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July 27, 2010
Destiny vs Freedom by ~longai displays an amazing scene full of fantastic details!
Featured by elicoronel16
Suggested by jcroxas
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Destiny vs Freedom

2 days before I leave to AX!
last minute print for AX!
looking back at the clips of super robot wars in youtube is what motivated me to do this piece.
wanted to emulate the after image on destiny with my style but epic fail

will be sharing a table with :iconfantasyace: in AX
please dropby and say hi

EDIT:fixed some stuffs

Lately this image has been selected for the next issue of
Photoshop Creative ([link])
August issue.

Thank you guys!
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Damn This is ..... wow. The Destiny is my Favorite MS and this art is so Beautiful and just Bad Ass

RyuuseiSoul's avatar
I bought this from you at FanExpo :D
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In a way this does bring up an interesting concept. In general humanity is given the opportunity to explore, interact, and interpret the world the way that each and every person wants to. However, what is the most important value of humanity? What defines humanity the most? Destiny or Freedom? Is it Destiny in a sense that every future of each individual is predetermined, or is it Freedom in which we all have our own lives to define who we truly are? This just a thought that I had but, feel free to reply with what ever you guys and gals think. Beautiful picture too!!
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To be honest, my vote goes to shinn. 
crd2091's avatar
I would love a poster of this
RicFS03's avatar
Nice Dude.. very nice
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This is what the final battle should have been. Kira vs. Shinn. An epic clash of blades. The two most skilled pilots in the CE face off to decide the fate of the world. What did we get? Shinn getting pwned by Athrun in the most unbelievable manner ever, and Kira beamspamming Rey to death. Sigh...
This is awesome! Do you think it will ever be available for print again. :)
miafaye's avatar
damn it! i wish i would have bought this at AX. you have some amazing work! they are all my favorite haha
GameTagger457's avatar
No one should have their Destinys already predetermined for them. We should be allowed to choose and create our own future. Freedom... IS EVERYONE'S RIGHT!

Just wanted to get that outta my system. :D
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Epic Showdown is epic!!!
LoneLyAveNgeR's avatar
This is awesome! Cool!
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Woah this is really good like!
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OMG!!! Awesome.. Almost perfect but I still prefer dark blue for Strike Freedom Dragoon..
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Epic. Just Epic.
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Really amazing work! One of my favourites by far!
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