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From soul calibur....
I dunno theres something about that game that makes me draw chicks so bad. I dunno why.

n e way not finished yet but then i doubt it that i will ever finish this crap.
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Very nice. Cass and Soph styles were my favs in sc4
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This is amazing. It looks almost realistic. :heart:
Excellent work here. :clap:
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I rarely a cassandra artwork this one is nice.
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Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Star Wars, AND Soul Calibur 4?! You draw the so well too!T-T Very loved you are. Do you play SC4 for the PS3 or the 360?
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wow..she looks better here than the real stuff! love it! a MUST fave! =D
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Beautyful work:)
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Oooh SO awesome! I love her face! It's so pretty~
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kakaka, thank you
mukuro-sama's avatar
NOOO that's not crap D: she looks beautiful!~
(I always choose Cassandra when I play SC D: )
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Havent played that game for a while though.
mukuro-sama's avatar
GO PLAY D: (look who's talking, I haven't played for a while too lol)
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YOu know the same thing happens to me.
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sophitia owns cass
longai's avatar
Sophitia sucks ass
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look into your heart, you know it to be true
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I got in Soul Calibur because of Cassandra
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This is Awsome!
Very Nice. And she is My Love!
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Yeah, she's awesome!
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Thats hella awesome. :D
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ahh...not really but thank u
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nice one she looks sexy, i like it very much.^^
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