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NYC skyline.

- Family memory -
NYC skyline, December 1997.
I was not there personally, but my grandma took my sisters and cousins on a trip to New York City. My sisters say their most lasting memory of this trip was taking a ferry to the Statue of Liberty and seeing the Twin Towers. My mom didn't let me go because I was too young, which bummed me out. But let's be real, would I have even remembered or appreciated the trip anyway? Although I do wish I could have seen the Twin Towers in person or at least say I was there.

- Technical details -
My second completed artwork in SAI2. I'm getting the hang of the new tools and brushes and having a blast with it! There's a smudge tool which isn't in the original version. It came in handy for the water.
As for the skyline, I tried my best to keep it accurate to the original photo but wasn't afraid to improvise. I doubt it matters too much as long as it's mostly recognizable. I think having SAI2 is going to help me get more comfortable drawing architecture and perspective-related things; the ruler tools are an absolute godsend.
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Hey I'm a few months late, but whatever.

This is really really stunning! The brushwork for the water and clouds are just PERFECT. I've always admired those buildings even at a young age AND being born in 2002. I can definitely agree with you, I too wish I'd been there before they went down.

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Thank you so much! I had a blast working on this.

I can't believe people born in 2002 are already 18.... Omg I feel so old haha :granny:

Sky-Teh-Foxx's avatar
You’re welcome! I can tell how much you put into it, and to be fair I feel pretty old too haha :D

Funny enough I was watching a 9/11 documentary when I got this notification, what are the odds!!
longestdistance's avatar

Whoaa that's crazy haha! Which one are you watching? I liked the documentary by the Naudet brothers- we watched it when I was in middle school and it made a huge impression on me.

Sky-Teh-Foxx's avatar

Oh hell I think I've seen that one, I'm watching one called 'Underworld', which documents the search and rescue that took place following the attacks.

This is absolutely gorgeous!

An emotional site to see.....

longestdistance's avatar

Thank you very much!

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Ahh man, the colors and water here, just,,,10/10 (Also, I looove city skyline portraits, just like, in general lol. I guess because they're so pretty but really hard to make look right and not overly simple or sloppy. I'll have to check if the program I use has any sort of ruler tools like that ^^)

I've been to NY a few times, lucky enough to take the Ferry Ride to see The Statue of Liberty. Sadly the Twin Towers were already gone by the time I ever got there, though...Still, fun trips, lot's of stuff to do. Hope you get to go someday!

longestdistance's avatar

Thanks for commenting! Glad you like it; this is one of my favorite studies I've done to date. Good practice with the ruler too, I have no excuse for neglecting perspective and straight lines now hahaha

Awesome! New York is a cool place to visit; I went in 2011. It was cool, but all we did was visit the tourist trap locations. Which I guess is okay, but imagine traveling all the way to NYC just to eat at Applebee's. I missed out on a chance to go last fall but I was just starting a new job. But someday, once everything blows over, I want to visit again, with my sisters.

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A fine, shiny portrait!

longestdistance's avatar

Thank you very much!

Libra1010's avatar

Thank You very much for sharing your works!:nod:

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Nice work. Loving the highlights from the sun.
longestdistance's avatar

Thank you! That was my favorite part for sure

Porecomesis's avatar

Damn, that is gorgeous.

Kai-Zomei's avatar

Very nice landscape. I never got to see the Twin Towers either, but did at least get a chance to visit New York City once in my life.

longestdistance's avatar

Thank you very much! Same here.

wotawota's avatar

Aww! My dearest friend, this is again absolutely awesome!! I really love that ripple effect on the water surface!

Really nice memory (and I share with you the sadness of not seeing the Twin Towers in person...)

longestdistance's avatar

Thank you Wota! :huggle: I'm so proud of how the water came out haha

wotawota's avatar

My dearest friend, you are always most welcome!!

Yes, the water is fantastic... and so is all your art!!! :deviation: FREE flying hearts Icon

Ryuzuki98's avatar

Hey, that's quite the sight!!

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