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What's up for 2019

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 16, 2019, 9:42 PM
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Time for another year of ponies and trains.
As for ponies: The end has been confirmed:…
Some birthday gift. :/ (thanks for the birthday greetings everyone BTW) Though I've known about it for  almost a year, it still hurts to see. Like a lot of people the show definitely changed my life. as little as 15 years ago if you told me I would be engaging in a fandom as much as I've done with this one (especially traveling long distances to go to conventions) I'd have viewed you as a little nuts.

Speaking of conventions: I'm glad I was able to get to HarmonyCon. I'm hoping that it won't be my last convention ever. I say this because the only other two cons I'd be able to attend this year are Crystal Fair and CanterlotKC, and neither have been announced yet. I'd love to go to the last Bronycon, but the logistics and cost of it would just be too much. The 8 hour, 460 mile drive to HarmonyCon was almost too much for me, so the 18 hour, 1200 mile drive to Baltimore is completely out of the question, along with flying to it. So only time will tell if I go to another con.

I said last year I was going to get back into art big time, but I failed. With the end near I really need to get into gear. I  am currently working on one piece of art. And I'm working on my largest NLR military project to date. Another lighted, pony themed semi is also in the works. And maybe a small sequel/branch off of my Ace Combat: Battle for Equestria fanfic.

As for trains: Now that I know I've got a vehicle I can trust for long distances, I will probably be making more self trips to places I've wanted to go to.

So onward into 2019!

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HarmonyCon 2019

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 12, 2019, 1:21 AM
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  I knew about this new con taking over for Nightmare Nights in Dallas since last year, but wasn't planning on going to it because of it happening in the winter. But in January I decided to go for it since I had a vehicle that (hopefully) could get me there and back instead of having a rental car or hitching a ride. And there's a chance it could be the last pony con I ever go to since there's no word on CanterlotKC yet, and Crystal Fair in St. Louis is uncertain. I was hoping to get to the last BronyCon, but this appears very unlikely to happen. So I reserved a hotel room and registered, and took time off from work.


One of the things that I was worried would keep me from going was a winter storm showing up either on the day I would head down or back. And it appeared this was going to be the case as one involving ice was forecast to happen Thursday into Friday, the time I would be driving down there. It wound up hitting Wednesday into Thurs. morning, but there was a good chance the roads would still be slick due tot he temps being well below freezing the whole day and night  (the 4WD on my truck wouldn't mean much). I was checking the Kansas and Oklahoma road condition sites constantly (would be taking I-35 pretty much the whole distance). I went to bed at 4PM and hoped for the best.


Woke up at midnight and checked the roads, and all of them appeared to be good except for some stretches of I-35  in Oklahoma. I decided to try it so I loaded up my luggage and left a little after 3AM. All of the roads were dry aside from some darker spots which worried me. Soon I started getting a sore throat which would haunt me the entire trip and in the con, making me worry I was coming down with something.
 The KS turnpike was dead. Most of the traffic I saw was semis. South of Wichita there was more, and the closer I got to Oklahoma City the more active it got. Day started breaking :icondaybreakerplz: around Stillwell , OK. Luckily it was daylight when I got to OKC because the traffic was pretty thick and it's better to deal with it during daylight. Finally cleared town and the traffic died down. This time I managed to get some pic's of the "mountain range" in the southern part of the state where the road cuts through several hills.
As I got into Dallas the traffic started getting hairy, and I was on edge until I finally found my exit anf got off I-35. I  predicted I would get to the hotel around 11PM, and I was right. Found a parking space and checked into my room.
Now the fun begins.

I already had some of my first cosplay on. Everyone's favorite waifu stealer Flash Sentry (aka Brad) EQG Emote by Serendipony  (I will never get tired of doing that cosplay).
Got my badge and took a look around. Wasn't planning on spending much money, but I did get one big ticket item: a Coloratura custom from SanadaOokmai. Also inquired into the cosplay contest, and I wound up being the first one. Would once again enter with my 80's Shining Armor cosplay. This time with a new addition: instead of an MP3 playing 80's songs, I had an authentic 80's Panasonic ghettoblaster from the 80's I found for $5 at a garage sale last year. The first panel I attended was a best MLP character tournament where the audience got to vote on who out of 64 characters was officially the best pony.
HarmonyCon 2019: Best MLP Character Panel by lonewolf3878
 The winner was
MLP Vector - Autumn Blaze #2 by jhayarr23
Kirin mania is taking over the fandom. :P
Right after that was the "March for Equality", where attendees parade the hall promoting Comrade Glimmer's agenda. Just before it started, the best Glimmer (or actually Snowfall Frost) fursuit cosplayer ever appeared, and helped lead the parade.
HarmonyCon 2019: March for Equality by lonewolf3878
HarmonyCon 2019: Snowfall Frost by lonewolf3878
Next was the opening ceremonies.
HarmonyCon 2019: Opening Ceremonies by lonewolf3878

After that I just hung out in the hall with my R/C plushie transports. Unfortunately one of the controller batteries was dead so at first I could only run 2 of them.
At one point I was running my Luna one past the halls, and Elley Ray (who just finished a panel) saw it and took a video of it:…
Spent most of the time after that hanging out in front of the rave until 10PM, when I went to a panel on the history of fandom conventions. Having been up 23 hours I went back to my room at 11PM to get my cosplays ready for tomorrow and check my emails, etc. on my computer.

At 11:30 something happened that took me (and everyone else) by surprise. The fire alarms went off. I grabbed my coat and followed some others down the stairs and outside. I was surprised to see the cops and fire already there. At this point it was obvious it was more than someone pulling the alarm. Everyone went across the street to a parking lot as more cops showed up. No one knew what was going on. After being in the parking lot for around half an hour, the Marriott hotel nearby opened their lobby so everyone could get warm. Still there was no info on what was happening. Someone soon found out though. Some rat bastard from 4crap had "swatted" the con:… (i think swatters need to be executed). The fire alarm was set off to get everyone out of the building.
Obviously the cops were going to sweep the entire building, so me and others were wondering if we would return to having our rooms trashed.


 With no end in sight I rolled up my coat and tried to get some sleep on the floor in a hall at the hotel. Not long afterwards (around 2:30AM) they finally let everyone back in. I went back to my room, and to my surprise nothing had been disturbed. I later found out some weren't as lucky as the police had to kick open several doors that apparently wouldn't open (I was having trouble with the lock on mine all weekend so I'm lucky), and those people had to be moved to other rooms. I finally went to bed at 3:30AM.
I wanted to sleep until 9:30, but  only made it to 8:30. Decided to head to a nearby Walmart to get batteries for my R/C cars and a hairbrush (forgot to bring mine). Also got some more Tailwinds aircraft for a project I'm working on. There wasn't much going on aside from a panel on SFM ponies I went to,   so I just mingled about in my changeling/spy cosplay.
HarmonyCon 2019: That Rarity's a Spy! (changeling) by lonewolf3878
Met BN King for the first time in the video game room.
 At noon was the My Little Tesla Coil display (bumped up from 10AM). Awesome as always.
HarmonyCon 2019: My Little Tesla Coil by lonewolf3878
I then went to the video game room to play some retro games ( finished the arcade version of UN Squadron thanks to unlimited continues). While I was in there, someone got a pic' of my other truck while it was sitting outside the door:…
At 2:30 I headed back to my room to change into my 80's Shining Armor cosplay. The cosplay contest was hosted by Step 2 Harmony.
HarmonyCon 2019: Cosplay Contest by lonewolf3878
Some pretty good cosplays including the Tantabus, 2 different Fluttershys (incl Goddess Fluttershy), Daybreaker, and 2 Knights of Ni XD. The Fluttershys and Daybreaker got 1st-3rd in the adult category.

(video of when everyone was being staged outside).
Right after this I met one of the developers of the Legends of Equestria game.
After that I brought out all 3 of my R/C's (thanks to my room being on the same floor as the con, I could drive them to/from my room).
HarmonyCon 2019: Plushie Convoy by lonewolf3878
 My last panel of the night was one on brony fandom history by Choco Pony. Around this time the cops and medics showed up at the hotel again, but it was for an actual medical issue someone had (not sure what happened). After that I hung out in the lobby again and set up my HO scale train.
HarmonyCon 2019: Trains and Trucks by lonewolf3878
Which indirectly also caught someone's attention (Elley retweeted this):…
Finally started to get tired at midnight, so I went back and got my final cosplay ready, and packed up some of my stuff.

Always the depressing day of a con. Got up at 8:30 again (wanted to sleep until 9:30), finished packing, put my NLRAF pilot cosplay on, and headed out to check out of my room. First panel was one with Jim, Elley, and Tony where the audience wrote pony names or situations on cards, and they took turns coming up with short stories on what was on the cards (involving  2 ponies).
HarmonyCon 2019: Show Staff Shuffle Up by lonewolf3878
Right after that was the charity auction, which raied over $7500 dollars! (outstanding for a first year con). While that was going on, I decided to get 1 autograph. Elley got to sign Sunbutt's ride, even having a picture of her doing it taken:…
She also had one taken of her and me while I was holding it. I also hung out in the lobby playing GIFsound mashups and videos on my laptop, and playing my Equestria National Railway on Train Dispatcher 3.
Then it was the closing ceremonies, and the end of the con.
HarmonyCon 2019 Closing Ceremonies: Special Guests by lonewolf3878  HarmonyCon 2019 Closing Ceremonies: Con Chairmen by lonewolf3878
HarmonyCon 2019 Closing Ceremonies: Musicians by lonewolf3878  HarmonyCon 2019 Closing Ceremonies: Con Staff by lonewolf3878
Overall it was awesome (aside from that incident, which I hope doesn't discourage the hotel from hosting it next year if it comes back). The drive back was a little worse. Heavy fog in the mountain range South of OKC, and even heavier fog from Wichita all the way back home. If HarmonyCon does come back next year, not sure if I'll go as that is just too long of a drive for me.

Here's what I bought at the con:
HarmonyCon 2019: Goodies by lonewolf3878

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Legends of Equestria

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 22, 2018, 2:13 AM
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I finally got it going. I currently have 3 characters: My ponysona Chrome Thunder (unicorn. They actually had a cutie mark like my pony has), Maverick (pegasus), and Ice Crystal (earth). Will focus on getting Chrome maxed out first. If you have a character there maybe we'll meet at some point.

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What's up for 2018

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 16, 2018, 12:19 AM
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Time for the yearly state of the union address. :P

First off, as you have probably heard, thanks to some huge leaks we now know MLP: FiM will end in 2019, and be replaced with G5. We knew this day would come at some point. Still hurts to see it though. The show and fandom have been such a big part of my life it's definitely going to leave a void. I'm not too keen on G5 yet. I'm sure the fanbase will continue on for a couple more years, because  when the book closes for the last time on the show, and the last con closes up shop: the art. The fanfics. The music. The customs. The merchandise. And the memories will remain. Even after the last brony passes on to Valhalla, G4 will remain a chapter in the history of My Little Pony. The chapter where the franchise broke the gender barrier, and gave birth to one of the best fanbases ever. Future generations of MLP fans and collectors will come across the animations and customs, and wonder how the fanbase was able to produce such quality items compared to the other generations.

I've finally started to get back into art. Hopefully I can knock out everything I've wanted to do before the end. Like my shipping wars comic. I'll have to change a couple of ideas though since the "shipping situation" has changed in the show (namely Big Mac).

As for models: All I have planned right now is what will probably be the last custom Mad Max style model. The BIG one.

Back in October I got a new laptop. I discovered a few days ago (unlike this desktop) it's fully capable of running Team Fortress 2, so in addition to this game I'm going to get into Legends of Equestria (as soon as I figure out how to run it. Got the files downloaded, but can't get it to run).

I really want to try Ace Combat 7 when it comes out, and after mulling it over, instead of a PS4, I will get a new computer capable of running it, since IDK how much longer this one has left (It's served me well for 10 years). And hopefully we'll be able to make custom skins for the planes. If the feature is available, you can bet I will make some NLRAF ones. in addition to AC7, I may get into DCS World too. I just discovered you can get the textures for free from the site, so I've downloaded some and will try making some Equestria customs.

I'd get started on them right away, but unfortunately as I type this I'm down with the flu (Type A). The first time I've had it since 1992. I didn't think that's what it was at first because it seemed like just another upper respiratory infection, but I went to the doctor and it was the flu. According to her it's not as bad as it could've been because I did in fact have a flu shot. When I had it in the early 90's (for 3 years in a row; 1990, 91, and 92, I had it during Christmas. For a bit I thought I was cursed), it was what I have now plus the runs and puking. Luckily that's not the case this time. I am off from work until the 23rd.

As for cons: I'll try to get to Bronycon this year. No  guarantees though. I will be attending CanterlotKC if it happens again. Planet Comicon is another possibility.

Well that's it for now. Try to have a good year everyone!

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CanterlotKC Wrap Up

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 30, 2017, 6:33 PM
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The first CanterlotKC is in the books. As expected being a first year con with  no VA guests (the only 2 were Thom Zahler and :iconilovekimpossiblealot: ), and being on the same weekend as Nightmare Nights Dallas (RIP) attendance was light. To me it made it a little more personal and not as hectic. And for the first time I met :iconrailphotos: in person.
So here's the rundown.


Registration didn't open until 1:30PM so I was able to leave later than usual (around 11). Was kind of a cold trip to Overland Park in my drafty old car (temps in the 30's). I did have to stop at a Walmart in Ottawa briefly to get another tie for my new cosplay, plus some tape for the inevitable repairs. The trip took longer than it should have because my car get's a bad vibration above 60MPH, and I had to wait for 2 trains west of Ottawa. Nonetheless I got to the Double Tree right at 1:30.

I was able to check in to my room early so I got settled in before going to the pre register. My room was on the 8th floor, but it was a quick trip on the elevators (you could feel the G forces in those things!) As a check in gift you got 2 bottles of water and a cookie. There was also a larger bottle of Evian water sitting on the dresser, but opening it cost $5 so needless to say I didn't lay a single finger on it.
 At this time my cosplay was just an "nLr thug" (nLr  t-shirt, jeans, and glasses) :P . After that I went back to my room and got into my pilot one. Briefly put up my NLRAF display before the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony was scheduled for 3:30, but it was delayed until 4, and only lasted about 5 minutes. After that it was time to scope out the vendor's hall. Spending was light at first, but I would buy a few more items over the next couple days. The best item was a 2'X 3' wall scroll of this art:

No panels I was really interested in until  9 so I mostly just hung out in the lobby, except for the karaoke event. Wasn't going to try it, but I decided screw it and did a couple. First this song which I have memorized: 
Then this theme song  (I'm sure I was the only one in the room that actually watched it as a kid :P )

After that I finally brought out one of my R/C trucks and ran it around. Went with the Luna one, complete with my MP3 player playing Nicolas Dominique's Power of the Night album:

Last up was a panel debuting Kim's latest video, which was pretty good. After that there was a short dance party, and that wrapped up the first night.


Finally a full day of events. I put on my 80's Shining Armor cosplay and headed down to the con. Got there just in time to see the S7 season finale (though I already watched it a couple weeks ago :P).
Once again there wasn't any panels I was interested in, so I just did more hanging out. I did stop to try out a VR gaming setup someone brought in.  It was pretty awesome. After watching someone else play it I tried Lightblade VR and did pretty good for being completely new to it. Trying to hit the robot was the hard part.
Finally it was time for the highlight of the con: the My Little Tesla Coil display. Unfortunately something went wrong and it appeared it wouldn't happen. The cosplay contest was after it so I went back to my room and changed into my new one: Changeling Spy (forgot to get a pic' of it. Will upload one later). Basically a dark gray suit with changeling wings attached, and a ski mask with a changeling horn, and of course appropriate paper masks.
I was one of only 6 people in the contest. XD The contest was scheduled for 2 1/2 hours, but it only took about 30 mins. Good thing too because just before the contest they got the Tesla Coil going, so the show happened about a half hour after the contest.

After the show, I waited in the lobby for the rave. And now I had my Solar Flare R/C pickup and Celestia plushie running around. While running it a mom and her 2(?) year old son came down the hall (not attending the con), and he was absolutely amazed by it, getting a few dawwws from attendees sitting nearby. The mom didn't even know there were cons for MLP. Got a feeling the kid is going to find an R/C truck under the tree at Christmas. After that I brought out the Luna one too.

Next was a panel/livestream by Miki Silence on making paper ponies (later bought one from her). Having the stream chat being displayed resulted in some pretty funny moments.
Last thing of the night was the rave. Even though I didn't do much my legs still hurt from it. XD
After it I found out what happened to Midwest Brony Fest. It was literally done in by the weather that happened during it last year. The main thing being the VA's getting delayed by the weather. The airline refused to adsorb the cost of the delay, so the con had to rebook their flights which cost 60 thousand dollars. (and I think it was in fact: United Steaming Mad! ). Apparently the name was sold to someone else, and there's supposed to be a new MWBF next year. I'll stick with CKC though.
And with that day 2 was over.


As usual it was time to finish packing and check out of the hotel (making sure to tell them about a lamp that had a bad cord). My last cosplay was my award winning "Waifu stealer" one :P.  Went to KP's reviewing panel, then another livesteam one by Miki (which again had funny moments). Nothing of interest after that so I just hung out with Railphotos, watching pony stuff and ATCS Monitor (railfanning tool) on my laptop until the closing ceremonies.
I didn't pack Solar Flare into the car so I could run it around one last time.

Finally at 3 it was time for the closing ceremonies, and a brief charity auction.

And it was time to leave. With some daylight left, I made a railfanning stop on the way back (it paid off).

So what's the future of this con? They reached their goal of around 300 attendees, so it will be back next year. With NMND gone the fall con slot will be available. Here's hoping it continues to grow and give us heartlanders another con option.

And pic's of my con swag:

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CanterlotKC, MLP Movie, and rest of S7 leaked

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 11, 2017, 8:15 PM
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Well it's just about 2 weeks until pony returns to Kansas City. I will be there barring any unexpected events (I still have my hotel room for Nightmare Nights reserved, and will keep it until a couple days before CKC in case it doesn't happen or something). I'll have my R/C trucks up there, and for cosplays: I'll have my Flash Sentry and NLRAF pilot ones, and a new one that I need to get my ass in gear and work on.  I'll also have my laptop with me with my custom Equestria National Ry. territory for Train Dispatcher 3 installed on it.

As for the MLP Movie: I won't be seeing it in a theater.
I don’t want to be a single middle aged man in a sea of kids and parents (and the chance I’ll run into someone who knows me). Or worse: Alone in it with one family (there was already a case of this:… ). I considered going as part of a brony group, but the nearest meetup was 90 miles from me in KC (heck the nearest theater is 30 miles away) and I’m not driving that far for a movie (especially since I already have a trip to KC planned).
 I live in a small town where news spreads fast and some already think there’s something wrong with me (hence why someone I know might see me, because going to one of the 2 nearby cities for entertainment is what everyone does around here. Plus most of my coworkers are from those cities).
As of now only 3 people (outside of other bronies I met at cons and know on Facebook) know about me being a fan: My sister (lives in Missouri, certified pegasister along with her 2 kids), my uncle (lives with me), and one of my railfan friends (lives in one of those cities, but he doesn’t know how into pony I am). I dread the day someone we know pops in for a visit. XD

Finally the leak of the rest of FiM season 7. As if it wasn't enough to have the movie and show bible leaked, this happens (I think it's an inside job by a disgruntled DHX employee). I went ahead and watched them so my Saturday mornings are free.


My ratings:
Secrets and Pies: 8/10. Pinkie was on the verge of snapping in that one. XD

Uncommon Bond: 7/10. Poor Glimmy (filly Glimmy is so adorable).
 The way they ran into Trixie was hilarious. And once again she was acting cute.

And then there's Maud:

Shadow Play: 9.5/10. 9.5 because it was rushed a bit. Otherwise it was awesome.

But the best part of the finale was a flashback scene in part 2.

:D (Big Grin) :happybounce: La la la la Woohooooo!  w00t!
Starswirl banishing the Sirens makes them canon to the show, which makes Equestria Girls canon to the show.
 As expected the MLP purists/EqG haters are foaming at the mouth (and I'm enjoying every minute of it) and trying to point out every little thing that discredits it as being canon, but it's pointless because you know that show bible leak? It included the script for this episode. Aaaaand guess what it says?…
There is no escaping it. EVIL Laughter!
For examples of the salt:…

So yeah when the episode officially releases and everyone else sees it, expect a category 5 Sh*t and salt storm.


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I'm gonna' try something

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 28, 2017, 2:00 PM
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One thing I've thought about doing ever since I got this computer in 2008 is making flash animations (a result of both watching/playing stuff on Newgrounds and being a fan of Phoenix Wrong animations). I never tried though as I couldn't afford several hundred dollars for a copy of Flash.

Now Adobe has announced them and browser makers will kill off Flash in 2020, which means the countdown to the end has started. Adobe's Flash replacement that can render stuff in HTML5 is another damn subscription software like Photoshop, so I definitely won't be getting it. And copies of the latest version of Flash are still more than I can afford.

Here's where having an older computer with Windows XP becomes a benefit.

I looked around on Ebay, and I found a brand new sealed copy of Macromedia Flash 5 (full) for $40 (education version if that means anything, and I hope it doesn't), and a book on making games with Flash 5.  I'm finally going to install the graphics card I got for this computer several years ago and give flash animations a try. Flash 5 was designed with Win98 and NT computers in mind, so my XP one should be able to handle it nicely.
 I would like to make a game based on my Ace Combat: Battle for Equestria fanfic. I don't have much free time as it is, but I want to at least try.

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What a crappy month it's been

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 27, 2017, 3:13 AM
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 This month has not been very good for me. At least the second half anyway.

The first half was fine. Got some railfanning in, and went to see Iron Maiden (with Ghost opening for them) again on the 11th.

 Then on Saturday the 15th I woke up with a bit of a sore throat. I went to work and by the end of the shift It was worse, plus I was burning up, was weak, and started to get a cough. Went home and found my temperature was over 102. Went to bed, and woke up for round 2 of my 3 day work. Temp was still over 101, but I had to go to work. It was a struggle to get through the first half of the (12 hour 7PM to 7AM) shift, but I managed to get the next day off, and then I got lucky. With some machines down and 2 other people on my shift that could run a forklift, they let me go home early.

Went to the doctor that Monday morning and was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection (something I get maybe 3 times a year, but I haven't had one this bad since 2008). Just told to keep taking over the counter stuff and get some rest. Which is what I did (I've tried 8-10 different meds so far).
When it was time for work again Thursday I was feeling a little better, but now my cough was even worse with chest congestion, and my voice was starting to go. By Saturday morning the high end of my voice was gone. Went to the doctor again and they changed it to acute Rhinosinusitis, AKA a sinus infection. They prescribed me some moldy bread extract (amoxicillin :P ).

By work time Tuesday I was  feeling much better. My cough wasn't as bad, but the high end of my voice was still gone. I was eating my usual before work meal when things got even worse for me. I was chewing on the right side of my mouth and suddenly POW. My last wisdom tooth on my left side almost put me on the floor with pain. The dentist office was already closed, and work time was approaching so all I could do was take a couple of Alieves and hope for the best. I managed to get Wednesday off so I could get to the dentist. The pain subsided until about 1AM when it hit me again. It was gone by the end of the shift, but started to come back. In another stroke of luck they were able to get me in at 9AM due to a cancellation. One hour later and my last wisdom tooth was gone.

 And so  now as I type this I'm both trying to put and end to this URI, and nursing the extraction site of the tooth. The high end of my voice is sounding a tiny bit better, but I'm worried my vocal cords may have been damaged by the infection, coughing, or both.
Hopefully It will all be gone by next weekend. The Midland Railway in Baldwin City, KS is going to have some steam pulled excursion trains. And I definitely don't want to miss it.

This downtime has gotten me  working on a bit of art again though.

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Chrome Rants: Spoilers (may contain MLP spoilers)

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 3, 2017, 7:02 AM
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 I understand how people want to avoid spoilers so everything is a surprise when the  episode, game, etc. comes out, but I scoff at those who get anal about it (when  Ace Attorney Investigations came out, a few people wouldn't look at the title as they considered the fact Edgeworth was the main character was a spoiler. And then there's those who won't even look at episode synopsis's or episode titles ). Especially those who saw the spoilers and feel the need to virtue signal to others over them. Because more often than not, by doing that they're giving away the spoiler themselves.

How exactly? I'll give a recent example that happened to me.

I recently watched a Bronystate stream, and they showed the video for Applejack's Days Gone By song. Someone commented about the song still hurts, and in the heat of the moment I blurted out (exact quote) "and it hurts even more now". Within seconds someone yells at me (incl. my name) NO SPOILERS . Oops.

But then I got to thinking about it.
How could what I said be a spoiler? If someone is avoiding spoilers they would've been completely clueless about that comment. The only ones who would know are those who saw the spoiler in question.
But then that person yells NO SPOILERS and suddenly everyone else knows what I said is a spoiler somehow.

And that wasn't it. Shortly afterwards  someone commented about AJ's parents being dead, which is a headcanon that has been accepted by 90% of the fandom since season one. And what happens? Someone else comments what amounted to "please don't talk about spoilers from episodes aired in other countries."
 And again others wouldn't have known what they said was a spoiler until they mentioned that.

I've seen it other times. Someone says something that is a hint at a spoiler, but only one that people knowledgeable about the spoiler would get, and one of them blurts it out.
If you're going to jump someone on a forum, chat, etc. for posting a vague spoiler that no one but those who know about it would recognize, keep quiet or direct message them (Or you know... Let the actual mods handle it), or you may wind up giving it away yourself.

As for my stance on spoilers: I don't avoid them at all. I like being in the know and will watch leaks, early airings in other countries, look at pic's, etc (early birds get the first fanart and customs). I've seen all of the episodes in the  the first half of MLP S7 early which worked for me as I was still able to watch them live, and left my weekends free when the ep's aired in the US.  If the rest of MLP S7 airs early I'll watch it early again.

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Equestria Train Dispatcher 3 territory ready

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 27, 2017, 12:53 AM
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After 3 weeks of testing and tweaking it's finally ready:…

The readme explains how to set it up and the various aspects of the simulation, and where to get the Equestria font required for 2 of the files.

If you don't have the game but would like to try it (and the Track Builder program) , go to Softrail's site and click the Ebay link (TD3 is $20 and Track Builder 3 is $40. You don't need TB3 to use TD3):…

While there be sure to download the manual(s) and the 2 free territory ZIPs. The game works on WindowsXP and 7, and according to Softrail will work on Win10.

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Custom Train Dispatcher 3 territory and con update

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 5, 2017, 9:49 AM
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There's a computer simulation game called Train Dispatcher (it first came out in the 80's), and a couple weeks ago I downloaded both the latest (and last) version Train Dispatcher 3 and Track Builder 3 from Signal (you can buy the downloads on Ebay, though they no longer offer support for them. TD3 is $20 and TB3 is $40), and since then I've been making custom territories (fictitious and real).
 I've finished making one one for the Equestria National Railway. It will be based on the latest official map of Equestria. It will have custom train icons (they won't appear in the classic dispatcher view), problems, and pony voice clips for most of the alerts in the game. Plus there's 2 versions: One has standard Arial narrow font for the station names, and the other the Equestria font made by Pixel Sagas (for it to work you have to have this font already on your computer or download it before you try the territory).
 I'll offer it as a free ZIP file (including with the voice clip files) if anyone here has TD3.
Here's some screenshots:…
This is the "classic" dispatcher view. It's what a real dispatcher display looks like.…
The other view that let's you see the little train icons.…
More of the territory and the train list (there's 100+ trains in a 24 hour period)…
The green lines are the routes you've set up. Red is the actual trains.…
The 2nd version with station names in Equestria font.

And an update on Canterlot KC.
The con has been scheduled for Oct. 27-29. The same time as Nightmare Nights Dallas. :/  The choice is easy for me. I'd rather drive 90 miles with my own car than 450 miles with a rental (the cost savings would be huge). I still have a room reserved for NMND in case Canterlot
KC doesn't happen.
They also have their first guest: White Dove.

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Pony Cons this year

Journal Entry: Fri May 26, 2017, 6:35 AM
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Well my attempt at getting to Bronycon this year is over. I doubt I would've been able to find a ride, and enough money for it, so I cancelled  my hotel reservation and will try again next year.
And of course if Midwest Brony Fest was still going on, I'd be getting ready to head for it as I type this.

There's another reason I cancelled though.

I will try and get to Nightmare Nights Dallas again this year, but there's something else:

Rising from the ashes of MWBF is CanterlotKC!
It was going to be held in November, but it's been bumped up to October. It gives me an alternative if I can't make it to NMND. If all goes well though, I'll be attending both (unless they happen on the same days :P ). I estimated it would've cost me around 1 grand to get to Bronycon, plus I wouldn't have had enough vacation days from work to use towards all 3. I can put some of that money saved towards the new KC con (it's only $35 right now, but I'll gladly pay a bit more to ensure it's a success).

So October could be pretty busy for me.

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What am I doing?

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 18, 2017, 12:27 PM
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As of right now I have 51 aircraft models in 5 scales (and this isn't counting the 40 or so diecast  Tailwinds toys). This includes 1 I just finished (F-14) and 2 I need to make decals for (F-14, F-16. Yes those 2 will be NLRAF ones).
But I just ordered 2 more F-14's, and may get another 3-4 toms including a 1:32 scale one (I don't really like the price of those though). And there's a few other planes.  Needless to say I'm running out of room unless I start hanging more from the ceiling.

When I finally stop on my binge, I plan on taking a group photo of everything.

Oh that's right I still have a couple of custom Mad Max style car models to do also. :P

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Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 17, 2017, 6:20 AM
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I just now got to see them because my ISP had a problem somewhere and my (and everyone else who uses them) internet was out from 3AM Thursday to sometime last night/early this morning. That's the longest it's ever been down. I'm back now though.

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Looking Back and Looking Ahead: 2016/2017

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 2, 2017, 8:23 AM
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Well here it is 2017. Time for the yearly state of the union address (OK not really :P ). This time I'm going to look back on the past year also.


 The year started out on a VERY sour note with all of the roof and house insurance problems going on. That debacle cost me around $2,000 ($1,100 of which I had to borrow out of my 401K) to fix, and I had to blow through half of my vacation days from work to do it. I do consider it my greatest achievement of the year though: Single handedly replacing the entire roof on my house. And with that I got the insurance problem mostly solved (there's one more thing I still need to work on but it's not as important). Plus the insurance is finally in my name instead of my dad's (now if only the damn mortgage company would add my name to the mortgage).
 My victory celebration for it was attending the Black Sabbath farewell concert in Kansas City in February. Once again I went up there with my metalhead friend (and his metalhead friend). Awesome concert by Ozzy (Rival Sons opened for them and I loved their 70's style sound).
another bright spot was Feb. was my 10th anniversary of my job. Didn't seem like it had been that long. My gifts for it were an award, personal day off, jacket, and 2 $100 gift cards for GiftCertificates. com (used it on 2 K-Mart ones).

With things getting brighter, it was time to plan for Midwest Brony fest. This time I went all out and got the $200 Flutter level badge so I could really make a contribution to it (full report on it: Midwest Brony Fest 2016 ). Sadly that was the last year for the con (from what I gathered after  I made my journal on it (End of the Line: Midwest Brony Fest) , the con staff just kind of fell apart, and that was it.
Aside from MWBF the spring and summer didn't offer much besides some railfanning and storm chasing trips with my friend Eric. The only hiccups were my washer croaking and my car's fuel pump going out, which could've been a major problem.
  I was going downtown, and I got about a block from my house when it croaked and left me dead in the water. Luckily a neighbor and a couple other guys pushed me back to my driveway. Right then and there I went down to the auto parts store on my bike and got the new pump. $30 and 1 1/2 hours of work later and my car was running again, and I was able to run my errands. Another reason I'm so glad I have an older car. The fuel pump was block mounted and easy to get to (because of this I did have to change the oil again because gas got into it). Had it been the Pontiac I used to drive or any newer car with a tank mounted pump, it probably would've been a several hundred dollar repair bill and been without a car for a couple days.

Not much else happened until September when I started planning my trip to Nightmare Nights Dallas. Then I find out the guy I was going to ride with couldn't go, and I had to figure out what to do (all explained in this journal: Nightmare Nights Dallas 2016 ).
I worked one night of overtime  to get the money for it, but suffered a major setback when one of my cats broke his left rear foot, which was a $240 vet bill. Luckily he was completely healed in a mere 3 weeks (when my brother broke his ankle in 1999 it took 2-3 months for it to heal). Because of this I had to work another night of overtime to make up for it.
In my journal on the end of MWBF I mentioned I didn't think I could drive myself that far. Well I proved myself wrong :D .

After that, the rest of the year was uneventful. Though I was dreading the end of the year. Why? I was scared at the idea of Hillary becoming president. For the record I had issues with all of the candidates, but Hillary was the worst of them all. Though there's stuff he said I don't agree with, I'm glad Trump got in (ANYBODY would've been better than her).
And now the DNC is throwing a S-fit over it, when it was their fault. If they had picked Bernie over her he would've been the winner. But nooooo they wanted her and no one else and went above and beyond the call of duty to get her in.
And it failed. Don't call it a grave, it's the future you chose DNC.

Anyway screw politics. Christmas was a little interesting. Instead of cold temps and snow, Kansas had warm temps (60's) and the threat of SEVERE THUNDERSTORMS (including a slight tornado threat) :o (Eek) . There was even a t-storm watch issued for central Kansas ahead of a front. When the front reached my area there was no severe storms aside from some strong winds. And I bet the temperature dropped 20 degrees after the gust front of the storm passed.


As for MLP art this year: As I type this I'm almost done with a large project I started in November. I should have it up here in a couple of days. It's another Equestria HO scale building. I also want to do a few smaller ones.
 As for brushable customs: The only one I'm planning is  a Countess Coloratura. Of course if season 7 or the movie bring new characters that will change.
There is one other custom I'll make: a 2nd Pacific Glow brushable. I have everything I need for it so I can start at anytime.
There is one thing different though: I won't be keeping it. For the first time I am selling one of my customs. After it's done I'll put it on Ebay and see where it goes (I'll announce it when it's time).

As for art: I really need to get back into it. I've got tons of ideas I want to make a reality. One will be a series of ponified fictional and real characters/persons. the other is my Shipping Wars comic series. I may just break down and use other people's vectors in addition to my own to speed things up. Finally (though I hate that site for being overrun by SJW's) I may start an art blog on Tumblr dedicated to a certain angle on 2 certain sisters.
I still need to finish my Ace Combat: The Wolfpack Missions fanfic also (I'm just burned out on writing fanfics).
And there's still a massive project I want to do. Something to go with my expanding collection of NLR 1:144 aircraft. ;)

As for cons: With MWBF gone, I have nothing to look forward to this summer except for Planet Comicon in KC. If Andy Price is there again I'll go to it as a 1 day trip. I will do a cosplay for it. Either Eric Draven, my NLRAF pilot one, or a new one I have planned (an MLP crossover one).
I still want to go to Bronycon just once, and maybe this will be the year. Again I'll be reliant on hitching a ride with someone else. and if I do, the trip won't be just about pony. I just now realized the USS Constellation is a mere 2 blocks from the con to the east, and the B&O Railroad Museum is a mile to the west. I estimate if I can find a ride, the trip would run me around $800-$1000.
As for Nightmare Nights: I am planning on going this year also.  Wherever or not I'll be riding with someone else or driving myself has yet to be determined (and probably won't be until around July or August). If I do drive myself I'm going to stick to the interstate both down and back this time. :P

As for other stuff: I think it's time to get a good camera. So I'm planning on getting a good used DSLR one so I can really nail night time shots, and get superb daylight ones. I may try doing some more train drawings, and even paintings this year also.
I'm sure there will be some railfanning and storm chasing trips this year also. At leas I'll have more vacation and personal days to work with.

Well that's about it. Onward with the year!

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Nightmare Nights Dallas 2016

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 24, 2016, 11:51 AM
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For the 2nd time I attended NMND. I almost didn't though.
I reserved a room at the Crowne Plaza back in July, and got my sponsor level badge last month. My plan was to again hitch a ride down there with Electrical Enginerd (Tesla coil guy), but a couple weeks from the con I found out he wasn't going to be able to make it. I tried to find another ride, but it was obvious I wasn't, and with my car unsuitable for such a long distance (over 900 mile round trip) so after examining my finances, I decided to do a first for me: Rent a car and drive down there. Enterprise had one for only $20 a day, so I went for it. It meant I would have far less to spend at the con (and my utility bill would be a bit late), but at least I would be going.
I was worried though at the notion of driving a car that isn't mine that far (I don't like using other people's stuff for fear something might happen to it), but when the time came I went for it.


Around noon I had a friend drive me to Topeka to pick up the car, which turned out to be a Nissan Versa (was expecting a Kia Rio as shown on their site) which ironically had Texas plates . The newest car I've ever driven. And needless to say I was green on driving it since it was nothing like my 1980 Plymouth Volare. I could barely feel the gas pedal which made it easy to give it too much gas. I slowly made my way out of Topeka and headed for home. As is the norm for me though I picked up on it pretty fast, and soon found the joys of cruise control.
After running and errand I went to bed as I would get up around 10PM, pack the final items, and leave at 2AM Friday morning. I planned on taking highway 75, 69, and the Indian Nation Turnpike to Dallas as the toll would only be $2.00 (vs. $8.75 to take the Kansas Turnpike/I-35). The route was shorter than taking the I-35 one, but took more time.

Taking the latter route would've been better.

I got out of town a little late at 2:30AM. As I drove down hwy. 75, my worries slowly turned to excitement. It was somewhat slow going since 75 went through several towns and was mostly 2 lane. I made a quick stop at a Walmart  in Independence, KS to get something for my cosplays, then continued on.
I didn't have to stop for gas until Okmulgee, Oklahoma (the Versa has killer gas mileage), and with the sun almost up stopped for food. Got on the I.N. turnpike at Henrietta (unlike the Kansas one I'm used to, you pre pay the tolls for the most part).  The trip soon slowed though as there was construction  all along it, including at the first toll booth North of Vernon, OK. As I approached the sign said keep right for cash payment, and construction barriers were reinforcing this, so I did, and it took me off the turnpike Doh! . I paid .75 in change, then drove about 9 miles down hwy. 9 to try and find someplace to get more change so I could get back on (the booths were unmanned coins only). Couldn't find one so I went back and hoped I had enough to get back on. I did ($1.25), and continued on. Made a stop at a service plaza before getting onto hwy. 69 at Henrietta.
Going down 69 I soon found railroad tracks next to the highway, so I kept watch. Wasn't long before I came across a Union Pacific train going the other way. I would've had time to stop and get a pic' but I didn't. Not long after that I overtook another one going the other way so I got ahead, found a crossing, and waited for it. Got a couple of pic's and continued on.
I finally got  to the con around 12:30PM, missing out on a couple of panels (nothing important), but at least I was there. Checked into the hotel, unloaded my stuff, parked the car, and went to my room where I spent about an hour unpacking and getting the rest of my first cosplay on (I already had the shirt on).
It was WAIFU STEALING TIME!Mwahahahahahahaha!

On the way out the elevator door opend and there was one of my friends from MWBF standing there. He had ridden down with 2 others from Lawrence/Kansas City.
No sooner than I walked in I got comments on it. Just like that a couple of girls cosplaying Midnight Sparkle and Daydream Shimmer asked if they could get a photo of them fighting over Flash later, and of course I said yes (I have no problem with people taking pic's of my cosplays). I registered (incl. for the cosplay competition) and walked into the con. The first panel I walked in on was the EqG fan panel by Horse News. One of the panelists was cosplaying Sunset and immediately wanted to get a pic' with  me, and I even got invited to sit in with it a bit and offer opinions. After that was the opening ceremonies, and then an autograph session for sponsors only. The line was long and I was worried I  would miss the cosplay contest, which was right afterwards, but I managed to get mine and get out to get my cosplay prop with minutes to spare. As for the autographs: I had Larson sign my Funko Twilight's wing (told him I was one of the few who didn't have a problem with Twi's transformation), and he liked my Flash cosplay. Then I went over to Vincent who loved it. Only got a photo with him:
Then I got Brenda's autograph (on a still in box Zecora brushable), and she liked my, blue eyes.Blush
There were some good cosplays at the contest. And you could have them play music during your appearance, so I transferred the song I was going to go onstage with (Beastie Boys Rhymin' and Stealin') from my MP3 player to my laptop, then to my flash drive beforehand. Unfortunately it was played for the wrong person. Oh well. Didn't need it because my waifu stealer cosplay was a hit. And I won best prop for my "Bag O' Waifus"Woohooooo! .
And of course, after the contest this happened:XD
My final panel of the night was a Horse News one on fandom drama (wasn't going to miss that one=p (Razz) ). Didn't get to sleep until 2 AM.


Slept in longer than I wanted to, but managed to change into my 80's Shining Armor costume in time for the all guests panel. Then I took part in the "march for Equality" (I'm sure Kelly would've taken part, but she was doing autographs).
I went to the charity auction (altogether  over $15,000 was raised for St. Jude), then the VA panel which featured the VA's first having to do a short skit with scripts they hadn't had a chance to rehearse. Went to eat dinner (I brought some food with me so I wouldn't have to get outrageous hotel stuff or go out looking for something), then went to a a late running panel that wound up being combined with another (confidence through cosplay and state of the fandom). Picked up a couple of badge ribbons saying I was blocked by 2 different people (even though I'm not) :P . I wanted to go to the drink with Mitch and Foalpapers panel, but because the other panel ran late I caught the last hour of the OONTZ rave before going to bed. Saturday wasn't as good as Friday, but still had some interesting stuff.


Things just go by too fast. Got into my NLRAF pilot cosplay, and checked out of my room by 11:30, made another pass through the vendor's hall (found a neat little scrolling message badge that became part of my cosplay), then went to the History of Cons panel, and for the heck of it checked out Beardcon. On the way I finally met :iconsibsy:
Decided to get my NLR game on my assembling my Luna banner and standing at attention (somewhat). Probably had 12-15 people take pic's and 1 video of me. Lots of people including Dustykatt liked it.
I swung by the autograph session to get a pic' with Kelly before going to the explain this to me panel, which almost ran into the closing ceremonies. And with the end of that, it was time to go home. I managed to get out of Dallas before nightfall, and this time took I-35 back, which went much faster. 8 hours later I was home.
Was it worth the time and money? Yes it was. It was nice to get away from everything. As for next year: Hopefully I can find a ride. I'd much rather do that because it saves money, and it's funner. Of course we don't know what the future is going to bring. Heck that might have been my last con. We'll see (I'd still like to go to Bronycon).

As I type this I've been up 28 hours straight (namely because I had to get the rental car back to Topeka by noon). Time to get to bed.

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End of the Line: Midwest Brony Fest

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 18, 2016, 9:22 PM
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 Looks like 2016 was the last year for MWBF.

It was a great 5 years while it lasted. I attended all of them. All full of good memories except for one (2014 thanks to that accident).

This means there are no pony cons within my driving distance now (not only because of my car, because I don't think I can handle driving a long distance like that). The closest are Crystal Fair in St. Louis, and Nightmare Nights in Dallas. The only way I can attend those now is to hitch a ride with someone like I did for the 2014 NMND. Which means this might have been my last year for ponycons might have a ride to NMND this year but I'm not sure yet).

I was hoping it would become the premiere pony con in the Midwest because of it's location. But it looks like it just got too big for the staff to handle, which is too bad.

Depressed Pinkie Pie by AtomicGreymon

Links to my journal posts of the 5 cons:……………

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Looking Down the Road: Fanmade MLP Items

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 3, 2016, 8:41 PM
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While at work a few days ago, I got to thinking about the fanmade items in the fandom. At no point in the history of My Little Pony has there been so much fanmade stuff, of quality equal to, or even exceeding the quality of official merchandise. And I have to wonder: What value will it all have 20 or 30 years down the road when MLP is up to Gen. 6 or 7, and the G4 fanbase has moved on (or sadly passed on)?

Look at all of the custom brushables, sculptures, and blind bags there are. And plushies. Oh man the plushies. I'm sure the amount of custom ones made is now in the 5 digit range, in sizes from tiny to life size, and from one offs to mass produced ones like White Dove's. Some OC characters even have mass produced plushies now like Snowdrop,  Fluffle Puff and Overhaul (*hugs his examples of the first 2*). And even the Onlyfactory bootlegs come into play.

Then there's the  other items. Woodcrafts,  art, Silver Slinger's stuff, buttons, models of buildings, clothing, etc. etc.. And of course all of the one of a kind items made for convention charity auctions (including stuff I made) that have sold for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Will any of this stuff still have value in the future generations? Could they wind up in the category of folk art antiques/collectibles like many handmade items from the early 1900's have become? Many of us won't be around long enough to find out, but it's something to think about.

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Midwest Brony Fest 2016

Journal Entry: Mon May 30, 2016, 1:52 AM
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And another MWBF is in the books. This will go down as the best (and slightly troubled) one in the books. Here's my rundown of my trip.

Normally I  would've worked on that day (and Friday), but I took it off to prepare for the con. I got the "Flutter" level sponsor badge, which meant extras, and  going to the meet and greet with the VA's.
Spent it trying to finish my Flash Sentry cosplay and packing stuff up, while keeping an eye on the weather. It was a big severe weather day in this part of Kansas, and it struck Kansas City too. At one point a tornado warning was issued for the area including the Expo center and KCI itself, forcing everyone setting up to take shelter. A tornado did in fact touch down just a few miles south of it near Weatherby Lake.
And that wasn't the first weather trouble for the con. Meanwhile in Denver it was also storming, and the flights with VA's Peter New, Tabitha, Kelly Sheridan, Kelly Metzger, and Ashleigh Ball,  all got diverted and thanks to the airline (Delta) they were stuck there from Thursday to Friday night, which threw off a few things.
And that wasn't the end of it. After the severe storms it was rain, rain, and more rain. By midnight pretty much all of NE Kansas and NW Missouri was under flash flood and flood warnings. My neck of the woods got around 6 inches. It showed no signs of stopping either which worried me because I'd have to drive up there in it, and my car's ignition system doesn't like heavy rain. Plus my route would take me through flood prone areas, which might mean road closures. I went to bed around 2AM after giving up on my attempt at finishing my Flash Sentry jacket (had to come up with a contingency plan that I would finish while at the con), but couldn't get to sleep no matter what I tried, and I only got in an hour before having to get up at 6:30AM.

Music for this portion:

I awoke to find the creek a quarter mile south of my house out of it's banks, and delaying both of the Amtrak trains that go through here because it tripped the high water detector on the bridge. But the good news was the rain was gone, and there were no road closures. I put on most of my 80's Shining Armor cosplay and packed the last of my stuff. I wanted to get out of here at 8AM, but I didn't until over a half hour later (had to dry out my car's ignition system and make a stop to get some PVC pipe fittings for a banner pole I was making).
The trip up was pretty smooth. I planned on taking I-35 to I-435 at Olathe, then that to the con, but they're still working on the new interchange (for 2-3 years now) so I had to find a second way to I-435. I plotted an I-35 - 119thst - Renner blvd - I-670 - I 435 - MO 152 - I-29 route (I-35 - I-635 - I-29 was more direct, but I wasn't about to try going that route on a weekday morning because of the number of exits you had to take that heavy traffic would make you miss). Got to the Renner/670 interchange, and it was closedCURSE YOU! . So I had to go up to Southwest blvd and get to I-435. I didn't think I'd make it before the start of the con at 10:30, but I did. I put on the wig and a couple other items for my Shining Armor cosplay and went in.
And then it didn't matter as the opening ceremonies got bumped to 11. :o (Eek) The VA's who were there pulled up the others on their phones briefly during it: 
Ran into some friends, and found out the custom lanyards sponsors were supposed to get got incinerated in a Fedex warehouse fire in Oklahoma. Plus some of the swag for sponsors wasn't there yet (again because of the Fedex idiots), so that plus over half of the VA's not there, and a big Legends of Equestria game setup that was supposed to be there MIA, Friday was a pretty off day. Nicole Oliver, Anneli Heed, Big Jim, and the Crebers made it in though so the VA panel continued, although late, and they were able to Skype with Peter, Ashleigh, Kelly and Starlight (which is what I'll use for Kelly Sheridan so I don't confuse them :P ).  Around this time the weather started acting up again (we just can't have a MWBF without rainGrump ), which caused a flash flood warning. Noted when someone's phone kept going off with the emergency alert system.

 I tracked down my friend who's a chairman for the con and gave him my auction items, then browsed the vendor hall. The first autograph session was pretty dead with only a few VA's and staff there. Got 2 of 5 I planned to get with Nicole signing my Solar Empire SU-27 model, which she liked. Also got a photo with her (and I'm an NLR backer :P ). Also had Anneli sign a Spitfire comic. Went to a few panels, and scoped out the video game area. Before they had 3 or 4 newer consoles for people to play. This time there was around TWENTY consoles from the Intellivision to the Xbox and everything in between. I tried out an Atari 7800 for the first time since the 80's (my family had one back then, but after it and a replacement screwed up we got an NES, and yes there were a couple of those up there along with the other Nintendo consoles). There were even some mini Smash Bros. tournaments.

They finally called sponsors over to pick up their bags of con swag, which they had (and were still) working furiously to finish. It was then I realized I forgot about my custom con badge of my ponysona that I would get for my sponsor level. Went to the front desk and they had it. Pretty nice.
Scoped out Ponyville FM's little concert before heading to my hotel room. While there, my friend was going over with the others about what to put in place of the Legends of Equestria game. He has a Minecraft server, so they decided to jump on it and set it up instead. About that time the LoE group showed up and got to work.
After that I headed to my hotel room.  For the first time I picked the hotel next to the con (Holiday Inn) so I could come and go anytime I wanted, which was nice. Just before then the news was out the rest of the VA's were on a plane to the con.
I then worked on finishing my Flash Sentry jacket. I had bought one I was going to try and repaint with fabric spray paint to look like his, but it failed miserably (glad it was a Goodwill item). Instead I had a black jacket I got from my employer earlier this year for perfect attendance for the year. I painted a couple of strips of white fabric with a red stripe and sewed them on the arms, then printed out a Canterlot Wondercolts logo on self adhesive paper to cover up the company logo.

Music for this portion:
No rain, just clouds this time. Woke up, got into my Flash Sentry cosplay, got breakfast downstairs at the cafe in the hotel, and headed in for day 2. The first thing was a stream of the new episode at 10:30. It started out quiet, but as soon as everyone saw this:… , the room exploded with laughter :rofl: Overall it was an awesome episode. Rainbow Dash was busted, and Applejack is confirmed for Engineer.

All of the VA's were there now so it was time for Tabitha's VA panel. Everyone figured it was going to be crazy, and it was. The first thing the con announced was no pictures or video could be taken of the panel, after which a short time later Tabitha overrode that statement and told everyone they could for the quick Q&A they had before the reading :P  (the con guy wasn't there when she said that so he came back in after he saw camera flashes, at which point she told him). The panel was a gut busting "fanfic" read. =P (Razz)

Then it was time for autograph session #2. And it was PACKED. Especially Ashleigh and Tabitha's lines, which at one point had a "feeder" line to both that if laid out, would've been over half the length of the con. Was going to get theirs and Starlight's signatures, but by the time I got to Tabitha everyone but Ashleigh and Nicole had already left for the VIP BBQ. My thing for Tabitha to sign? My Luna Trucking Semi. I connected it and hit the lights, and both her and her agent(?) loved it. Enough to where she wanted to get a picture of it, and me. Oops!
And she Tweeted it.
This is it folks. The first time you get to see my ugly mug on the internet (well unless you know where to look):…
Needless to say the con was made for me at that point. Outside I literally was :iconmaudpieplz: , while on the inside I was :iconpinkiepieplz: . It was worth the $180 ticket and $225 hotel.
Then I went to Ashleigh's line, which was still pretty big, but everyone got in before they left for the BBQ. I had her sign my Rainbow Dash Corvette model, which she thought was cool. Got my photo taken with her too (sorry AJ and RD fans. Flash stole your waifuEVIL Laughter!  ). Starlight had already left so I'd have to get her's the next day.

Managed to catch part of ElectricalEnginerd's Tesla coil display before going to sign up and stage for the cosplay competition. I ran back to my room beforehand to get my "Bag O' Waifus" (my MWBF 2015 messenger bag stuffed with plushies). Needless to say I got the reactions I wanted (in addition to putting letters on the bag, I glued "U mad bro?" to the back of my jacket)Problem? . I also had my MP3 player with me to play the Beastie Boys Rhymin' and Stealin' while up there. Unfortunately I don't think anyone heard it though  thanks to one of the speaker wires being broken which cut down the sound).  This time I didn't win anything (different form of judging this year), but it was still fun. The winner was an impressive Chrysalis. Second place would've been my choice for first: A girl cosplaying :iconflufflepuffplz: . She was COMPLETELY in character before, during, and after the contest, talking only with pbbbt's and gasps (which sounded exactly the same as on the animations). She even got excited when I took my talking Chrysalis out of my bag.

After that I realized I missed the Apple Family panel (Michelle, Peter, Tabitha, and Ashleigh) which sucked (it was supposed to happen Friday). Tried to find a place to set up my HO scale train before Louder, but there was no place convenient. Managed to get it set up and running for a short time.
I also tried my hand at a bit of Legends of Equestria. Surprisingly they had my ponysona's cutie mark. The controls are pretty awkward, and after a short time I wasn't able to talk to other NPC ponies. Plus  missions that went in the journal were missing. Only tried it for about an hour.

I then scoped out Louder for an hour before going back to my hotel room for a bit, then went back for another couple hours. Glad I did because around 11 Gabe and Michelle showed up with Bassik for a few songs, then for a bit jumped right into it and started a dance off that got the already slowing down crowd going full bore again. I don't dance, but I might jump to the beat a little. During it someone gave me a small blue glow stick, so I put it around my Luna plushie's neck :P.…;
About the same time someone brought in  a couple of balls to bounce around: A small one and a big one, and soon they were getting kicked and bounced all over the place. The small one got stuck in one of the bowl shaped chandeliers in the ceiling, while the big one successfully knocked 5 or 6 ceiling tiles loose, and managed to strike another chandelier a few times, making it rock pretty good.
The Crebers set up a little booth during the rave too, and I got their Getting Stronger album (complete with autographs). I finally left for my room a little after midnight, got on the computer for a bit (I have a laptop, but it's pretty dated), and went to bed.

Music for this portion:

It just went by too quick. I got into my NLRAF pilot costume, settled up with the hotel, and took most of my luggage to the car except for what I needed at the con. Wasn't anything interesting going on for the first couple of hours, so I set up my NLRAF recruitment station :P . Caught the end half of a who's line is it panel (I think that's what it was) with Gabe, Michelle, Peter,  Bassik, and a couple others which was hilarious because needless to say shots were fired all over the place;) (Wink) , including a couple of Irish drinking songs.

Then it was time for the final autograph session. I was first in line for Starlight. My item to sign? A Gun sniper Leena Special Zoids model. She recognized it immediately and talked about how she liked working on that Zoids series (New Century Zero).
Got some lunch (the Expo center has their own cafe), then waited for the tea time meet and greet sign up at 2. It was an event where the VA's mingled with the guests while drinking tea and eating  cookies (or biscuits by Brit terms). I had some Earl Grey tea, which tasted pretty good (the only tea I drink is brown instant) I bet there was over 50 sponsors who bought the Flutter level or higher tickets. So much the check in took longer than it should have, and by the time everyone was ready Tabitha already had to leave, and the rest of the VA's not long afterwards so not everyone got to talk to all of the VA's, though my table did get to talk to Anneli, Ashleigh (who liked my pilot costume), and Michelle (who also liked it).

It was then time for the final event: The charity auction. Had some pretty good stuff up for grabs, including my 4 items, 2 of which were now autographed (the mini version of my Luna truck by Tabitha, and the Solar Empire Typhoon by Nicole).
The auction had a few guests though. First was Anneli who brought out a bag of pepper drops (sweetened peppers) from Sweden to auction them off, with the condition the winner get on stage and try one XD. It went for $40, and the guy complied, then passed some out to a few people.
Then up for grabs a short time later was a brass Celestia hour glass from Silver Slinger, signed by Nicole. And on que she came out to assist with the auction, and it turned into a riot as she ran back and forth sitting on the lap of everyone who bid. rofl It went for $500.
Then it was time for my truck, which was paired with a custom Nightmare Moon Ambio. That combo fetched $300!:happybounce: 
Then Michelle and Gabe came out for a bit. At which point they tried to sell Bassik's camcorder XD.
Then another guest auctioneer: Jen Blake. And whoever was the high bidder on the item  would get a kiss from her. And so the guy who won the item went up there and got a kiss. Not on the cheek, a long one on the mouth ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) which got a perfect live studio audience style "woooooo" from the crowd. 
Then my planes came up. They decided to group them together. They didn't know what they were though so they asked if someone knew, and of course I stood up and I got onstage to give the rundown. They went for $160w00t!
The 5 o' clock hour, and the end of the con was fast approaching, and there was a rush to get the rest of the items auctioned off. It was clear they weren't going to make it, and the expo crews started taking the stage down as the auction was still continuing. Finally they ended it without a closing ceremony, and the items that weren't sold they just put on a table and took offers. I got a Rainbow Dash mouse pad and a Rarity pin for $6.

I went into the bathroom to take my flight suit off, said my goodbyes to my friends, and left. 
For the trip back I decided to take the I-29-I-635, and I-35 routing since traffic was light,and it was faster than the other way (it was also easier than going up that route because all you had to do was keep right, and it took me over BNSF's Argentine yard :P ). 2 hours later I was back to the boring life.

Overall for me it was the best one yet. Had a lot of fun, and hopefully it'll be back next year. There were some issues with scheduling that probably could've been prevented, but considering the rocky start the con had thanks to 3 of the 4 elements (wind, water, and fire), they pulled it off. And all of the VA's had a good time.

Now I have nothing to look forward to for the rest of the year (unless a chance for Bronycon or Nightmare Nights comes up).Grr.

Oh and you know what surprised me? Not once did I hear someone call Nicole Sunbutt. :P

Con swag pic's:

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Update to previous journal

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 17, 2016, 3:28 AM
  • Listening to: The Dream is Collapsing - Hans Zimmer
  • Reading: Doom Paul quotes
  • Watching: This BS unfold

Got a couple of updates. First off: The whole insurance thing seems to be taken care of, for now. I finished the roof before the deadline, and the insurance adjuster came out and got pic's.
A few days later they called and said they were still cancelling the policy.:-x (Mad) This time it was the other reason: the yard. They finally mentioned a specific thing that was a liability: "piles of light bulbs".
I had no idea what they were talking about until I realized they were talking about the small piles of telephone insulators behind the house. How those are a liability I have no clue. I mentioned it in a insulator group online and everyone thought it was bullshit.
All wasn't lost though. They offered a policy under the Kansas Fair Coverage plan (it only covers the actual cash value of the house and belongings), and seeing no other choice with the deadline here, took it.
Had to pay half of the premium for the year which was $351. The rest will be covered by the mortgage company including future years. It took a couple of weeks for the policy to get to the mortgage company, and in between then they sent notices about it. One said if I didn't find a policy, they would get one on my behalf that could be weaker or cost more. So I had to call them (the insurance company did too) to get them straightened out.
  If I want to get a full policy again, I have to get rid of the insulators. Though several I'm going to use as decoration for the border of a rock bed I'm putting around the house. Let em' bitch about it then.
The bright side is I can finally quit worrying about it and throwing all of my free time towards it for now. I can get back to making stuff.

Now on a brighter note: Midwest Brony Fest keeps getting better and better. They just announced Ashleigh Ball will be there. :iconrainbowgaspplz: That makes 7 VA's! Ashleigh, Tabitha, Nicole, Peter, Kelly Metzger, Kelly Sheridan, and Anneli. Plus Big Jim and Jen Blake. I've got a level 3 badge which means I'll be able to go to the "tea time meet and greet" for the guests. Never thought it would ever be this big. I'm still trying to figure out what to make for the charity auction.  My wallet will be screaming at this one. Autographs are $20 each, and now there's 5 I want to get. I'll have Tabitha sign my Luna Trucking semi. Not sure what Nicole will think when I give her my Solar Empire SU-27 model to sign (or I might get another for that). Purchased something from Japan for Sheridan to sign (well at least the box it came in). I'll upload it here once I finish painting it.

I definitely advise checking out this con. Registration has a 10% discount until April 1st. And unlike when it was at Overland Park or downtown KC (ugh. Still brings back bad memories), the KCI expo center has several hotels within a few miles of it, including 2 within a couple blocks and one next door.
It's almost going to be a full circle for me. In 2012 I went up to the KCI Expo for the National Insulator Association's annual National Show. I found out through Equestria Daily some Kansas City bronies were going to have a meetup at the Cabela's  I would pass on the way back from there that night, so I stopped by. The first time I ever went to a meetup. Later that Year was Silly Filly Con (the 1st MWBF), and the rest is history.

MLP Deal With it Discord Stamp by Kevfin Derpy Hoove's Life Lesson For Us Stamp by NaMiKiTtIn The-Lunar-Republic Icon Entry by atomicalicorn