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Midwest Brony Fest results

Journal Entry: Sun May 25, 2014, 6:24 PM
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And another MWBFKC is in the books. Overall it went pretty good. Peter New was a character. In addition to the VA panel he strolled around the con also, and showed up at the charity auction and immediately turned it into a riot when 2 Big Mac items went up for grabs (got video of it) XD .

As for my Wonderbolt F-22 that I put in it: It went for $135 DOLLARS! Altogether the auction raised over $3000 for Child's Play. Double what was made last year.

I would've had a great time, if I hadn't spoiled it on the 2nd day by being an idiot  and getting into an accident with resulting fine.

Extended description:

Well putting aside my accident that ruined the entire weekend for me, Midwest Brony Fest went pretty good. Saturday (wore my fall formal Shining Armor cosplay for this day). Started with Electricalenginerd's tesla coul concert, unfortunately something happened to it and he had to show videos instead. After that I watched Greggo's pony Jeopardy, then attended a panel where someone taking on the role of cheese Sandwich showed how to do parties (glad I stood in the back. It was a regular Gallagher show with confetti, glitter, and silly string).

About this time the signup for the cosplay contest started, and I went ahead and signed up. Then it was time for SolraCON, AKA Solrac's ear splitting panel, followed by the big one: Peter and Kelly's panel. Got the whole thing on video. It opened up with dialogue between them and had a lot of funny moments. During the questions someone asked Peter if he could draw Mac's cutie mark. After getting a piece of paper he did, and it was passed around. Then one guy asked Kelly about coming up with her own lines for Wonderbolt Academy, and if she could do a drill sgt. one, at which point she marched over to him yelling in Spitfire's voice, and made him drop and give her twenty! :amazing: Got the entire panel on video.

Then I floated around to various panels until the Military bronies one. During that they played 4 videos, one used Danger Zone and featured aircraft related art, including 2 of mine! staying for that panel made me a little late for the cosplay contest, but I still got in. Didn't win anything but the contest had some excelent cosplays, including a beautiful :iconprincesscelestiaplz: (won 1st place), a Mexican "creeper" from Minecraft (had a sombreo and poncho. Won "fan favorite"), an equally as beautiful :iconprincesslunaplz: , an actual  Nurse Redheart, Daring Do, a filly (literally) Twilight that caused some beetus in the crowd, Sweetie Belle and Applebloom (again actual kids).

And this:

Zoom in (real dimensions: 1599 x 1197)Image
When he first showed up at the con, it was an instant riot. He was also a winner in the contest. One guy showed up as a member of the NLR military , and another as a Solar Empire soldier. At the same time Pinkie Pyro showed up a little shouting match erupted between them. After the end of the contest a liiiitle war happened between them, and the Celestia and Luna cosplayers. Besides Cheese, I was hoping for more S4 cosplayers to show up (especially Flutterbat). Finally in the afternoon not one but 2 :iconmaudpieplz: 's  showed up.

After that I went to the autograph session, and then stayed at the rave (DJ'd by LOUDER) for about an hour before heading to my motel.

Day 2....  Had a supercell thunderstorm thrown over the whole thing for me, but I still showed up in my NLR Air Force costume, and with nothing going on settled in the vendor room for a bit (showing off my NLR themed aircraft and Zoids). I got up and headed for the main room for the charity auction, only to discover Electricalenginerd had gotten his Tesla coil working, and I caught the end of the performance.
I put a Wonderbolt F-22 model I made in the auction… ... -453121010 , and wanted to see how it would do.

Before they got to it, they had a signed :eeyup: picture up for grabs. When bidding stopped at $35, suddenly Peter came marching in and took over taking bids, almost turning it into a riot.It wound up going for $150. Then he did the same for a Mac chibi plushie, going as far as to run around the room a couple of times and kissing it to get more bids. It went for $135.
Then my F-22 came up. After a slow start, bidding jumped up, and it went for $135 to a military brony who was an aircraft tech. (and as I was writing this he commented on my DA journal about the con) :yay: Double what my drawing went for last year.
That wasn't the only thing that doubled. This time the auction raked in over 3,000 DOLLARS for Childs Play.
After the closing ceremonies I went out, tried to fix my fender a bit, and went home.

Here's the stuff I got. I had Kelly sign my Funko Spitfire, and Peter my Big Mac comic:

The banner came from Drawponies, and included a free poster.

MLP Deal With it Discord Stamp by Kevfin Derpy Hoove's Life Lesson For Us Stamp by NaMiKiTtIn The-Lunar-Republic Icon Entry by atomicalicorn

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queerponies Featured By Owner May 27, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
The con was AWESOME! It was good to see you again man!

Again, if you ever decide to take commissions or trades for your customs, let me know! :) I do embroidery, I'd love to trade!
CrazyPastels Featured By Owner May 25, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi, I'm the guy that bought that plane. Thanks to your amazing craft, My headcannon has expanded amazingly. Thanks to your decision to have Spitfire name her F-22 "Blaze," my OC, Rainbow Blaze, has a well-overthought and extensive backstory. I would like to work with you on future projects if possible; Get in touch!

P.S. I'm that A&P (Aircraft Tech) out at KCI.
lonewolf3878 Featured By Owner May 25, 2014
BTW who made the Danger Zone video at the Military panel? I saw 2 of my drawings in it. w00t! 
lonewolf3878 Featured By Owner May 25, 2014
Thanks! That's the first time I've sold one, and I'm glad it brought so much for the charity.
If I start something else I'll let you know
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May 25, 2014