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A day at the beach.



 Here's a confession.

I'd really like to upload more often. I have so much art that I never post because of self consciousness. Like, I feel like I've set a standard for my gallery that is way too high so I'm too afraid to post anything deemed 'lesser' - A few years back someone anonymously posted that the quality of my gallery varied too much and to be honest, it hurt me a bit. It's been in the back of my mind every time I upload something.

I'm not going to let a random anonymous hater win; I'm getting past this hangup. I make art for myself and I post for myself. When I started over on DA and made this new account, I felt free because I could post whatever I wanted and not feel judged, but over the years I started restricting and self-censoring what I felt I could post because it felt 'subpar'. To that I say, screw it.  I've been posting on DA for almost 15 years; and sadly, growing up means less time for art. I want to continue posting to my gallery whenever I have time to make something. If someone doesn't like seeing the quality all over the place, whatever. Art is my greatest comfort, especially right now. I'm going to do what makes me happy.

This was done about 3 weeks ago when I was visiting my sister. She has an iPad Pro and let me try out the Procreate app. It's pretty neat! This isn't the first time she let me use her iPad so I already have some experience under my belt. What I like the most is that the dual screen feature is really nice bc it lets you work from a reference. The brushes are really cool and beyond the capabilities of Paint Tool SAI.

Still looking around for a new computer. Almost decided on a Lenovo Yoga but kept reading from numerous sources about flickering screen issues etc. The fact that it's a 2-in-1 might be redundant since I already have a tablet. Right now I'm debating if I should get an iPad Pro like my sister has, or a regular laptop. I want something I can take on the go but I'm really inclined towards PC over Apple so I don't really know. A new computer is a big investment so I don't want to make the wrong decision D: //coolstorybro

If you're wondering about all the hidden messages: yep, those are all spam bots. -_-
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Wow that's a beautiful painting of the water.