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Girl and monster

By longai
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Some random idea. The monster looks a lot like ifrit but meh.

Wanted to make the girl super detailed and the monster really rough.

didnt turn-out quite as epic as i had it in my head

EDIT:made the monster on the back darker to bring out the girl in front
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Eliannilator's avatar
Nice Work! The monster looks like Krampus on steroids! XD
Journie's avatar
the monster does look like Ifrit! :) I like the look on the girl's face. she got a name?
Edge-Works's avatar
absolutely awesome. liking the Rei-esque look of the girl
malbien's avatar
Isn't that a plug suit?
Pedritoo's avatar
the american evangelion :)
bdvd's avatar
new eva suite! :P... just a joke

really cool!
PrincessIvoryCrane's avatar
Evangelion inspirations?
This is radical :D
chrisnfy85's avatar
this is awesome!!!!!
superhotliny's avatar
nice job.. I love it!!! and... two thumbs up!!!!!
can't wait to c you!! ^^
222sucram's avatar
The monster does look like ifrit, not like that's a bad thing.
aeues's avatar
Beauty and The Beast theme is quite common. Still sheer rendering is amazing O_O! What a brute force! XD
I like it. No, I LOVE it.
longai's avatar
haha, thanks man!!!!
Raltair's avatar
is that monster summoned by that girl? very cool O_O
longai's avatar
yeah~ that was the concept!
dcproductions25's avatar
They never really seem to turn out the way you want them to, but this is really cool.
jylwany's avatar
creative title =D
Joe-Roberts's avatar
I love your style. The work looks almost scratched onto the page while at the same time, super precise.
TaoPaint's avatar
sweet rendering

if you want to make it more epic, an easy way maybe is to make the contrast in the scale bigger, so make the girl smaller or the monster bigger in the frame =)
longai's avatar
too lazy to change it now.
Tocksick's avatar
I really like your coloring style.
niikaza's avatar
two thumbs up
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