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Rainbow Colorant Factory Model: HO Scale

Or "Captain Hook the Biker Gorilla's House".

For my 2nd HO scale Equestria building, I made something to go with my Cloudsdale Weather Services tank cars. I started this in November, and just now finished it (altogether it took a month's worth of nights to do it).


The base of the diorama is 3 layers of foam core glued together. The stream was cut out of one layer except at the end where it was cut out of 2. This is to simulate a low water dam that keeps some of the water back. Unfortunately when I applied glue for the scenery materials it warped it, and I wasn't able to get it straightened out completely. The scenery materials are by Life Like and Woodland Scenics. I sculpted the stream banks out of wallboard compound. After painting the rainbow stream (feathering the colors into each other was a pain), I covered it with gloss Mod Poge. Despite using a sponge applicator it left too many streaks, so I diluted some with water and poured it in the stream bed, which worked nicely (supposedly it's not possible to thin it, but I proved otherwise :P ).
 I was also going to put a cliff and waterfall made out of styrofoam on one end, but decided it would take too long and make the diorama too clumsy to handle.

 The building is made out of foam core, balsa, illustration board, poster board, self adhesive paper, and sheet plastic. The fractionating tower and tanks are made out of PVC pipe and plastic sheet. For piping I used Evergreen styrene rod and tube, and when I ran out of one size of that used some solid conductor copper wire (didn't look as good as the plastic rod, but it was easier to bend). My idea was to heat the plastic and bend it to shape. It worked with the rod, but not the tube so I had to glue angles to make curved pipes. The water pumps are made out of sheet plastic, dowel rod, and Legos. Other details were made out of balsa, foam core, plastic, and odds and ends from a hobby store parts box (like the pipe supports which are Bachmann signal bridge parts). I made the signs and pictures for the interior on my computer.  The loading platform is made out of balsa and sheet plastic. The loading hoses are pieces of insulated wire (the stuff I first used was too big, so I had to switch it out for thinner wire).
 The electric poles are from Walthers with thin magnet wire strung on them.

 At first I was content with leaving it dark, but with so much interior detail that would remain largely unseen I decided to light it up with white LEDs (adding even more time to the project). Altogether there's 10 LEDs. The ones outside I made to look like those industrial lights with a cage around them with a piece of heat shrink tubing and a marker. They run off of a single 9V battery.

 I was hoping to get it done in less than a month, but as I went along I kept adding stuff to the plan (really the only plan I made was for the building. Everything else I made up as I went), and some things took longer than expected. The hardest part was the building interior, and piping. 2nd hardest was the loading rack (the 3 stairs are scratchbuilt out of plastic).

 So what's the headcanon... er.. story behind it?

 Instead of being made at the weather factory, the colorant for rainbows is obtained at Rainbow Falls. The problem is the spectra is mixed in with water at about a 20-80% ratio, so it has to be separated, which is where the factory (or refinery) comes in. The mixture is pumped into a tank where it's heated up by a coal fired furnace/boiler, then it's pumped into the fractionating tower where, with the heat and a little magic, the colors are separated from each other and the water, with purple being the heaviest, and red the lightest color From there the colors flow into the holding tanks.
 Meanwhile the now purified water is sent into it's own tank, while any steam generated by the process goes into a condenser and is pumped into the tank also. If the tank get's full, a couple of valves are turned and the water flows back into the stream through a pipe that comes out on the other side of the low water dam.
 Though they're present in the stream, intermediate colors like cyan and indigo are too close to their parent colors in makeup, so they're separated back into them in the tower. If these or any other colors are needed it's custom mixed at the weather factory.
 When spectra is needed, it is pumped out of the storage tanks and into the tank cars for shipment to a point under Cloudsdale. From there pegasi use small tanks to offload it and take it to the factory. The spectra is also shipped out to other places to be used in dyes, paints, crayons, and with more refinement, food coloring. Likewise the purified water is good for cloud and snow making, so it's also shipped to the point under Cloudsdale where the pegasi lift it up to the factory with the tornado method. It's also shipped to a bottling plant and sold as Rainbow Falls Spring Water.

 Hey, it's nicer  than the other way of getting rainbow coloring. :iconrainbowfactorydash:

The CWS logo is my take on the one by :iconmikeythefox: .
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Where are the HO scale cookies and punch by the door?