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How to make and use Custom Shapes - Tutorial

By Long-Pham
Here is a tutorial on making and using custom shapes, a very fast way of designing, adding texture/details etc

Video tutorial :…]

If you want more there's a digital download available for purchase at : >>>>>>>>>
4$ for a 100 industrial custom shapes from my library

[EDIT] And some more that are free here >>…

Have fun !
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Nice! Thanks for this.
DarinHuddy's avatar
:D (Big Grin) Nice job! Thanks for sharing.
Finnjamin's avatar
Hopefully this will revive my imagination a bit. Thanks for sharing!
Long-Pham's avatar
I definitely helps me !
mohq's avatar
awesome, thanks for this!
Long-Pham's avatar
Dox482's avatar
Mind blown! Awesome job!
Long-Pham's avatar
Thanks a lot !
RobertLaszloKiss's avatar
This is awesome man. Thanks!
MissCaptainAlex's avatar
This is really cool! :D
focallength's avatar
Very cool. Very useful.
newtman001's avatar
Thanks for teaching me how to do this!  I'm gonna lose my mind making these - I didn't realize it was that easy. Thanks again for dropping the science!!!^_^

And yeah - I'm DEFINITELY scoring your download pack as soon as possible!
Long-Pham's avatar
Haha thanks ! no problem
flakface's avatar
Wow. I think this just changed how I concept starships...and environments, and tools, and well...everything.

Thanks man! I am considering even buying your pack! :p
q12a's avatar
super nice approach !!!
Good work man.
frisbii's avatar
CerebralPizza's avatar
Brilliant!  What a neat approach to creating shapes!
35Kizu's avatar
Oh wow, yes this is genius.
Bracey100's avatar
Thats super helpful!
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