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February 25, 2012
Realistic gemstone tutorial - Paint Tool SAI by ~longestdistance A simple but very effective tutorial for creating gemstones that can be adapted for use with a variety of digital software.
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Gem tutorial for Paint Tool SAI

Here's something I've been learning how to do: Gemstones! The method I've learned how to do is a work in progress; it's a lot of trial and error. This tutorial is pretty out of date and I would love to make an updated version.

Edit: HOLY CRAP. Daily deviation?! That's like.... beyond the impossible. I don't even know what to say. Thank you so much everyone! And thank you Elandria! Now excuse me while I try to wrap my mind around this. NO SERIOUSLY HOW IS THIS HAPPENING

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PancakeDaisuki's avatar
Thank you so much for putting this here! I've been looking for ages for a really sparkly gem drawing tutorial and yours is the best I've seen so far! Thank you again! 
longestdistance's avatar
Thank you! And no problem, I am glad it could help. :D
HopefulZero's avatar
Lovely tutorial! Thanks for sharing! :D (Big Grin) 
YukiSenmatsu's avatar
Thank you so muchla-devilVery helpful!  
longestdistance's avatar
Glad you think so. Thanks!
Cupric's avatar
it may be tiny but I used another one of your tutorials here :happybounce:
Erale, Natural Zerr'es by Cupric
I keep adding things from your tutorials into my drawings just so I can use them XD
longestdistance's avatar
Thank you for sharing this with me! I definitely appreciate you using the tutorials as well :happybounce: :D
machete-bomb's avatar
Thank you for this tutorial, it was really helpful! I used it here…. My attempt is not great, but I guess I just have to keep practicing. 😝
longestdistance's avatar
It looks fantastic! Thank you for sharing this with me. :happybounce:
The-Twilight-Drawer's avatar
Thank you for this tutorial. It has made me able to expand my fanfiction cover possibilities (currently planning one called Link and the Legend of the Crystal Rose, or something less wordy) and has made me able to create better art for my community. So thank you, I appreciate this tutorial.
longestdistance's avatar
You are very welcome, I am glad to hear that!
Kavina2000's avatar
Treacle-Miner's avatar
This is excellent, thanks!
longestdistance's avatar
Thanks, glad to hear it!
Azauna's avatar
i found a website that shows the same steps. did you take it from that?
longestdistance's avatar
Nope, I came up with everything myself. This tutorial is pretty old though, I should probably make a more updated version. I'm intrigued and curious though, do you have a link to the website you mentioned?
Azauna's avatar
sadly no, im trying to find it as we speak. but it was a smal website showing the same steps. I had it pinned but my family must have removed it. Again im trying to find it for you. Please wait or help.
longestdistance's avatar
Oh I see! It's no sweat if you can't find it. I appreciate the thought though! It's probably floating around somewhere on Pinterest, everything gets reposted there!
longestdistance's avatar
Whoa! You somehow stumbled across the old abandoned forum I made years ago and forgot about. Thanks for the link! I wasn't even sure if it was even still around. Weirdly enough I was just thinking about it the other day and was sad I lost the link.  What a blast from the past! Thanks! :iconbrohugplz:
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