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 The 2nd pony con in Kansas City, KS (actually it was held at the Overland Park Convention Center) happened yesterday and today, and I went up both days. The last one was a tiny one thrown together in 2 months (see my journal entry:…). This one took up 3 rooms at the OPCC and was planned over the span of a year, and had over 300 pre registers (I'm sure the total number of people was more). The top guests were Sam Vincent and White Dove again. Music and live streaming of panels was handled by DJ Squirrel and Celestia Radio.

  On Saturday  I left about 7:30AM with a large backpack full of my customs and other ponies (for me it was a 146 mile round trip both days), and made it up there just a little after 9 (which is what Google maps suggested). I pre registered in February so I just had to present my receipt to get my badge. Somehow they didn't have mine so I had to fill one out. Both the pre and door registering lines were HUGE. It was probably 20 mins before I got mine. I first went to the vendor/game room to buy a little pony swag. There was one vendor making custom patches so I inquired about making one from a printout of my NLRAF logo that I had on my backpack. That wouldn't work so I said I'd come up the next day with the file on a flash drive. White Dove had her plushies on one of the tables, and her daughter was taking on the spot art commissions there too. I also gave something to the con head (whom I've known since last year) something for the charity raffle they were having Sunday: I  printed out a copy of my Ponies in Kansas drawing on photo paper, and put it on a piece of mat board (making it where they could take it off and frame it if wanted).

 The cosplayers were out in force this time. At the photo shoot that happened later in the day there was around 40, with about a dozen more who stayed in the building or left early. Some were outstanding including a superb Flim and Flam duo, King Sombra, Soarin with full custom flight suit and pilot helmet, full unicorn suit Shining Armor (no Cadence to throw at Sombra though :P ), Dr. Whooves, Discord (complete with head, and a bass cannon :O ) and Daring Do. Only two Celestia showed up, but there was 3 Lunas :D . There was also 3 Trixies, a few Fluttershys (incl. Murdershy) and IDK how many Pinkie and Dash ones. There was also a Roid Rage and evertime he yelled "YEAAAAH!", the room would erupt with more people (incl. me) doing it. I got pic's of most of them, including a guy wearing a Spike suit who borrowed my top hat (I have one I use for Alice Cooper and Slash costumes) and Sombra's cape to become sinister Spike (complete with fake mustache).

 The first thing I watched was the talent show which had people doing various things including a sax player and a guitar player (who did PFUDOR).
After that it was time for the first of 3 game shows Greggo Games ( ) put on, which was Ponyville Derby (WoF like). I tried but failed to get on it (he had people draw cards). The 2nd one was Brony Knockout (Family Feud style).  Though I didn't get to play they were still fun to watch.

 Next was White Dove's panel. This time everybody got a free raffle ticket for one of her plushies (and a Build a Bear Dash she modified). Shortly after this the news station Fox 4 showed up to do a report:… (KCTV ch. 5 and the KC Star paper… also showed up). The reporter received a ponysona of herself from Drawponies before they were even done. At 1:11 in the video you'll see my hand placing G1 Posey and G3 and 4 Fluttershy in front of the camera, with my Luna Trucking Peterbilt in the background. :P

 Then it was time for Sam's first one, in which he covered his FiM work (though voices from other characters incl. Edd from EE&E creeped in). During the questions, a little girl asked him about his tryout for Spike, and if he could do the voice. He did (it was kind of a higher pitched and slowed down Edd), after which the girl said she liked it better than Cathy's voice, which stunned pretty much the whole room (if you're on Facebook you might be able to view it here:!/photo.php?… ).
 Then someone asked him what his pony would be like in the show. He replied it would be Fluttershy's boyfriend named Shyguy. Needless to say someone warned him there would be fanart of his character in a short time, and sure enough the guy running the livestream said a couple of people in the chat asked what color he'd be, to which he replied robin's egg blue. Expect to see Shyguy art shortly. :P
  After that was a panel on MLP history done by a couple of MLP collectors (who had a TON of G1 stuff). I contributed examples of G2 and 3.5, a G1 Twilight, and G3 Pinkie, Fluttershy, and Dash ones  I brought with me.

  The final thing I attended was Sam's autograph session (vouchers were only $5, and all of the money went to Autism awareness). Besides the poster he gave out (which was this art by PixelKitties:… ) I had him sign the cover of my copy of the Ed Edd & Eddy Scam of the Century game (Nintendo DS). He didn't even know there was an EE&E game.

 As he was finishing up the autographs, I was showing off my customs and G1's to one of the collectors at the info desk (where it was held) when I suddenly heard Double D talking. IDK if it was a friend of someone who wanted an autograph or what, but he proceeded to do a 10 minute cellphone call in Double D's voice, complete with stopping to occasionally yell at ED and Eddy! (and he wasn't just talking, he was performing it too). Me and everybody else there was cracking up, and the con organizer was on the floor laughing. :lmao: IDK if someone filmed it or not. Hopefully someone did. He's a great guy.

  I finally left the con a little after 9PM (it ran on until 1AM) so I could get some sleep for the next day.


I left a little later this time since there wasn't as much stuff going on. Many of the cosplayers returned, but there were a few new ones also. I went to the patch makers with my flash drive and gave them the files for my NLRAF and Nightmare Squadron patches, and a Lunar Republic shield. Due to the nature of the machine I had to have them make some changes including changing the font to a block font, and simplifying the stars on the Nightmare patch, which also had to be made larger than the other two (6" vs 4"). A few hours later I had them. Altogether they cost $27.
 The first thing I went to was the 2nd round of the talent show. While there I suddenly got the idea of sticking the G4's I brought with me in the hatband on my top hat. It worked perfectly and so I went around the con with about 10 ponies on my head. ;P

Then it was time for Sam's 2nd panel where he covered his other VA work. There was several questions that led to him doing other voices (especially Double D) including one of what would happen if  his other characters appeared in FiM, which led to Double D doing a song about jawbreakers quietly like Fluttershy would.
 Next was Greggo's final gameshow, which was pony Jeopardy. The prizes were a RD backpack, RD Funko vinyl, and a RD charm necklace. I wasn't sure if I wanted to try it, but I got in line, and when I picked my card, it was a joker which instantly put me in the game! I was up against another guy and the Dr. Whooves cosplayer. It almost got cancelled when the sound and projector systems suddenly quit working. The staff worked on it and when it seemed like all was lost, they suddenly started working again.
   The first guy took an early lead, while me and the doctor went into the red on our first tries. We both came back though, and suddenly I found myself in second as I started nailing the answers (including ones the others couldn't get). Ultimately the first guy won with over 19,000 points (the highest anyone has got on the game). I had a little over 10,000, and the doctor a few thousand. He took the backpack, which surprised me, so I took the Funko vinyl, and the doctor got the necklace. So my first ever try at Jeopardy didn't go too bad. Greggo puts all of his shows on Youtube, so at some point I'll be on there (with my hat :-o (Eek)  ).

 Then it was time for the charity auction which featured plushies and shirts and stuff autographed by Lauren, John, and others. And my picture autographed my me. :P
When mine came up I figured there wouldn't be too many bids, so you can imagine how stunned I was when it went for 65 DOLLARS! The big ticket item was a copy of the Brony doc' DVD/Blu Ray combo pack that was autographed by Lauren, Tara, and John, then sealed at the factory. It went for $205. Altogether they raised $1600 for a children's hospital in KC.

At one point I walked out of one of the halls, and saw someone under a cardboard box scooting around on the floor, with MGS music playing. It turned out to be Discord (the same one from the previous day) instead of Snake. XD

  A few small events later and the con came to a close at about 7PM. Aside from the few small technical issues everything went perfectly. There will be one next year that will hopefully be even bigger. Helping matters  the member of staff who drove Sam back to the airport said he was impressed with the handling of it, and would put a good word in about the con with other voice actors. Overall it was fun.

  As for me: After seeing how much my drawing print went for, (and how well the dealers there did (1 or 2 left after the first day because they completely sold out of stuff), I may decide to get a booth next year and sell some stuff.  I might also do a cosplay (either Big Mac or Braeburn).

Here's a pic' of the stuff I got:

MWBFKC goodies by lonewolf3878
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Looks like you had a swell time!  I wish that I could have gone with you.
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July 28, 2013