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Girls of FFXIII

By longai
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Don't care what everyone says, I liked the game and this is
my party during the game.
Been a while since my last update and been a while since I did a fan art.

Going to sell this in AN and AX this year.

EDIT: Lightings
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Favorite game too :D! Love the work, great job <3 !
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u should do one with Aerith n Tifa n Yuffie
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My current battle team also, love the game and love the characters. Haven't yet finished it though.
Very nice picture, love it.
RaikosesDragon's avatar
I like the eyes on lightning.
Phoenix27ken's avatar
What a great trio :)
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This was my party as well. All the guys were idiots except Sazh xD

This piece = love
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Awesome fanart. I like this game too regardless of what everyone else says too. This was pretty much my party except I used Hope instead of Vanille.

great work, and congrats on the DD, you for sure deserve it :)
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Same Party here. Though mine was either: Lightening/Claire, Vaniile, Fang, or Vanille (I like how she run and she seems to be the fastest runner), Lightening/Claire, Fang
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wow, thats amazing ^_^
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Awesomely cool *_*!
My party is almost the same but then Hope in it instead of Vanille xD!

Really nice draw and I love the details *_*!
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Very nice work, but I don't think you caught the characters personalities very well. Vanille is supposed to be the happy one, but she looks saddened in this. Fang could probably look a bit more determined as well.
Other than that, though, this is a very nice piece
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Nice work ! Congrats :D
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Don't really know the game, but I love your pic. Beautiful sense of texture to it.
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Hi ...dear longai...!!!
This Wonderful Art work
" Girls of FFXIII "
Fan Art / Digital Art / Painting & Airbrushing / Games
is featured in Action-Portraits...!!!
if you don't mind...
Have a nice regards

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Excellent work.
Dale-Walters's avatar
everything pops out nicer, the background looks much more splendid, nice one
NekoChanTheKitty's avatar
The girls came out beautifully, great work. I could never do something like this. I've never played this game before, but I've done research on it. I know that the girl in the back is Vanille and the one in front is Lightning, but what's the dark-haired girl's name again? I can't remember it.
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XD lovely picture lightning looks amaaazing XD
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