatest thing ever.
  5. When I was a toddler I cracked my forehead on Halloween night and was rushed to the emergency room. Can't even see the scar now!
  6. My favorite celebrities are Richard Simmons, Karl Pilkington, Jemaine Clement and Tim Curry.
  7. Up until last year I never used sketchbooks. I'd use loose leaf scrap paper and it got EVERYWHERE. It was also hard to keep track of my progress.
  8. My artist fantasy is to be successful and get to travel the world and eat delicious food all the time.
  9. My first Youtube account got banned because I recorded some 5 second clips of a TV show. The third strike was when I posted my Silent Hill x Durarara crossover (the music is what got me)
  10. I used to fill in my lineart without the magic wand tool. It took forever
  11. I like dojin music. My current favorites are Corolaska and KOKYO Active Neets.
  12. My favorite PC game is Pharaoh.
  13. I named my car Xigbar (or Xiggy for short).
  14. I have health anxiety. I'm always paranoid something is wrong with me.
  15. I won't name names for privacy reasons, but I learned my childhood art idol is now working for Hollywood! I'm so proud
  16. I am almost done plotting the script to my original comic and I'm very excited about it.
  17. I keep a daily to-do list and it has helped me get my life back on track and stay disciplined.
  18. My favorite beer brands are Redd's and Atwater Brewery.
  19. My all time favorite character is Bertolt Hoover. For a long time I had his name as my Youtube handle
  20. I love blonde characters ^q^
  21. I used to take Japanese when I was younger, but recently I've started learning Italian. It is such a beautiful language.
  A thread where you can give and/or receive critique. Got WIPs, finished artwork, or anything in between? All forms of art are accepted. Drop it here to get second opinions! Giving critique is not obligatory, but highly encouraged! Although I don't always get to it right away, I do promise to answer everyone's critique requests one by one.

Be sure to mention what kind of feedback you are looking for. Anatomy, coloring, background, etc.