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Solar Flare R/C Pickup

Finally finished my other truck project. This is a large scale (compare it to the Aurora Celestia plushie in the 4th photo) Planet Toys Nissan Titan R/C pickup. I got it at a garage sale several years ago, and it's just been sitting around. Decided to repaint it from what you see in the first photo. Since I did a Luna truck, I figured I'd make a Celestia themed one this time. 

 The decals are the largest I've ever made on my computer. The stripes are  3 separate pieces. I was going to try using clear decal film which would've made the stripes transparent, and let the pearlescent paint show through, but it didn't look that good in a test so I went with white decal paper for the full color.

I wanted pearl white paint for it, and the first one I used was an actual automotive one (Volvo cosmic white pearl). It looked good in photos of cars painted that color, but it wound up being more of a silver beige than white ($30 down the drain). Worse I had already finished it with decals and clear coat before deciding it didn't look right (in the night photos it's in the first white color). Then I found Tamiya pearl white and decided to try it. Needless to say it looked way better, so I went through the hassle of masking off the stripes (succeeded in pulling the decals loose in a few spots trying it) and sun (I used Microscale liquid masking tape on it, and it worked great). It was worth it though.

 And like the other  one, this one got a full head and tail light package, plus ground effects (36 LEDs total). Instead of all white, I put white LEDs under the middle and rear, then used pink, green, and blue on the front to go with the stripe colors.  They run off of 4, C batteries.

 This truck is a power house. You can go through the grass with it and in and out of ditches. You might see it rolling around  at a con.
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Imagine if this was real-life!! It'd be SUNBUTT BLING BLAST!