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The Thunder Wagon: 1:25 Scale by lonewolf3878 The Thunder Wagon: 1:25 Scale by lonewolf3878
And now for my 3rd freelance Mad Max style model. This time a mini Doof Wagon.
This started as the basket case AMT Mack DM-600 (marketed as the same one the Rubber Duck used in the movie Convoy, when it was not) you see in the bottom photo. I got it off Ebay for some parts to use on a model closer to the Rubber Duck's Mack many years ago. I rebuilt it as best as I could (some parts missing), then proceeded to work on it.

 I started by making a deck and sleeper (actually a box where the generator to run the sound equipment would be. Something not seen on the actual Doof Wagon) out of heavy balsa wood with a sheet of plastic on top. The air ducts are also plastic sheathed balsa. The drums are 35MM film containers with fabric on top. At first I was just going to have the front of a car for the stage, but I decided to expand it. The car is what's left of a a 57' Chevy model I made close to 20 years ago. The platform it sits on is heavy screen wire with a frame made out of sprues. The tower and air duct supports are also made out of sprues (why buy styrene rod and tubing when your model kits supply plenty of it?). The light rack is an HO scale RR signal bridge and a couple of bridge girders from my model train parts box.

 As for the speakers: I had no idea how I could make them at first, then I thought of "googly eyes" (those round eyes that have the discs in them). I cut the backing off some, then took the plastic discs and glued them to the inside. They sit in a foam board frame. The tall speakers are blocks of balsa covered with cardstock and sand paper. The bumper, bass cannons and turntable setup were scratchbuilt out of sheet plastic and rod (I used a couple of those discs for records).

 I decided just having a couple of headlights and spotlights wasn't enough. So in addition to the truck head and tail lights and spotlights, I put headlights in the Chevy, color changing LEDs on the rack, and flashing blue LEDs in the bass cannons. There's 3 in each, and they flash out of sequence which creates an awesome look (just one flashing was pretty boring. I left the rims of the googly eye speakers unpainted so they would transmit the light through them. Finally the warrior support cables are actual elastic bands to represent bungee cords (kind of stiff so I might replace them if I can find something).

 Altogether this one took a  month's worth of nights to make. But it only cost a few dollars to make.

 The next one will be a different story. I've already put around $100 into it just for the components (because I had to buy them new).

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badfang Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice work - an old MP3 player might have been nice with some mini-speakers built into the PA stacks?
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