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Midwest Brony Fest Wrap Up

Journal Entry: Mon May 25, 2015, 4:21 PM
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 And so MWBFKC has come and gone for another year. As expected this year was bigger and better than before.


I got to the Overland Park Convention Center around 12:30, sporting my Observer Pony cosplay. I got my assistant level badge and goodies bag and sat down in the pre function area waiting for the opening ceremonies, which wasn't until 2PM. Wasn't long before I ran into some people I knew from the last cons.
During the opening ceremonies The Crebers and Black Gryphon came out, and Michelle and him performed a new song. 
After that I went to the vendor's hall.  One booth in the corner was crowded. Why? Because they were selling the Onlyfactory plushies! And all but a few were $30 or less. I dove into the crowd to look at them. They were flying off their display rack as fast as they put them out. Most just got handed to the person wanting a certain one. Many got 2 or even 3 of them. There were several Flutterbats like the one I got as a backer of the idea (which I had with me along with my Woona one). I got me a Cadance to go with my cosplay the next day, and Nightmare Moon. It goes without saying they only had a handful left by the end of the day (they didn't think they would sell that good so they didn't bring  more).
After that was a panel with the VA's on how to get into voice acting.
With nothing else interesting going on between that and the first VA autograph session, I found a spot in the prefunction area to set up my HO scale Equestria train:
Possibly the first time a model train layout has been set up at a pony con. I also had my Luna Trucking semi there.
I was hoping the autograph prices and limits would be like last year's, but it wound up being like Nightmare Nights Dallas at $20 per signature. Still got them from all 3 though. And I paid an extra $10 to get my photo taken with Fluttershy. That made the rest of the weekend for me. :)
The final panel I went to was called Youtube 101 and hosted by the Crebers and Gryphon. Michelle and Gabriel are crazy when they're together. XD
After that I stayed for the first Louder concert until 10PM, when I decided to call it a night and head for my hotel. Missed out on getting one at the hotel next to the  con, but found a cheaper Super 8 less than a mile from it.


Showed up for day 2 as 1980's Shining Armor just before 10AM. The con schedule was blank from 10 to 11, leaving me to wonder if they did it so people could watch the new FiM episode: I tried to pull up Bronystate on my laptop to watch it, but mine is too weak for streams. A few others were streaming it in the prefunction area so I sat down at one.

After that it was time for the main VA panel. Followed by the community VA panel (Nowacking, Emily, Solrac, etc).
Again there was nothing I was interested in, so I again found a spot and set up a few 80's toys and some music. I got out my Stomper Speedsters  and set up a small track. Pretty sure I was the only one there who knew what they were. :P
It was then time for the cosplay contest, being judged by :iconqueenbloo: , Emily Jones, and KeroKeroGalaxy.

There was a problem though. The contest ran until 4PM, and the meet and greet dinner that I had a ticket for started at 3:30. I brought it up with staff and they allowed cosplayers who were going to it to go first. The contest got off to a late start. While all of us were sitting there waiting, there was suddenly a strong burning smell. I took my backpack off and checked to make sure it wasn't one of the battery powered toys I had in it. Soon everyone was smelling it (kind of a cross between burning paper and wires). Staff took care of whatever was causing it and it continued. We were packed into the little area to the left of the stage while waiting to go on:…
As soon as those of us who had meet and greet tickets got off the stage we hightailed it for the staging area.
 Something was going on though. The main aisle to the escalators had been roped off and con security and staff was lined along it. You couldn't leave the building unless you went behind the con desk. And there was no music. After several minutes the reason came through the door: There was an Indian wedding in the convention center's grand ballroom and hundreds of attendees came through on the way to it:…
Yes many of them were looking at the con on the way up. ;P After the group cleared things went back to normal.

Once everyone had gathered we went up also and went into the adjoining hotel lobby to wait  further. While there Emily called me to say my cosplay won "most creative"! I said I'd have to meet up with her after the dinner.
I figured the dinner was going to be in the hotel or the con itself. Instead we got into a van and headed to a Jack Stack BBQ joint a couple miles away. It took 3 trips to get everyone there. We waited outside for our tables to open up. And once again non fans also waiting to get in and eat were giving WTF looks. Especially when the group started singing the Smile song (partially instigated by me since I had the song on my MP3 player I had with me :P ). That was followed by the Discord song.
We finally got in. At first Andrea, Kazumi and the community guests were the only ones there, but after about an hour the Crebers and Gryphon showed up.
It took awhile for the food to get served, and during that time plushies began appearing on the table I was at (incl. a couple of mine), and Andrea got a pic' of it.
I regretted eating the slice of pizza before the dinner because I couldn't finish the "burnt  end dinner" I ordered. I haven't eaten steak and pork that good in years.  Just before we left the manager of the restaurant got a pic' of the group. 

This time they had a small bus in addition to the van for everyone, and it only took one trip. A light rain was falling, and pulling up radar on my phone revealed heavy rain from KC to Wichita coming for us (can't we have one MWBF without rain?). got back to the con in time to catch the tail end of Electrical Enginerd's Tesla coil display.

 Right after that Emily texted me (good thing too because I forgot), and I called her back and met up with her. My prize was a bag with a poster and a Funko blind box (turned out to be Big Mac).

It was then time for Michelle and Gabriel's concert to kick off the 2nd night of  Louder. AWESOME performance. After that I just went out and mingled for a couple hours before heading for the hotel. Driving in heavy rain always worries me because if it does it hard or long enough, my car's ignition coil get's wet and grounds out, and I have to dry it with a can of air.


The final day. Things just went by too fast. I got there about 9:30 in my NLR Air Force pilot cosplay (walked through the doors with the Top Gun anthem playing ;P ).  The first panel was cosplay 101 by Bloo and Momo Bunny. I went to it and instead of them SleepyPony was there doing some cosplay talk. It ran a little later than scheduled.

Next was Music and Madness by Michelle and Gabriel. And madness was an understatement :lmao: . It was followed by White Dove's panel.

With a short break in between then and the charity auction I set up a brief NLR Air Force recruitment station. ;) OK I just sat my diecast planes out on a table along with the Lunas and Nightmare Moons I had with me:
The charity auction didn't have as many items as last year, but it was made up for what it all went for. The first year raised around $1200 for Child's Play. Last year it was over $3000. This year it was over $4000!

Right after that was the closing ceremonies, and it was time to go back home to the boring life. :l

As for the rest of this year: Still not sure if I'll make it to Bronycon or not. I'd be totally dependent on someone else driving there/sharing a room. Same for Nightmare Nights this year.

And here's a pic' of my con swag:

MLP Deal With it Discord Stamp by Kevfin Derpy Hoove's Life Lesson For Us Stamp by NaMiKiTtIn The-Lunar-Republic Icon Entry by atomicalicorn

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