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Lady warrior

By longai
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Very 300 inspired.

A cover art for my upcoming comic.

EDIT: torso was little messed up so fixed it
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i hope none of those arrows hit her, because her vital organs are completely exposed.
TheMoonsSea's avatar
this scene is really captivating
really nice work =)
damnnn this is crazyyyy man ;P
awesomenesss job :D
miktroz's avatar
Very wel done ! +fave
elginive's avatar
I can understand why she's so sad... that amount of armor would just not do when you have that many arrows raining down on you... heh,

But it really is an awesome picture, I love the coloring and the mood of the picture, it was portrayed very well. Details in the Armor and facial expression draw the eye to her, with more subtle details in the background, but still portraying the urgency of what's about to happen. Good Job. =)
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ForeignSin's avatar
She looks so sad>.< Wonderful work on this entire picture!
longai's avatar
good thing that u c her face as sad, coz i tot she didnt look sad at all and wanted to push it more but it looked weird so kept it that way.

n thx!!!
ForeignSin's avatar
Well I think it came out wonderfully! ^^

You're very welcome^^
Edenknight's avatar
I hope that she survives that arrow rain, really expressive colors with some natural shading. Very good indeed, you could shape up some soldiers behind her to rich the composition but it's ok with like this too I think. Bravo! :clap:
Hellstorm6514's avatar
rocking job on this one, I love the painterly qualities =). Bravo
drewjanes1990's avatar
that's beautiful.. i wish i was that talented, your amazing
Seigner's avatar
Awesome work, the colors look magnificent.
YukeraYasha's avatar
really nice use of color, the toro looks a little bit warped but regardless very nice. especially in the armor
roachstar's avatar
nice clothe design!love your use of brushes~^^
Hypo-jellybean's avatar
Just faving this doesn't do it justice...
Raltair's avatar
wow cool! can you give a synopsis about your comic?
TaoPaint's avatar
i thought it was dbz?
aeues's avatar
Has the comic finalise? Its nice. :)
longai's avatar
still in a stage where I have to come up with the story LOL.
aeues's avatar
This mean you still can tweak the character design?

I'm just worry about the distinctive aspect of the character. Noctis distinction isn't on his looks or his clothing but his weapon. Yoko gurren lagann wears red compare to Rikku FFX-2 who's wearing yellow and yet they feel different.

a simple element can make a character stands out from the rest. Maybe glowing ghostly long scarf on her waist?

All the best. :)
sixwingedangel's avatar
Love the natural-looking brush strokes and use of color in this piece!
xaelasis's avatar
Nice pic, no cuestion, i like the color and technic, good draw :D
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