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Character pin up commission open! 
Either fan art or original character, you name it.

Examples of the commission quality is shown above.

PM me or leave a note.
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Chrono Trigger
Old piece I forgot to upload.

Being both fan of Toriyama Akira (Dragonball) and Squaresoft RPG (back in the days)
This was dream come true to me back then.

My personal absolute fave RPG of all time and definitely needs more love. AN ABSOLUTE CLASSIC!

Chrono Trigger FTW


Leon JO
Artist | Professional | Digital Art



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fallenRazziel Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Your art is great!
I wanted to ask if I can post a few on my Tumblr, with the link to your page of course ^^
caprisias Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love the way you paint and your choice of vibrant, flashy colors. Keep up the great and amazing work, longai! Also Happy Valentines! :D
DylanCArt Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2018  Student General Artist
Sonic the Hedgehog in Star wars
   On a planet on the edge of the galaxy, Stormtroopers are mercilessly destroying the homes of Wookies.   Hordes of Stormtroopers move from one village to the next, causing violent destruction, and removing Wookies from their houses. The smell of smoke fills the air as the terrified Wookies watch their long time homes burn to the ground. Through the smoke, emerges a Sith General known as “The Genocide.”
“Bring me their leader,” orders The Genocide. Two storm troopers break through the crowd, pushing the Wookie leader to his knees at the feet of the general.
“Can you see it?” asks The Genocide. “Your people are going to die because they are weak.”
The general removes his saber from his belt. The weapon hums as he turns on the red glowing blade. He raises the saber above his head, bringing it down to strike the Wookie in his chest. The Wookie crumbles to the dirt as the rest of the village trembles with fear.
“We’ve located a new planet called “Earth,” says one Storm Trooper.
“Take it,” commands the general.

Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails sit outside, enjoying the breeze on Earth.
“It’s a beautiful day,” says Sonic.
“Sure is,” says Tails.
Sonic hears the engine of a ship approaching from the distance and when he looks up,the sky is full of Thai Fighters. The Thai Fighters shoot lasers to the ground, aiming for buildings and people.
“Hey, that’s not cool,” says Sonic calmly. Sonic leaps into the air and one by one kicks the Thai Fighters out of the sky, causing them to crash to the ground. Near one of the Thai Fighters, Sonic spots a silver box. Sonic opens the box to find a light saber.
“I wonder what this thing is…” thinks Sonic. Sonic picks up the saber and turns it on. The blade glows bright blue. Stormtroopers being to appear out of crashed Thai Fighters and move towards Sonic.
“Focus your aim on the Jedi,” says one of the Storm Troopers. The Storm Troopers move towards Sonic, but one by one he takes them down using his new saber.
“Are you alright?” Tails asks Sonic.  
“Yeah, I’m fine,” says Sonic as he takes down the last storm trooper.
“What’s that?” asks Tails.
“I don’t know,” asks Sonic.
“I think there is more of them,” says Tails.
“Let’s take a closer look at those ships and see if we can figure out what they were up to,” says Sonic. They enter a ship and find that despite the crash, the ship is still functioning. They launch the ship to outer space and soon encounter ships of “The Resistance.” Sonic and Tails dock on the largest of the fleet. They exit their ship and are greeted by General Leah. C-3PO and R2-D2 followed close behind her.
“Greetings, I am C-3PO and this is R2-D2,” says the golden robot.
“What you did was brave,” says General Leah.
“It was nothing,” says Sonic.
“So who are those guys?” asks Tails.
“They are the first order,” says Leah. “They’re what are left of the empire.”
Suddenly, the First Order ship begins shooting at the resistance. The ship shakes as the fighters try to keep their footing. A smaller ship lands on the resistance ship. The Genocide exists the ship and steps onto the landing area.
“Well its General Leah,” says The Genocide.
“Stand back if you know what’s good for you,” says Sonic holding up his blue lightsaber. Their lightsabers clash as they begin to fight.
“You are strong, but you are no match for the powers of the darkside,” says The Genocide.
“The Darkside?” asks Sonic.
“That’s right, come join us and see for yourself,” says The Genocide.
“What, and have a face only a mother could love? I’ll pass,” says Sonic. The resistance ship was shaking violently.

“Tails, get The General out of here,” says Sonic. Tails, R2-D2, and C-3PO leave in an escape pod.
“Who are you?” asks The Genocide.
“I’m Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog,” he replies. With that, Sonic realizes it’s his turn to escape, boards a pod and leaves The Genocide on the damaged ship.
“Sonic the Hedgehog, I will not forget that name,” mutters The Genocide.
After escaping, Sonic finds himself on an unfamiliar planet. While exploring, he spots a man and after further investigation discovers it is Luke Skywalker himself.
“You hold a lightsaber,” says Luke.
“Yeah, if that’s what this is,” says Sonic.
“I will train you to be a Jedi,” says Luke. After only a few days Sonic completes his training.
“You did well,” says Luke.
“Thanks,” says Sonic. “I need to go back and find my friend.”
“Ok, then. There is a ship. There is just one more thing I have to teach you. Don’t forget the Darkside can be very intoxicating, but if you can overcome it, you will unlock an even greater power,” says Luke.
“I will,” says Sonic. Sonic heads to the ship and launches into space. Sonic tries to call Tails with the radio.
“Tails? Are you out there?” says Sonic.
“I’m fine, I’m here Sonic, but I’m at First Order base. There’s a Sith here named Kylo Ren,” says Tails.
“Don’t worry Tails, I’m coming,” says Sonic. Sonic lands on the planet and quickly finds his friend Tails.
“Sonic, there are prisoners being tortured,” says Tails.
“Don’t worry, we’ll get to them and put an end to this Kylo Ren guy,” says Sonic. They sneak into the base and hack the prison’s locks, taking down storm troopers along the way.
“Do you know where Kylo Ren is?” Sonic asks a prisoner.
“Inside the base,” says a prisoner weakly.   Sonic runs into the base and it’s not long before he is face to face with Kylo Ren.
“You’re Kylo Ren? Not such a fan of the name, but that’s some stylish helmet,” laughs Sonic.
“Sonic the Hedgehog, I’ve heard so much about you,” says Kylo Ren.
“You think you people can just take over every corner of the galaxy,” says Sonic.
“We bring order to the galaxy,” says Kylo Ren.
“By blowing up planets, that’s not what I would call order,” responds Sonic.
“Enough,” demands Kylo. The two begin to raise their light sabers as they stare into each other’s eyes.  As their light sabers clash, Sonic extends his other hand and pushes Kylo Ren into the floor using the force.
“You lost, now tell me where’s your leader ‘Snoke’?” says Sonic. Suddenly alarms ring throughout the base. Looking to a monitor Sonic sees Tails and the rest of the prisoners are under attack by storm troopers. Sonic run off to save them leaving Kylo Ren on the ground.
“The Force is strong with this one,” says Kylo Ren as he gets up. Sonic used his ultra-speed, disorienting and disarming the Stormtroopers.
“Everyone get to the ship now!” commands Sonic. The prisoners scramble to get to the ship. As the last few prisoners climb aboard, the ship shuts its gates and launches into space.
“Is everyone ok?” asks Sonic.
“Yes, everyone looks fine,” says Tails. Just then, the passengers hear a loud hiss as they look to see Thai Fighters approaching the ship.
“The ship has cannons, let’s use them!” says Tails. They fire the cannons, hitting several Thai Fighters on their tail.
“Nice shot, Tails!” says Sonic.
“There’s still a few more,” says Tails looking into the scope of the cannons.
“I think we need to use the hyper drive,” says one of the prisoners.
“Let’s hope this works,” says Sonic. Sonic places his hand on a gear shit. As he pulls it towards him, the stars streak behind them as they shoot through space.
“Well, that was cool,” says Sonic.
“Please take us to General Leah, we have information,” says a group of passengers.
They land on the planet of the resistance and meet with General Leah inside of the base.
“These prisoners of the First Order say they have information about The Genocide,” says Sonic. General Leah calls to gather everyone in The Resistance to meet.
“The information that we collected as prisoners is that The Genocide has plans to destroy the entire solar system. He’s building his own death star. If he succeeds, then millions of planets will be destroyed. Our only chance is to destroy the death star and The Genocide along with it,” says one of the prisoners.
“Well, no time to rest. Let’s do this,” says Sonic with determination. With the help of the prisoners, the group soon was able to locate the new death star. Using every and all ships available, the resistance surrounds the Death Star. Sonic and Tails land on the star itself. Sonic exits his ship.
“Tails, you find a way to destroy the death star, I’ll find The Genocide, says Sonic.
“Will do, good luck Sonic,” says Tails.
“You too, Tails,” says Sonic. A storm trooper stops Sonic, but one by one he disarms them. He uses ultra-speed and quickly is face to face with The Genocide.
“So, you’ve finally come, Sonic the Hedgehog,” says The Genocide.  
“That’s right,” I’m here to put an end to this,” says Sonic.
“I will not fail, like Darth Vader has failed,” says The Genocide.
“Why, you look up to him?” asks Sonic.
“I despise him, I’m supposed to be the Emperor’s apprentice, but he stole that from me. Now the time has come for me to prove their mistake,” says The Genocide.
“You took the easy path,” says Sonic. “I hear the dark side is very intoxicating. Overcoming it, now that is true strength,” says Sonic.
“Well then, show me this strength you speak of,” challenges The Genocide.   Their light sabers clash for a final time. For what seems like hours The Genocide and Sonic exchange blows and alternate having the upper hand. Just when Sonic thinks he is done for, he finds an opening, slicing off The Genocide’s left hand.
“I am not done yet!” growls The Genocide clutching his arm. The Genocide charges at Sonic, but Sonic stabs him directly in the heart. As he lifts the saber, he slices the Genocide in two. Using the ships blue prints found in the engine room, Sonic quickly identifies the weakest point of the ship.
“Tails, I think I found our spot,” says Sonic over his radio.
“Ok, Sonic, time to get out of there,” responds Tails.
“Ok, see you in a second,” says Sonic. Sonic returns to the ship and him Tails quickly launch back into space. Once at a safe distance, they shoot a laser at their new target. From the view of the resistance ships, the explosion looks like fireworks representing their victory.
The next day, Sonic and Tails are saying goodbye to General Leah.
“Thank you, both of you,’ says General Leah.
“We’re just glad the universe is safe,” says Tails.
“We have to get back to Earth now, good luck, let us know if you need our help again,” says Sonic.
Sonic and Tails walk to their ship and set their course back to Earth.
“May the force be with you, always,” says General Leah as they wave goodbye.
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