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Gundam 00

11X17 print I'll be seliing at AN and AX.

Going to do more of these series with other mechs and gundams.
Note me on what Gundams/pilots u would like to see.

Gundam 00 Quanta with grown up setsuna version can be found here [link]
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At first I should say thnx a lot, cause irl arts a re of far more interest to me, as just copying design from anime is not worth drawing, imho
But actually, I has some other vision of the character, more alike his true nationality (arab)
But still its a GJ, thnx
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this is still one of my favorite pieces
well done
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Nice! I’m also a fan of Setsuna
Next time I want to see Mikazuki and Gundam Barbatos
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great! :) Im currently watchin it
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This is amazing. I love it!
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Awesome *a* I love Setsuna >w<
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好帅 高达00
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Ooh, a live-action Gundam (looks better than G-Saviour)! But at the moment, it feels like Setsuna is more East Asian when he's from the Middle East.
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I Love his show and i love your art work
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00 is mah favorite. This is the best art of it I've seen so far! Keep it up!
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"I'm a Gundam." says Setsuna F. Seiei.
Amaaaazing art bro! *0*
Really reminds me of Jacen Solo .w. Had the whole star wars noels' cover arts feeling to it :)
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Fantastic Gundam 00 art.
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i love this artwork
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Holy MACRO! "Ore Wa Gundam!"
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Do you do commissions? My partner and I are starting up a Gundam shop and your work is awesome! If you could make a banner or something that we could turn into a sign for our shop or stand when we do vending at cons, I would love to do business with you.
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