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Origin of the twin keyblades The keyblade of light and the keyblade of darkness, different but the same, like the X-blade they were the original keyblades. Both created by the same persons heart and memories, the gold blade held her darkness and the silver her light, and what became of them after her death is history. Arosan was the original keyblade wielder before the war and the last some say, when she died, she went to a place called the final world. Its true name unknown. It was a place in the worlds between and between life and death she slept their, waiting to be woken from her slumber. Once the golden blade of darkness had been broke
Lillian Snape {Harry Potter oc}
                                                        Hair; Raven Black Eyes; Light Green Skin; Fair Wand; Ash wood with Unicorn hair core. Patronus; Unicorn. Personality;  Bright and smart. Isn't afriad to put someone in their place, if there bullies, to her or someone else. Depressed a lot from discovering how she came to be, gets angry a lot because of it. Despite being a Slytherin, is friendly and makes friends in other houses. Bio:  Born from dark magic, she was created by Severus Snape after his love Lily Evans Potter was murdered, in perhaps to bring her back or create something else in his grief. SHe resembles Lily but has fair s
Red's journal page 5
Its night now and I'm still awake. I think Dean is surprised I didn't run off last night, I did think about it I ain't gonna lie, but I have been looking for these boys for a long time and now that I found them why would I run off now? I'm tired of being alone.Whatever there gonna do in this war....maybe I should help, I haven't told them about the angel after me, figured I'd tell them tomorrow. When I figure out what to say. How to explain it right. Cause even I don't know why Zachariah is trying to get me to there side, I'm I supposed to be a vessel for Micheal....no that can't be it, maybe for another angel or they just wanna get rid of me
Red's journal page 4
April  10 We stayed at Bobby's through the night, way it seems we'll be here for a while longer, I don't know how long either. Sam's been showing me these books around the room, demon exorcists and traps, stuff I should know....like I don't already. I just don't use it. And I was never good at speaking other languages anyway, my grandmother tried to teach me Japanese a few times, only thing I got was being able to read it. This Latin crap....yeah, I already know I won't be able to remember, specially when my ass is in trouble. But....I will sketch somethings down here....  Standard devils trap. Theres another one....with a scorpion, but I ai
Red's journal page 3
{Same day. Different page.} I had decided to leave the diner before those men came over and bothered me, I was afriad and I didn't know why they were staring, but they followed me anyway. Not for what I thought though. I was bleeding, bad, and I stumbled on the way out of the diner. Heading to that church down the way. I was so stupid but right now I'm scared. Those two men took me to there hotel when I passed out, I'll explained how I let that happen, cause even if I die later on least this is proof I existed. I went to the church like I said, clutching my side on the way, those men followed in a black 67 Impala. I seen before somewhere....
Red's Journal page 2
April 6 SHIT! FUCK! I got ambushed by two demons....fucking black eyed bastards, I couldn't smell them coming, the damn cold air at night must have given me a cold. That's all I need but its also the least of my worries, the warding I drew was for the angels but the demons must have been following me since Ohio, keeping a good distance away down wind so I couldn't smell them. They managed to get a good hit in before I killed them, few bruises and a nasty cut, I have it bandaged best I could get it but it ain't gonna last. I need to get to a town so I can get some supplies for it, some painkillers would be great right now, I have a few dollars
Red's journal page 1
         My father and two bothers, John, Sam and Dean Winchester. April 3 I don't know why I'm writing in this stupid book, but I have no one else to talk too at the moment, right now I am sitting by a fire in the middle of a forest. Somewhere outside of Ohio. Not sure which city. I don't really care to be honest, I only go into the town to steal any food I can, or some dumb asses wallet when there not paying attention. My name is Alex Red Winchester and I'm alone....I hate being alone, the silence is fucking maddening, all I can hear is the crackling wood of my fire. Which I guess isn't so bad right now, least its something. Anyway I thin
Guardian angel .2
Guardian angel
Lillian Snape
Halloween adopts?
Kingdom Key Keyblades
Relations Key: ( ●○ ) Trust Levels 8/8 | ( 💍 ) Married ** | ( ❧ ) Lover/Mate/Bae ** (Multiship) | ( ♡ ) Crush | ( ❤ ) Love (platonic or romantic) | ( ❈ ) Family/Like Family | ( დ ) Admired | ( ∞ ) Close Bond | ( ✿ ) Intrigued By | ( ✲ ) Ally | ( ★ ) Close Friend | ( ✘ ) Heavily Dislike / Enemy | ( ⚠️ ) Threat | ( ☢️ ) Wanted Dead | ( ? ) Conflicted Feelings / Neutral FOR JEFF: ~fior-di-neve (https://www.deviantart.com/fior-di-neve) ●●●●●●●●| 💍|❧|❤ Where can you start with her? You two first met
Wolf snarl animation
Bluu the acrobatic Clown
SPN Roleplay Starter
Y'know what? It's been a while since I hosted a roleplay, let alone a SPN one! This is for ~Long-lost-sister (https://www.deviantart.com/long-lost-sister) in an attempt to cheer her up. It's been a while since I used Angelica and Clara (my SPN Angel and Demon OCs - they inspired me to create the Yiang Sisters!), so it's about time I brushed them off. ~~~ It had been a long time since Angelica and Clara had both seen the Winchesters and Cass. Almost 9 years, in fact. The two girls missed their friends dearly. The two were currently hanging out together, now living in Bobby's old cabin in his memory, and looking through some of the old Hunters books when Clara perked up upon hear
Ravenclaw common room (4/4) - details part 2
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My Bio

Where to begin...

Well my names Red and I am a hunter, but not of deer or rabbits. As delicious as they may be, no, I am a hunter of the supernatural. Like the things that go bump in the night. Monsters.
But in a way I am what I hunt as well, though cursed I am still hunted by my fellow hunters for being what they think is some monster.
Except my brothers of course, they protect me, like there pet angel Castiel. My names Alex "Red" Winchester and I'm a cursed human and the keeper of the sword of god, one of many weapons made by the man upstairs. My family was entrusted by an angel, by god, to keep the sword safe under our protection.
And for countless years we have, even from the start at the beginning of my ancestor who had started my curse. A witch's curse, who turns every female born in my family wolves. But shown through our eyes is our furry counterpart, the eyes of the wolf.

Now to my family, they are gone. At least my mothers side. My mother died in the hospital from an unknown illness, I was only six years old at the time. I didn't know why she had to die, I didn't even understand when my grandmother told me she wouldn't be there anymore and that she wouldn't come back. Her death is still on my mind to this day and I miss her, one last thing she left me was the sword.

But it was kept in my grandmother's possession until I was thirteen years old and old enough to handle the responsibility, and it became my main weapon after my grandmother passed when I was only sixteen. I had came home from school to find my poor grandmother in pieces everywhere, it was horrifying and I still see it to this day, I still don't understand why my family was taken from me or why I had to live like a orphan afterwards. I couldn't stay and be found by anyone, so I ran away, my family was never accepted for what they were before so it would not be any different for my case now.
Since my grandmother passed I've been living anywhere I could and eating anything I could find that was even edible, but sometimes I would steal mens wallets whenever I could. I even perfected it without being noticed, its how I had to survive living on the streets.
But I draw the line to stealing from women and old ladys, I do have morals you know.

And that was my life....before I met Castiel and my two brothers. My family.

walking wolf stamp by Stamp0 Fuck Off stamp by AnaNaszynska I am a FIGHTER - stamp by XxX-Toxic-Girl-XxX

Character owned by :iconwolfgirl501:

Favourite Movies
Blood and chocolate, Blood; The last vampire, the Lost boys, the crow, Kill Bill vo1 and 2, The Hobbit trilogy, and others. (But I rarely get to watch movies.)
Favourite TV Shows
I don't have time for tv, but I do like to watch old cartoons when we stop at motels. Or when I'm sick.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Linkin Park. P!nk. Almost any kind of oldie.
Favourite Books
the supernatural series is interesting.
Tools of the Trade
My sword and butterfly knife
Other Interests
My brothers Sam and Dean, Uncle Bobby, and Castiel.
So done with pyscho people on this site, you never know what you get into till they start in on you, Ive done filed a report against them. I wont mention a name but if you too have problems with some wackjobs here block them. No one deserves there sh ...
My mother is now giving me my meds... I refuse to give up on my account I worked so hard on and have been on for 4 years because of some small asshole making me out to be a bad person, and also turning me against one of my eldest friends, when I defe ...
About to give up on this site and unfriend everyone before I leave, no one rps here with me no more, and none of my friends even talk to me anymore. I keep asking what I did wrong.....but its not me!


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