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Star wars

i like star wars

EDIT: widened the overall picture and added more stuffs n details to tell more story.
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“Damn Jedi Don’t Pay Me Enough For This”
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I love the mixing of the Old Republic with the early stages of the Galactic Empire era. Sith Knights + Clone Troopers ^.^
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Did you draw this?
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Love the originality!
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Fecking cool! What was your inspiration?
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that's an amazing picture, the colors in it are so vibrant and chaotic but in good way. 
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THAT'S AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!:D (Big Grin) La la la la Go Yoda Star Wars 7 Icon-- Vader's Mask! :JarJarDance:  
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Battle of the siths.
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Fantastic! 10/10
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Galactic awesomeness man!
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This is amazing! How long did this take you?!
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I like star wars too
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I am curious and confused about this picture. Those gunships are from the clone wars, but there is an army of Sith on the ground? The Sith never had the numbers (shown in the artwork above) to attack the jedi during the clone wars. Is this an alternate universe or what?
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Does it really matter? It's great artwork, and that's all that counts here.
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wow this is so cool
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