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A day at the beach.

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 Here's a confession.

I'd really like to upload more often. I have so much art that I never post because of self consciousness. Like, I feel like I've set a standard for my gallery that is way too high so I'm too afraid to post anything deemed 'lesser' - A few years back someone anonymously posted that the quality of my gallery varied too much and to be honest, it hurt me a bit. It's been in the back of my mind every time I upload something.

I'm not going to let a random anonymous hater win; I'm getting past this hangup. I make art for myself and I post for myself. When I started over on DA and made this new account, I felt free because I could post whatever I wanted and not feel judged, but over the years I started restricting and self-censoring what I felt I could post because it felt 'subpar'. To that I say, screw it.  I've been posting on DA for almost 15 years; and sadly, growing up means less time for art. I want to continue posting to my gallery whenever I have time to make something. If someone doesn't like seeing the quality all over the place, whatever. Art is my greatest comfort, especially right now. I'm going to do what makes me happy.

This was done about 3 weeks ago when I was visiting my sister. She has an iPad Pro and let me try out the Procreate app. It's pretty neat! This isn't the first time she let me use her iPad so I already have some experience under my belt. What I like the most is that the dual screen feature is really nice bc it lets you work from a reference. The brushes are really cool and beyond the capabilities of Paint Tool SAI.

Still looking around for a new computer. Almost decided on a Lenovo Yoga but kept reading from numerous sources about flickering screen issues etc. The fact that it's a 2-in-1 might be redundant since I already have a tablet. Right now I'm debating if I should get an iPad Pro like my sister has, or a regular laptop. I want something I can take on the go but I'm really inclined towards PC over Apple so I don't really know. A new computer is a big investment so I don't want to make the wrong decision D: //coolstorybro

If you're wondering about all the hidden messages: yep, those are all spam bots. -_-
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Wow that's a beautiful painting of the water.
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I think this is beautiful ;; It's so calming and I love how you used so many colors for such a simple subject/composition! I want to step into the water myself now x3
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Thank you so much!! :huggle:
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That fear hits close to home, honestly. Glad to hear you're making your way out of this, I should too.
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If it helps, how did you feel when you started your account? Since everyone starts off with no followers, no views, etc, it's liberating because you have nothing to lose, only to gain. The sense of freedom I felt when I started over on a new account was very liberating and I still look back fondly on the work I made during that time. The funny thing is, none of it is very good, yet it fills me with a nostalgic joy and an eagerness to relive those times. I guess I want to feel that joy again, of drawing whatever I want and not caring how it's received by others.
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It was definitely like you described. Then, after a few years I got better,
and the better you get the more mistakes you see or rather, stuff you need to work on.
And once I gained attention with some really good pieces I felt I can never go below that.
Especially when you do it for a living and you spend more time making paid pieces
rather that doing things for yourself or study to get better there's always the fear of getting worse again (which happens with these things).
It's quite narcissistic to be honest. I visited some art forums for a long time where there was a toxic mindset like that and
it can poison the view on your own art. So I see how one single comment can throw you off like that. Sometimes I even look at people's art
and start thinking to myself "they were better a few years ago" or "they peaked a while ago" as if it really frickin matters or it makes my art better in any way.
I don't want to be that person, it's just projecting my own fears.

When I look back at my old art there is a spark present to experiment and not give a damn about likes or other people's opinions.
Nowadays I may get a lot of clicks for a really good piece or many comments, but it's just not the same and there's barely any joy in it.
I check in, get my fix from feedback and then sometimes feel worse afterwards than I did before. It's really strange.

So, I never talked about that, but reading your text was like a direct arrow in the heart haha.
Maybe I should stop giving a damn as well and just post away.
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"When I look back at my old art there is a spark present to experiment and not give a damn about likes or other people's opinions." Exactly!! Thank you for putting it into words. I think that's what I miss about the past. That freedom to do whatever, guilt-free.
But it's all in our head. You're right. Let's both stop caring so much and just draw and post what we want, and maybe we can recapture that joy we once felt when we were first starting out.
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"Let's both stop caring so much and just draw and post what we want, and maybe we can recapture that joy we once felt when we were first starting out."

Sounds like a plan!
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Who cares about haters? about those who wanna see the same thing over and over? You're an artist, you are not forbidden for drawing whatever you want.

Let your work vary like day and night!

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Very true! I am starting to remember the freedom I felt when I first started this account. Just drawing and posting whatever I want!
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I actually think that variability can be a good sign when an artist is actively trying to experiment and learn. It can also be a bad sign, but I'd only say if there's a persistent downwards trend from an artist with a consistent quality of work- And oftentimes I've found that it's likely to be some internal trauma or extended period of difficulty that renders them unable to focus well on what they're doing or even stop drawing as much for a time period. Even if they don't let out a speck of the struggle to the public, I can see it from far away in people I've known and tracked over the years.

Also, for a lot of people, there isn't an universal... capacity to draw everything. Someone can be really good at drawing people and really bad at drawing cars. If they want to suddenly pick up drawing cars and mechas, there's gonna be some struggle unless they crack down and study very intensively for a time period.  A person who's used to cell-shading may have some issues jumping into painting. Same thing for other stuff. Someone can be awesome at form and less awesome with color. 

There's also the reality that you're not getting paid. Unless someone's getting raw cash for a specific piece, there's no sort of obligation for you to draw something in a particular degree of quality. You should feel free to play around with as many art topics as you want. 

I feel like it's more helpful to at least go into some of the more "problem" pieces and or something and offer a bit of critique than vaguely comment on the general quality of a gallery. Doesn't help anyone, I think the artist can understand when something doesn't look as "glamorous" as their other works, but is still fine with it. When the time comes for them to refine a certain skill-set, they'll buckle down on it, but that will always remain their decision.


I actually don't usually like these sorts of textures unless pulled off very well, and I feel that's the case here. I think it's also in part because of how you view and handle color. You handle it very naturally, so when it comes to applying it in a piece, you can make a lot of techniques even more interesting because of how you interpolate hues subtly.

You just seem to subconsciously _know_ how to set up colors and where to put things where. I consider the way you work with colors to be a major part of your stylistic signature when it comes to art- it's consistently there, after all!
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Thank you so much for commenting, and for the kind words as well! That's very insightful. Admittedly, things have been a little tough for me at the moment but it's been very comforting to escape to personal art. Esp for the reasons you said- it's not like I'm doing anything out of obligation right now so I can be as sloppy or precise as I want. It's the best time to experiment and practice because there's essentially nothing to lose, only to gain.
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I really liked this painting! Nice warm colors! It would look great on a canvas.

About a new laptop. I'm using a Samsung notebook 9 Pen 13 inch 2018 years model with Linux on it.
It has Wacom EMR so I'm using a Staedtler Wacom pen with it which works really well.
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Thank you very much for commenting! I'd love to do an oil painting that's similar to this image.
And I appreciate the computer rec! I have never heard of EMR. What do you like about it?
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EMR is the same technology that is used in Wacom tablets, like the intous pro or cintiq. I guess it's a matter of taste but I think it feels really natural when drawing with it.

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Beautiful sandy beach <3
And yeah, do what makes you happy! Don't let yourself or life limit you! ; D
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Thank you very much! :w00t:
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DKSJHKHGJDHFJGHDFJH OMGGG KYAAA THIS IS VERY SHOOTING... SO BEAUTIFULLL :iconmagi5plz: :iconmagi5plz: :iconmagi5plz: :iconmagi5plz: :iconmagi5plz: :iconmagi5plz: :iconmagi5plz: :iconmagi5plz: :iconmagi5plz: :iconmagi5plz: :iconmagi5plz: :iconflyingheartsplz: :iconflyingheartsplz:
it's been a ancient time since the last time we go to a beach, so thank you for sharing a super warming art <33333
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Aww! Thank you so much :huggle:
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So beautiful 
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GIRL if this is what you don't call "quality" THEN BRB I'LL GO COMMIT SUDOKU

I understand what you mean though-- sometimes people don't feel like working on something forever and instead just wanna doodle or draw something different for themselves ;w;
but I think that's totally okay and you should post your different drawings more, because instead I feel like variety shows that you can draw such beautiful art in a lot of different categories,
and it's really inspiring to see them, gives motivation to others to try new stuff too! > 3 < plus, I think there's a different beauty to even doodles or simplier drawings~

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Thank you Rina! It's always good to hear from you :huggle:
I totally agree. I think there is something of an intimate detail revealed in how an artist approaches simpler or less detailed artworks. I think it gives us a better idea of how they work through the process, with visual clues left by every mark they leave on the canvas.
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