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red samurais

red samurais....

EDIT: previous image was waaaay too dark.didnt realize til now
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cool i like your work
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It is so beautiful. Your art work is pleasing to the eye. I especially like the ray of light in the sky and all the colors so many colors <3
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Wonderful artwork. :love:
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Fricking kickass detail dude, bravo!
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looks beyond awesome man, bravo
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I like this. I have a question though, are they all supposed to look like twins? The style is awesome btw.
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Awesome composition!
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wow very nice work ;)
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Nice! Loving the painterly details on their armor. <3

The only crit I have is that most of their faces all look alike. Maybe try and push for more individual features next time? Other than that, fabulous as always.

Friggin' Leon, stop being so good! :shakefist:
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thx for awesome crits DEE~!!!!
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Really very awesome.
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Amazing! great design you got going there, Truly epic beyond comprehension. Im impressed!

Id hate to be a nag, but could maybe check out some of my stuff and give me some constructive criticism, id appreciate it so much. :)
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