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End of the Line: Midwest Brony Fest

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 18, 2016, 9:22 PM
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 Looks like 2016 was the last year for MWBF.

It was a great 5 years while it lasted. I attended all of them. All full of good memories except for one (2014 thanks to that accident).

This means there are no pony cons within my driving distance now (not only because of my car, because I don't think I can handle driving a long distance like that). The closest are Crystal Fair in St. Louis, and Nightmare Nights in Dallas. The only way I can attend those now is to hitch a ride with someone like I did for the 2014 NMND. Which means this might have been my last year for ponycons might have a ride to NMND this year but I'm not sure yet).

I was hoping it would become the premiere pony con in the Midwest because of it's location. But it looks like it just got too big for the staff to handle, which is too bad.

Depressed Pinkie Pie by AtomicGreymon

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September 18, 2016